barbary chaapel

View From a Leeward Shore (Poem by Barbary Chaapel)

He has a clean, windswept look,

Wave curling back on the next wave,

Diamond facets, moon-stroked, glittering.

Lord of the Wind balloons his cheeks:

Heaving a fury of weather, he excites his waves,

Powerful tonnage inundating each other.

Unseen, a dark line of cloud looms—

Flotsam and jetsam swim with a purpose

Ever toward a distance.

The Lord of the Wind is mindless,

Fathoms deep of mindless pleasure,

overtaking himself wave after wave.

Unseen on the horizon, a little yacht, hove-to.


Ann says: “hove to” indicates a boat with sails lowered due to rough weather.

Barbary Chaapel is one of the most gifted and accessible contemporary poets. This poem is from her new poetry collection Bog Woman: A Mythic Journey, which I highly recommend. To order, please email:

Copyright 2013 by Barbary Chaapel

Images: 1. Clipper in Stormy Sea by B.F. Gribble 2.