barbecue chicken salad

|T h e O n e| Part 1

Overall Summary: Finally, they actually plan on having a female character join the supernatural cast. A long term female is something they haven’t really experienced before.  But here you are, down to earth and prepared.

Chapter Summary: Finally, your agent calls you back! You got the gig! You did it. Finally after a week of waiting you can break into your happy dance and call your parents. You finally were on the official cast member list. Now, just to meet the guys you have heard tons of hype about. Off to Vancouver you go!

Warnings; None in this Chapter?

Word Count : 1583

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If the fruit fly swells up big enough to where I can put a little helmet on him that translates his buzzing into English, I’m going to ask him if that barbecue chicken salad I made is his favorite thing because I feel like it was.