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There You Are (Part Four)

This is a college AU. Instead of the professor/student relationship, how about a student/student one? Reader x Dean, with some familiar characters thrown in. This will be angsty at times, sad at times, and maybe definitely smutty. ;) Title borrowed from a Martina McBride song. As always, feedback is more than appreciated. ;)

The much-requested Part Four! Hope you all enjoy. Italicized portions are flashbacks.

SUMMARY: Dinner and a walk with your roommate and her family.
WARNING: Moment of verbal abuse (if you squint) and a canon flashback
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Jo crossed her arms over her chest, pouting in the backseat of the vintage car.

“I’ve spent all summer craving that sushi place, because do you think there’s one in freakin’ Nebraska? Hell no. First chance I get to go there, are we going? No. Why?”

Jo leaned forward, whispering where only you could hear her.

“Because somebody’s got her panties in a knot for my brother. Ow!”

You looked down at your nails, pretending you hadn’t just tugged—hard—on a long piece of Jo’s blonde hair. She glared at you and you gave her a smile.

“One night, Jo. We’ll get sushi tomorrow. Or … you know. Soon.”

Jo rolled her eyes, and you settled back in the front seat. Dean climbed into the driver’s side across from you, while Sam climbed in the back with Jo. You glanced back and Dean let out a quiet laugh.

“Dad and Ellen are following in the truck. No possible way we could have gotten all of Jo’s stuff, plus the five of us, in this car. Baby’s good, but she’s not a miracle worker.”
“Shut up, ass.”

Dean laughed again, this time with you and Sam joining in, and Dean started the car. You couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of you when the car started with a roar, then settled into a rumble you could almost feel in your bones. You glanced over and Dean was giving you a wide smile.

“She’s awesome, right?”

You laughed again, nodding your head.

“She is awesome.”

Dean twisted a knob and the car filled with a very recognizable guitar riff. Jo and Sam groaned, both leaning up to voice their opposition, Dean already loudly telling them to shut up, and every one of them fell silent when you reached over, turning the volume up more. You looked from dark brown to hazel to grass green eyes, then shrugged your shoulders.

“What? I like Guns ‘n’ Roses.”

They all blinked in unison, and you giggled at the sight, and Jo and Sam fell back into their seats with no other complaints. Dean nodded, smiling widely as he put the car in gear and slid onto the highway.

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