Unforgettable Paradise - Rafael Barba

P/n: It’s been a while since I got any inspiration to write anything featuring Rafael Barba. Funnily enough, this was inspired by a nostalgic memory trip to when I went to Punta Cana for my spring break. I haven’t been on a vacation like that in such a long time. I saw a couple of gorgeous tropical beach pictures of a sunset and I got inspired, so I hope you guys enjoyed this short drabble.

Rafael Barba x Reader
Imagine: Going on a tropical vacation with Rafael Barba

She couldn’t picture a moment so perfect as right now. It was early in the morning, she had woken up before Rafael. The sky was light and she could see the sun starting to rise beyond the waters. Wanting to get a better view, she carefully slid out of bed, so she wouldn’t wake him. Her bare feet quietly and slowly approached the balcony. Her heart started to race with anticipation as she approached the balcony door. Her hands reached out and slowly opened the balcony door, letting the early morning breeze flow through the transparent white curtains.

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