barbeque sandwich


Quick and Easy Barbeque Veggie Sandwich - Happy Meatless Monday

Recently my dear friend Kelly challenged me to make a veggie sandwich that she could enjoy. Kelly is a big fan of barbeque pulled pork sandwiches and has been wanting to eat less of them :)

Although a veggie sandwich will never taste like a pulled pork sandwich, I am happy to report that it met Kelly’s expectations and she enjoyed the sandwich a lot.

When I was trying to select the ingredients for this all I knew was that I didn’t want to use any meat substitute-mock meat products and that I wanted to include some vegetables that would hold their form/keep some texture once cooked down. For this, I decided to take on two vegetables used primarily in Asian and Chinese dishes:

bock choy
bamboo shoots

other veggies/ingredients included:

green chilli
barbeque sauce
olive oil

**I served this as the side salad** the first night and the second time I had it with steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes :)

The veggies for the most part I sliced all very thinly, then combined them in the wok with olive oil and sauteed until tender. After veggies are cooked, keep fire on low and add your favorite barbeque sauce (mine was hickory smoked and made a little spicy, as I prefer most things).

Could definitely be served as is on whatever type of bread you like. I served them on whole wheat buns with tomato, raw milk cheddar, and a blend of roasted green chilli-pimento. They turned out great.