Things I relate to in Call the Midwife
  • Delia Busby’s poorly concealed resentment towards The Straights™
  • Valerie Dyer chiming into a serious moral discussion with a cheesy joke
  • Phyllis Crane going out of her way to do favors for people because she pretends to be the crotchety mom friend but really just wants to be loved
  • Pats’y accrual of collard shirts
  • Everything Barbara Gilbert has ever done

So sure boring heterosexual dentist is a character now, but honestly I am here for a recurring gag of every time he shows up to take Trixie out one of the nurses answers the door to quiz him about medical practice.

Like Delia opens the door and is all just “Yes Christopher you’re here to pick up Trixie? Tell me what do you think a good threshold of pain is for giving someone anesthetics?”

Barbara opens the door and is just like “Oh Christopher you’re looking dashing! Apropos of nothing please give me an itemized list of all of the drugs your prescribe patients after they come to your office and what you think their merits are.”

Once He doesn’t even make it out of his sports car when all of a sudden Nurse Crane and Sister Winnifred pull up to him in her punchbug and just holler out of the window without any sort of pleasantries “Christopher please describe when you think it is appropriate to remove a patient’s teeth.”

He’s let off the hook for a couple of weeks and thinks he’s passed whatever weird test these women have and then a tall posh nurse and tiny nun that he’s never seen before open the door, exchange looks, and the tall nurse says “So Chris what’s your opinion on the medical merits of the pill?”