barbaric regime

To my mind, it is clear that the United States must pursue policies to destroy the brutal and barbaric ISIS regime and to create conditions that prevent fanatical, extremist ideologies from flourishing. But we cannot and should not do it alone. Our response must begin with an understanding of past mistakes and missteps in our previous approaches to foreign policy. It begins with the acknowledgement that unilateral military action should be a last resort, not a first resort, and that ill-conceived military decisions such as the invasion of Iraq can wreak far-reaching devastation and destabilization over regions for decades.
—  Bernie Sanders, at Georgetown University
On "The Interview"

If someone from, for example, Palestine or Pakistan or one of the many other countries that have been terrorised by the United States and where hatred of the US government runs high, were to make a movie in which Obama was murdered, please tell me whether that movie would even go into production let alone be released in public cinemas? Because I’m almost certain that it would be faced with huge uproar from the United States and it’s allies with countless shouts of “terrorism”  and “National security” It would be considered a direct threat to the country and probably even be a cause to justify escalation of violence in those areas (I mean, it’s happened with less). 

Now think of Kim Jong Un’s reaction. A man known for his barbaric regime ruling a country where there is next to no freedom of speech. If that would be Obama’s, what do you think Kim Jong Un’s would be?? But of course that doesn’t matter, because it’s the United States, the most powerful nation on earth. Your “freedom of speech” means you feel you have the right to explicitly depict the assassination of another world leader and be free from the repercussions of it. 

It’s incredibly unwise to make a movie about assassinating another human being, let alone the dictator of an entire country with whom international relations are strained to say the least. And I completely agree that Kim Jong Un is disgusting and barbaric, but the fact that the producers could have done something so simple as change a name but chose not to baffles me. The irony of the USA and the superpower hangover that inspires the whole “we can do anything we want” attitude is getting really old

If not seeing this film really threatens your freedom of speech, I’m sorry. But you need to wake up and see that you live in a world where you cannot simply go around laughing at the assassination of powerful people without repercussions. And SONY took the precaution because you never know what could have happened. You live in a world where you have more freedom than most, for which you should be grateful, and I honestly think it’s a complete waste of that freedom to use it on perpetrating useless inflammatory movies like this so recklessly.