Bush Mama (1979)

TC: Are you with me children? The Lord is in the closet! 1900, one hundred and five Negroes was lynched in the Republic of America and the cries still didn’t penetrate God’s closet where he is kept! Now are you with me? From the year 1900 to 1920, eighty-five–I don’t know the figure! Seventeen, eleven, sixty-eight, forty-six, I’m talking about three hundred and sixty-eight  Negroes was lynched and the cry still didn’t penetrate God’s closet! Now are you with me children? And from there to 1954, two thousand Negroes was lynched and the cry still didn’t penetrate God’s closet!

The rope–the rope was replaced by the electric chair, the electric chair by the gas chamber, and the gas chamber by the firing squads of the boulevards of America!


Bush Mama (1979)

Baby, you know I’m studying hard. I’ve been putting a lot of broken things in my past together so I’ll have a concrete foundation for where I’m coming. And it is you who will help me for where I’m going. I know how to govern my future when I come out…I mean if I come out alive. Because they’ll kill a brother the moment one starts to see. They don’t give a damn if one stays blind, since that is death within itself and don’t pose a threat to their decadent society. But once you start to see baby, the light, the truth, then they cut it by shooting you down…though that will kindle many other lights. But baby, they always reacted irrationally. They never knew, or had the wisdom to overcome problems that’s faced mankind.