And here’s that skull I saw at the highway 127 yard sale that I think I may have accidentally drooled on a little bit. It was one of the biggest Aoudad I’ve ever seen and oooh man did I ever want to bring it home with me. Seller had a pretty decent price on it too!

I’ve kinda fallen in love with Barbary sheep ever since I saw that escaped one grazing on the side of the I65 a while back <3


Official Skin Deep needlefelt creatures! The talented Lety of Stabwool contacted me a little bit ago about licensing Skin Deep characters to make adorable creatures out of, and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! The Barbary Sheep, as seen in the Springfield Avalon munching on Greg’s hair all the way back in Orientations, is the first critter available for purchase!

This is official, one-of-a-kind Skin Deep merch! Check out the rest of the gallery too, especially the Hoodlum e-reader cover, featuring Sfé’s hoodlum design!

A scene from the photoplay production of “Barbary Sheep,” made by ArtCraft Pictures, from the novel by Robert Hichens, with Elsie Ferguson. This is Miss Fergusons’s first picture, and moving picture fans thoughout the country are waiting with keen anticipation for its release.  - Theatre Magazine, Oct 1917


Baby Barbary Sheep @ High Park Zoo, Toronto. This is the youngest member of the family (evening).

The binomial name Ammotragus lervia derives from the Greek ammos (“sand”, referring to the sand-coloured coat) and tragos (“goat”). Lervia derives from the wild sheep of northern Africa described as “lerwee” by Rev. T. Shaw in his “Travels and Observations” about parts of Barbary and Levant.

The Spanish named this sheep the arruis, and the Spanish Legion even used it as a mascot for a time.

Aoudad  is the name for this sheep used by the Berbers, a North African people, and it is also called arui and waddan (in Libya).


Slow motion animation reference of a barbary sheep walking. The video is shot at 240 fps, about 10x slower than normal speed. Reference for animators and animation students. Please like and subscribe to see more content!


Bringing back this guy