barbecue beef

Magical correspondences of food

abundance and fertility: apples, bananas, barbecued foods, basil, beef, berries, cabbage, carrots, coconut, corn, figs, fish, grapes, honey, kiwis, lettuce, milk, mustard, oats, olives, oranges, peaches, pork, rice, tropical fruit, walnuts

cleansing: barbecued foods, bay leaves, beer, chicken, cinnamon, coconut, fennel, garlic, grapefruit, honey, horseradish, hot peppers, hot sauce, lemons, limes, mint, mustard, onions, oranges, peppers (all kinds), red foods, rosemary, sage, thyme, vinegar, water, whiskey (or any distilled beverage), white foods

comeliness: apricots, avocados, basil, beets, cucumbers, eggs, ham, honey, oats, olive oil, peanut oil, pears, rose water, rosemary, tea, water

creativity: anything made in pot or served in a bowl or cup, allspice, carrots, celery, grapes, ham, honey, mead, milk products, mushrooms, mustard, pomegranates, pork, water, wine

decisions: brazil nuts, caraway seed, celery, coffee, dill, grapes, hazelnuts, honey, mustard, raisins, rosemary, tea, turkey, watercress

knowledge and education: apples, beans and seeds, caraway seed, celery, citrus fruits, coffee, dill, figs, grapes, greens, hot foods and spices, meat, mint, nutmeg, root vegetables, rosemary, savory, tea, walnuts, watercress

employment: alfalfa, almonds, basil, bay leaves, cashews, chamomile, cinnamon, cloves, dill, ginger, grapes, maple syrup, meat, mint, nutmeg, oats, oranges, pecans, pineapple, pomegranates, radishes, salt, wheat

luck: allspice, bamboo shoots, bananas, beer, black-eyed peas, cabbage, champagne, coconut, coleslaw, fish, hazelnuts, kumquats, mincemeat, noodles, nutmeg, oranges, pears, pineapple, pomegranates, red beans, rice, sugar, tea, wine

happiness: apples, apricots, barley, beer, bubbly beverages, celery, cherries, chocolate, cucumbers, cumin, honey, lemons, lettuce, marjoram, milk, mint, olives, oregano, peaches, quince, raspberries, saffron, wine

money: alfalfa, allspice, almonds, bananas, barley, basil, beans, berries, cabbage, cashews, chamomile, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, dill, eggs, figs, ginger, grapes, lettuce, maple syrup, marjoram, milk, mint, oats, onions, oranges, parsley, peanuts, pears, peas, pecans, pine nuts, pineapple, pomegranates, rice, sesame seeds, spinach, tea, tomatoes, wheat

promises: bay leaves, cumin, figs, garlic, honey, lemons, licorice, mulberries, nutmeg, onions, oranges, peanut butter, plantains, rose water, rye, salt, sunflower seeds, tea, wine

psychic awareness: bamboo shoots, bay leaves, bean sprouts (all), carrots, cauliflower, celery, celery seed, cinnamon, citron, coconut, cucumbers, dill, fish, flowers (garnish), grapes, lemons, lettuce, mace, mint, mushrooms, nutmeg, onions, potatoes, rose water, thyme, tofu, vegetarian fare

relationships: apples, barley, basil, bay leaves, cabbage, catnip, cheese, cherries, chestnuts, chocolate, cinnamon, dill, ginger, honey, kiwis, lemons, marjoram, nutmeg, oranges, parsley, raspberries, strawberries, sugar, tomatoes, vanilla, wine

protection: almonds, artichokes, bananas, basil, bay leaves, birch beer, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cayenne, chives, cloves, corn, cranberries, dill, eggs, garlic, horseradish, jalapeno peppers, leeks, marjoram, mustard, nettle, olive oil, onions, parsley, peppers, pineapple, prickly pear, radishes, raspberries, red rice, rhubarb, rosemary, rum, salsa, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, vinegar

sex: beans (men), blackberries, brandy, caraway seed, cardamom, carrots, celery, cherries, chocolate, cinnamon, figs, fish, ginger, honey, mangoes, mint, mustard, nutmeg, olives, oysters (women), parsley, peaches, plum wine, raspberries, rice, rose water, sesame seeds, shellfish, strawberries, truffles, vanilla yams

changes: asparagus, beans, beets, beverages, celery, cheese, citrus fruits, fennel, fermented items, frappés, ginger, grapes, lavender, microwave foods, mint, mulberry, oregano, rosemary, saffron, tea, vanilla, vinegar

health: alfalfa, allspice, almonds, apples, bananas, barley, basil, beans, berries, bran, brandy, cabbage, chicken, cinnamon, cloves, cornmeal, cucumbers, dill, eggplant, eggs, figs, garlic, ginger, honey, kumquats, lemons, marjoram, milk, oats, onions, parsley, peanuts, pears, peas, pine nuts, pineapple, rice, sesame seeds, spinach, thyme, tomatoes, walnuts

Source: Bubble, Bubble, Toil &Trouble – Mystical Munchies, Prophetic Potions, Sexy Servings, and Other Witchy Dishes by Patricia Telesco  

Ordering Pizza: AC Edition

Altair: gets a pineapple and ham pizza with extra garlic in the sauce. Eats five slices really fast, vomits in the sink, and has to be forcibly restrained from eating more pizza. Secretly resolves to get more pizza and eat it again.
Ezio: opts for a pizza margherita (tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and mozzarella), mostly because he’s pretty sure he’s eaten something like this before. Orders it from Domino’s, using their 5.99 deal in combination with Altair and Evie’s orders. Won’t shut up about Evie’s choice of the “Italian sausage” topping.
Edward: goes for the manly all-meat man-pizza, with bacon, steak, ham, sausage, and pepperoni. Adds chicken, spinach, olives and half anchovies to round it out, and orders it EXTRA LARGE from Domino’s, with a side order of dipping sauce.
Haytham: Creates a rewards account with Domino’s and uses his account to buy Edward’s pizza. Insists that Connor share a deep-dish pizza with him, and gets into an argument over the toppings. Haytham eventually agrees to split the pizza in half, taking mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, artichoke hearts and extra parmesan.
Connor: gets into a brief argument with Haytham, as he doesn’t want to share a pizza at all. Loses the argument, and his half of the deep-dish is loaded with bacon, beef, and barbecue chicken. Upon Haytham’s insistence that he eat healthy, he adds spinach.
Arno: Gets a carryout pizza from a local gourmet eatery. Deep-dish Chicago style, he chooses this establishment’s signature spinach and mushroom pizza. Gives a slice to Evie, who is immediately hooked.
Shay: Takes home a Pagliacci’s pizza, plain cheese with gobs of feta and goat cheese as well as pesto on top. Inhales the first two slices, and washes them down with some soda pop.
Jacob: Orders a none pizza with left beef from Pizza Hut, and regrets it as soon as he opens the box. Eats one slice, and tries to beg slices off of everyone else. When that doesn’t work, he steals Altair’s pizza after he vomits, and leaves the none pizza with left beef out on the counter.
Evie: orders a plain, medium pizza with mushrooms and Italian sausage from Domino’s. Immediately forswears all other pizza when Arno shares a slice of his Chicago deep-dish.

Desmond: Heats up a plain, frozen, pepperoni pizza he bought at the grocery store, and inspires everyone else to try and find pizza of their own. Gets pretty pissed about that, because he wanted to go to bed early, but pizza delivery keeps ringing the doorbell and he can’t get any sleep.

Note: the deep-dish Chicago pizza I’m thinking about is from Zachary’s in Oakland, CA. It’s pretty obvious I’ve taken some liberties with the setting here, as for the most part, these antics take place in Bellevue, WA.

  • Sanha: What does BYOB stand for?
  • Rocky: Build your own burrito.
  • Moonbin: Barbecue your own beef.
  • Eunwoo: Bring your own bible.
  • Jinjin: Butter your own bread.
  • MJ: Bury your own body.
  • Sanha:
  • Sanha: So what does BYOB stand for?