My intention was to write briefly about how good Brandon Grahams art-book, walrus, was and illustrate it with lots of his incredibly cool art, but it turned into something else… I’m not sure what, but if you want to read it, it’s here.

‘The reason I love Graham’s art, or drawing style is because it is so  broadly recognisable as an amalgamation of the ligne claire tradition, married with elements dominantly associated with Japanese comics: the clarity, lines, and colour palette European, the sfx, fonts, nuances, and stylisations Japanese. Even in material like King City and Warheads, the sci-fi leans European in landscape and design, where the humour and lightness/quirk and energy is more manga-like in tone.  His people are a mix of both- the sketchier illustrations of women here evoke Manara but he can switch from that sensuality to the squeaky-bubble 'fun’ sexy cartoon characters just as easily. there is such a quality of clean-ness , of clarity to Graham’s art, the lines fine yet assured, never appearing tight or overly controlled or precise; there’s still a sense of fluidity, but not really a looseness.’