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Two lies and a truth

“I just don’t see how he’s able to lie so well to B,” Jason threw his hands in the air, “Over and over! I mean, I expect him to pull one over on the rest of us, but you’d think Bruce would have figured out some sort of tell after all these years,”

Jason had stomped into the room after checking on Tim, recuperating upstairs after suffering severe blood loss on a mission he’d promised Bruce he wouldn’t attempt alone. Bruce and Alfred were sticking close to him, while the rest of the family helped out around the main floor of the house. Barbara had brought groceries and Stephanie to help Jason with meals. Damian and Cassandra had handled laundry and household tasks Alfred requested of them. Dick was out patrolling with Kate.

They were gathered in the den, reading or scrolling on their phones after a long day of activity.

“Looked him right in the eye, too,” Barbara said without looking up from her laptop. Jason paced, not ready to sit still.

“If you’d seen him interact with his parents you wouldn’t question it,” Stephanie said, pulling her hair back in a ponytail.

“Were they super controlling, that he had to lie constantly?” Jason tried to sound casual about the fact that he knew next to nothing about Tim’s home life before he’d joined their weird family.

“No. They were never there, they never paid attention.” Stephanie said, frustrated as her hair tie got caught on the tips of her hair when she tried to pull it through.

“Wouldn’t that have made him a less accomplished liar?” Damian asked from the window seat, sounding bored.

“No! It-” Stephanie threw her hair tie down on the coffee table and let her hands flop down onto her lap. “Cass, how did you put it?”

Cassandra was laying by the fireplace, her chin propped on her hands as she watched dance videos with one earbud in. She lifted her head to answer,

“Tim learned to hide himself so he wouldn’t be disappointed when people didn’t see him.”

The fire crackled in the silence. Barbara’s fingers were still, resting on her keyboard. Stephanie stared at the fire. Jason saw even Damian had lifted his nose out of his book to stare into space, unsettled by the statement.

He looked down at where Cassandra lay on the rug.

“That might be one of the truest things I’ve ever heard you say,” he said to her. She gave him a small, sad smile. When he looked back up he found Stephanie watching him. Barbara, too, was looking over her glasses at him.

It was a little unnerving, sometimes, how much better some members of the family were at knowing exactly what made them all tick.