barbells and highheels

PR’d my clean and jerk by 6 kilos (I honestly could probably do even more) and have been on cloud nine all day 😍

I’ve been having some trouble lately with really appreciating my body (especially during this bulk.. up 10+ pounds in a little over 3 months), but god damn am I fucking powerful. My stats are:

Squat clean: 67
Clean and jerk: 58
Snatch: 40 (could absolutely do more, though)
Back squat: 87
Front squat: 70
Deadlift: 126

This is more weight than I could even IMAGINE lifting a few months ago, let alone a few years ago.

Gaining weight is cool.

If you’re healthy, happy, and loving your fucking life, then you are in a good place. Whether you’re gaining weight or losing weight or maintaining or whatever it is you’re doing, do it with confidence. Love yourself ever step of the way. Fuel your body and fuel your mind with good food and positive thoughts and so much love.