Cheese, pumpkins, and gender

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I would have said “Philistines. Philistines do wine shots” but I’ve just learnt that Philistine is comes from the same root word as Palestinian and so that’s not cool to associate a lack of culture and refinement with an ethnic grouping. Also, the Philistines might actually be the Sea Peoples and/or the Hyksos who caused so many problems for the Ancient Egyptians.

Yeah, most words for someone we consider classless come from “that foreigner” in the end – I was going to suggest the Greek barbaroi, which is where we get “barbarian” from and which generally is considered to be a catch-all for “anyone who doesn’t act like the Greeks”, but I double-checked and sure enough the Greeks took it from the way they thought Anatolians sounded when they talked (”Bar bar bar”). 

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Also, how are you meant to eat them? Do you bit into them, letting the wine spill everywhere? Or do you drink the wine, then eat the misshapen, oily, and now *wet* and mildly tannic cheese? Is the cheese just there for presentation and tainting your otherwise reasonable, moderately-priced wine?

All exceptional questions for which I have no answers. Some cheeses are enhanced by soaking in wine during their aging phase, but I don’t think anything can save pre-melted cheese. 

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Sam, I am curious - are they actual vegetable/fruit pumpkins or fake ones? A friend’s granddad grows giant produce for competitions and he says the ones bred for size tend to have the taste bred out.

Yep, they are realio trulio plants. My building has a wide economic range of residents and especially on the upper floors there are people who are just…the kind of people who can drop a lot of money on a giant pumpkin as a decoration and then discard it when the season is over. 

The Free Stuff Table doubles as the “this won’t fit in the dumpster” table, literally – if you ask the building maintenance guys what to do with something that won’t fit, they say “put it on the free stuff table, I’ll deal with it on trash day”. 

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I will send you a roll of tape if you will promise to tape down the edges of those signs. Just knowing they exist like that, no matter how far away they are, is driving me bananas.

If it’s any comfort, they get replaced every few months, and those are probably due to be replaced soon. It just happens – the wall isn’t a good surface for taping on and the room isn’t insulated (plus the big cargo doors are often open) so the paper curls no matter what we do. 

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I always assumed you were a guy, but at the same time I kind of think of copperbadge as a genderless internet phantom sharing some knowledge haha

I am honored to be considered a genderless phantom librarian! 

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I… never realized that I headcanoned you as a woman. My bad.

I’m not bothered! It happens all the time and it’s a rational assumption to make given how heavily fandom skews female.  

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I now really want the cross over fic of Bucky somehow ending up at the Weasley’s during Yule.

“I don’t know who brought him, Mum, maybe he’s one of Charlie’s weird coworkers. You’ve never minded when Harry visited for the holidays!”

“Harry’s a friend! I had to knit a sweater overnight just to make sure the poor thing had a present and he hasn’t taken it off since. I don’t mind feeding him and he’s been a lamb, but I’d like a little warning, Bill!”

“Well, don’t look at me. He looks like an Auror type, maybe he’s one of Ron’s friends.”

“Oh Merlin, there goes your father.”

“Dad, no, don’t ask him about the arm, that’s rude!”
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The Barbarois need new blood to bolster their bloodlines - to that end, they summon a demon. 

The hopefully eventual Vincent/D fic

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What's wrong with poc greek gods?

Ok, first of all, thank for this question and for giving me the opportunity to talk about it a bit more specifically than an annoyed tag.

Let’s start with saying that I will use the term ‘poc’ even if I hate to use it because I think it’s just a racist term to define ‘people who are not white’. And then, what’s ‘whiteness’? A Chinese person has surely a skin lighter than mine (an Italian), would they be whiter than me? Bah, I just don’t understand it. I categorize people by the place they come from, not from the colour of their skin. And then poc was surely not a mental category the ancient Greeks had, because actually they referred to everyone who didn’t speak Greek as ‘barbaroi’ (barbarians), so.

But let’s return to the question. I have seen so many times Greek gods and mythological figures represented as ‘poc’. And by poc I mean usually East Asian or subsharian African people. But the thing is, Greek gods are Greek. They belong to a certain period of a certain culture. Myths are not just pretty stories, they are the expression of the mentality, the values and the culture of a specific people. That’s why every culture has got its own myths. But if you think that giving them the appearance of a Kenyan person would be exactly the same, if not better, you became oblivious of the very meaning of the myths, and you erase the fact that those myths were born in the Mediterranean basin, specifically in the Aegean Sea area. It’s not that they didn’t knew poc back then, actually, they didn’t even have the idea of whiteness, but surely they wouldn’t have represented their gods as such. Goddesses, for example, are always referred as very pale and white, because that was the beauty standard in ancient Greece.

But then why would you do that? Representation? Let me say something: I am perfectly positive towards representation, I love when, for example, comic characters are rethinked as ‘poc’. That’s awesome. BUT gods? No. And then, you know what really grinds my gears? They only do that with Greek gods. If I fancasted an Egyptian god with a white actor, I’d be rightfully criticized, right? But than why would it be okay to do that with Greek gods? Because they’re “”“”white”“”” (which is totally not an appliable term, neither to antiquity nor to modern Europe, especially southern Europe)? That’s nonsense, but here’s a way worst thing: Greek mythology has influenced all western civilization, and now it’s a part of its culture. And to think that Greek mythology is universal enough to be extended to every other ethnicity is only another act of western supremacy. I love and respect everything of Greek antiquity, being it their gods, their myths and so on. I study them, I give my life for them. But I also love anthropology, and I love every culture, every mythology, every different story. Why represent Greek gods as ‘poc’ when every culture has got its own mythology? If you do that you’re basically erasing every other culture’s mythology.

This said, I’m not saying it’s always plain wrong. As artist, I believe art has got complete freedom. Want to draw a black Persephone? If that’s what your inspiration tells you to do, then do it. Art is freedom of thought, and I won’t deny that. BUT don’t you dare to say your version is the only good version, or that another design is ‘too white’ for your tastes (yes, it happened). Those modern gods things? Hell yeah, they’re cool…unless they totally misinterpretate those gods they’re talking about. 

edit: I want to add that I completely approve retellings of myths, in fact I find them interesting and intriguing, but at one condition: one must be completely conscious of the myth/story they’re retelling. If you know what a myth really meant, what context it comes from, then yes, you can move away from the model and do something that’s truly yours. That’s what art is about! So did many alessandrine and Latin poets and writers, so did everyone else after them. But you have to be conscious of what you’re doing. An example: you want to do a retelling, let’s say, of Apollo and Daphne setting it into a Maasaian context? That sounds awesome! But if you just blindly fancast greek gods with black american people just in the name of ‘representation’, that makes no sense.

Translation of “Ai to iu Na no Toga”

From <The Sixth Archive>, I have established a connection between <what could be called consciousness> and the sixth horizon…
It is in [her] nature to accept what could be called <fate>. Something that could be equivalently interpreted as <the natural way of the world>, <providence>, <the law of cause and effect> or even <the goddess>. From the depths of her heart, she wished for a reunion with her older brother after many years of separation. However, at the end of her eventful life, she would be sacrificed due to the machinations of a certain villain, dying near a body of water so as to capture the azure moon in her hand…
The <factor> that was predicted to change the outcome of this tragedy - I attempted a [denial] of [her] ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a.
Well then. Is the cat within the box alive, or is it dead? Let us take a peek inside the cage…

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