barbell thrusters

Ok so yeah got REKKD during lift lmao

So lift was brutal, split squat weight went up with 3s mid pauses and this week chin ups were paired with barbell hip thrusters plus a lunge matrix and military presses were thrown in and db prone rows and 1.5 minutes of bw squats?? (Obv this wasn’t the whole workout) but Jesus it took like an hour and a half.
# of reps on the ab circuit went up too and the reverse crunches were with a 12 lb med ball so my abs are on fiyaaaaa
Overall this workout made me its bitch. Hahaha luvvvv coming back from a cardio week

My morning started off with a bang - I’ve hit my dietbet goal! Now it’s just gravy, and hoping like hell nothing crazy happens and I instantly gain ten pounds in the next 2 weeks. My stretch goal is, of course, 199. But I’m not holding my breath - I know it’s possible but not likely. But I’m going to try!

Crossfit less than 12 hours after last night’s killer workout was…sweaty. It’s getting warm out and I’m soon to be really glad I go to the 7am classes and not the early evening ones.

BC Place run (literally ‘run around BC Place Stadium’. It’s about 800m)
3x (10 arm swings, 10 lunges, 10 sit-ups)

Rope Climb
The coach got me to the point where I could wrap the rope around my foot and stand on it with the other and even take my hands off the rope one at a time. But I think we’re looking at success once I lose some more weight - it’s a lot to lug up that rope! Three of us practiced rope climbs from the floor instead (pull yourself up the rope from lying down with just your arms, then back down)

1 minute row for calories
1 minute rest
1 minute barbell thrusters (just the bars - 33lb ladies bar/44 lb mens)
1 minute rest
5 rounds for reps

My score: 144

I’m happy with my score. Those thrusters were really tough because my arms are pretty beat from yesterday…it was fun! In that terrible masochistic sort of way…