Conquest! Introducess class: Barbarian

Barbarian Abilities

Berserker: When using the skill Berserker, you will get this amount of buffs. The size of the buff and the size of the troops that die to fatigue is determined by level.

Lawlessness: Determines the level of players you can attack, this is determined by level (higher level you are, the more levels you can attack down).

Raider: Increases the chance of Looting a city - is determined by level.

Barbarian Skills

Loot: Allows you to raid a city for gold, food, and siege units. The amount you steal is dependent on the amount of gold/food/siege the city has.

Berserk: Gives your units massive buffs in exchange for some additional friendly casualties

Besiege: After Looting a city many times, the city will close its gates. You can open them through magical items or use Besiege. Note that the city has a very large defense force - be prepared!

Blitz: For 1 hour, anyone who attacks another gains a large number of reinforcements to aid in battle.

Penance: This will return you to a fighter - however you will also become a chosen clerics vassal in the process.

Conquest is set in medieval times and you can choose the path you wish to take, we assure you what ever path you set for yourself it will be an adventure!

Conquest! Is free, fun multiplayer strategy game, with integrated chat function, you can chat with other players while playing! Its social it’s cool it’s fun and its available in Apple store, Google play store or if you prefer to play on your PC or Mac you can download it from our site or from the link below (download will start automatically) Pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends or you can just come alone and meet community via integrated live chat.  Join us!

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