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mass effect dad headcanons
  • Kaidan: cheers you on at every soccer game even though you’re horrible at it “You got this, champ!” loves to barbecue and can always tell when something’s wrong “You okay, bud?” Still wears the #1 dad t-shirt you made for him when you were little.
  • Garrus: Comes off as relaxed and let’s you go to that shady party but when you get back you have (84) missed calls from Dad and he’s pacing in the living room. Doesn’t know how to cook so just orders takeout. “Well, you’re still alive so I guess I did pretty well”
  • Mordin: “Breakfast is most important meal. Triggers metabolism and gives energy!” Only showed you educational kids shows and builds your model volcano for you. Sings in the car even though ugh dad you’re embarrassing me.
  • Anderson: “I’m not your friend, I’m your father” but actually adores you more than anything in the galaxy. Took the day off work then stayed up with you all night when you got food poisoning. The day he tells you he’s proud of you is the best you’ve ever felt in your life.
  • Wrex: let's you take a sip of ryncol and laughs when you start gagging. Says "Whatever" and uses guilt as his primary tactic. Always gives you piggy back rides and weirdly specific life advice.
  • Joker: Dad jokes. Too many dad jokes. Let you watch a horror movie that gave you nightmares for weeks. "If I can do it, you can." Made sure you aced your driving exam and took you out for ice cream after.
  • Zaeed: Tries to watch his language but it usually ends up sounding like "Well sh... shucks" All your friends think he's really cool but he always asks things like "what in the shitting hell is a me-me"
  • Thane: Crazy dance!! Always knows what to say when you're upset. Remembers the small things like what toppings you like on yogurt and makes sure your favorite shirt is always clean. "I want you to be happy in life."
Alien Love

Coconut-creamed liqueur skin
Translucent salt-rimmed fingers
Plump barbecue tangy lips
Otherworldly long-limed thighs
You have to leave, before you dress
You’ve become my favorite thing
Picnic of alien love
Probing stupor, stagger home
Wake to smells of sticky sauce,
Vomit, trash, coconut creams,
Are you last night’s memory
Or invasion of my dreams


this is the days late spawn of a conversation with @holysight about this trend of ‘party crasher’ shirts and an inexplicable t-shirt with ‘TRIPPIN’ written on it in flaming font and the abomination that is modern fashion

                         also matching friendship shirts

also a?? warmup of sorts for other things :T

Perfect Timing


Warning: Nothing but love and feels. 

Summary: Y/N has a scholarship to study abroad in France, and very little time to admit her feelings to the boy who has her love. 

I stared hopelessly at the letter, a flurry of emotions pricked at my body. Happy, nervous, anxious, sad, excited.. all of it. I was feeling all of it. But most of all, I felt uneasy. A year. I was going to be gone for a year. Sure, technology would create the thin bridge in hopes to keep me connected to my friends and family, but I couldn’t shake the thought, that seeing them all through a screen would just make it so much worse. I was avoiding the obvious. I can’t leave him. 

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Ok, this is my very first request and I’m super excited about! I wrote it yesterday after a party. It was 3am so please, have mercy.

SUMMARY: Can I request a Michael imagine where the readers mom recently became friends with Karen and the reader has a tattoo of 5sos song lyrics and Michael finds out and is really flattered and fluff and yeah… 😍😊
AS usual, English is not my first language, if you see any mistake, please tell me :)

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“How do you feel?“ Asked Michael, a soft smile painted on his face
"I’m fine… I’m trembling… but I’m fine,” you answered as you looked at the door in front of you almost frightened.
Michael giggled “They are my parents. I’m sure they will love you just as much as I do” he reassured.
“I don’t know… what if they don’t like me?” you looked at him.
Michael shook his head.“You are the loveliest girl in the world. My mom already loves you and can’t wait to meet you. Trust me, everything will be fine”.
You nodded, not completely sure about it but as soon as Michael held your hand you felt a little bit more comfortable with the situation.
Michael knocked on the door and a second later, his mother showed up. She greeted Michael with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and when she set her eyes on you, you just wanted to escape.
“You must be Y/N. I’m so happy to meet you. Michael keep talking about you and… you’re even pretty then in the pictures!”
You blushed and whispered a “Good Evening Mrs. Clifford.
"Karen laughed and "Call me Karen, my dear. You are a member of the family now. But please, come in and suit yourself.”
You entered the house timidly: everything seemed so unreal. You were actually meeting Michael’s parents! This was a big step in your relationship.
“You have a beautiful house, Karen,” you said looking around.
“Thank you so much, Y/N” she said “and Mikey, can you go calling your dad? He is in the basement doing some work.”
When you and Karen remained alone, panic was besieging you again.
“I’m very thankful for what you’re doing to Michael” she started “His last relationships ended up pretty bad and it took a long time to recover. You make him immensely happy, Y/N and I’m thankful for what you’re doing.”
You blushed a little bit “I’m just giving Michael what he deserves. He is the sweetest guy ever and he makes me very happy. You raised him well”.
Karen smiled at you and you understood where Michael’s kindness comes from.
“Why don’t we seat and have a little chat while the men are coming?”
After a few minutes, you and Karen were already good friends. She asked many questions about you, your passions and your studies.
“Is that a tattoo?” She asked pointing at your collarbone.
You felt the urge to  cover it.
“Don’t worry honey. I don’t have anything against tattoos. As you can see Michael got a few of them” she chuckled.
You removed your hand “Yes, it’s a quotation from ‘Vapor’ I love that song so much. It expresses my feelings for Michael,” you whispered.
Karen was about to say something when Michael came back and “How’s my lovely girls doing?”
“Very well, Miky.” Karen said, “Y/N is a very special girl. If I found out that you don’t treat her right I’ll take measures”.
Michael giggle, “I know mom. She’s my princess and I always treat her the best I could do” he kissed you forehead “Are you ready to meet my dad?”
You nodded happily.
At the end, Michael was right, his parents love you as much as he do, especially Karen.

A few weeks later, it was Michael’s turn to meet your parents but, since you and Karen got on so well, you decided to invite also Michael’s parents at your place for a lovely barbecue. Michael tried to act cool on the way to your house but you knew that he was as nervous as you were when you met his parents.As you had imagined the barbecue was great and yours moms where getting on well because… well, they used to be friends in college!It was something unbelievable but they actually spend a year in the same college before your mom moved to the USA for an Erasmus.“I’m happy that our parents like each other” Michael said hugging you from behind “It’s like we are a big family.”“I know! It’s incredible that our moms already know each other. I don’t know, it seems like it was written in the stars that we were meant to meet someday"Michael smiled softly "It is. You are the love of my life!”

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This place is amazing, cheap Chinese food with these crazy extras, I love their barbecue buns but I’m excited to try these “chicken” drumsticks 😱

Divine Realm Veggie Delight
Melbourne CBD - Victoria - Australia

Astoria: a track by track review
  • Astoria: Josh has been possessed by Freddy Mercury and I am here for it
  • Burning Up: how
  • Yesterday: I'm dancing like a drunk dad at a barbecue
  • One Love: who hurt him who hurt my son
  • This Means War: I came out to attack people and I'm honestly having such a good time right now
  • Dearly Departed: who hurt my son part 2
  • Shut Up and Kiss Me: how did this Jackson Five track get into my itunes library
  • Forget Me Not: I'm not going to make fun of this one sorry
  • Wildfire: it's like Desperate Measures but SPICIER
  • While We're Young: put this down as my cause of death
  • End of An Era: WITNESS ME

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*Cha cha slides in.* Mister Arvis if you don't want to join in the Volleyball games there is a cheer squad.

Favorite Restaurants HC's

Dakota loves any and all restaurants, if Dakota was a restaurant he’d be an all you can eat buffet.

Cavendish alternates between Chinese and Italian.

Milo loves pizza places, though he usually has his pizza to-go.

Zack doesn’t really like seafood restaurants, but other than that he’s good.

Melissa loves barbecue joints, except if there specialty is lard-based- she’s had enough lard to last a lifetime.

Brick eats at sandwich joints mostly, he likes food that you can eat on the go. Burritos and hotdogs also are a must-have.

Savannah would have you believe she eats nothing but salads but she’s a big fan of baby back ribs and sloppy joes.

Mr. Chase frequents pancakes houses for dinner- who says you can only have pancakes/waffles for breakfast?