This is why we do this.
July 27th 2016

Pulled rabbit barbecue served with spinach shaved carrot and steamed rice. Pinch of volcano salts.

The rabbit front quarters were browned with bacon and mustard seed oil before being pressure cooked so the meat is extremely tender and the bone is easily removed. This is ideal because you also get the mineral benefits from the bones into the meat. It’s healthier and makes for a richer flavor.

We’ve been posting several rabbit and venison dishes over this last week. Our intention is not to put forth exploratory efforts. This is simply a demonstration of how and what we eat. As anyone who has a family knows, time is a scarce resource and putting forth a nutritious meal three times a day on the table is no easy task. You will notice that the dishes over this week or so have been similar to one another. This is because we are primarily eating what is in season and sticking to the staples that make the task of putting the food out more predictably and efficient. This is home cooking, creating a common ground of staples is a great way to lay a foundation for acquiring food solutions for our dietary needs. A rice or quinoa served with a protein is usually two thirds and foundational. The remaining third could be a kimchi, spinach or cucumber salad. That remaining third is seasonal, Like vegetables from the garden, or mushrooms that we forage. Eating seasonally is good for our spirits. I can’t explain why but it may be because our diet is in sync with our environment.

We hope our latest post find you stronger today than you were last week.