barbara v


The Dark Knight’s leading Ladies throughout the years.

Ryan Haywood dusted off his hands and smiled behind his skull mask as he gestured to the large pile of well-dressed corpses behind him. They were all men, their bleeding and broken bodies neatly arranged into a stack. Most of them, when they were alive, controlled prostitutes and took a cut of their earnings.

“Ryan!” Geoff yelled, his voice cracking, showing how disturbed he was. “What the FUCK IS THIS?!” He gestured to the corpse pile that the masked man seemed so proud of.

“It’s…” Ryan pulled off his mask, revealing a painted face and a mischievous expression. “…a tower of pimps.”
Barbara leapt out from behind a parked car and high fived Ryan.


“pretend for a moment,” lia told her, “that we’re all very, very slow.”
i’m not very good at pretending,” sloane told her seriously. “but i think i can do that.

does anyone else remember the batman v dracula animated film?? Cause i do ;

● like remember when batsy got so genuinely upset after joker fell off the bridge and electrocuted himself that he didn’t even bother going after penguin who had also escaped and instead just went back home (to eat ice cream and cry)

● or how after going back home he broods in a corner of the batcave until alfred commented with something along the lines of him ‘brooding more than usual’ with batman replying with a 'joker just died’

● and how after dracula starts picking off innocent civilians bruce says to alfred 'i already lost the joker i’m not going to loose anyone else’ (really brucie really!?!?)

● how after capturing vampire!joker he keeps him locked up in a cage in the batcave while working on a cure for him

● how vampire!joker is all 'i thought you cared’ while in physical pain due to lack of blood & batsy is all 'that’s why i’m trying to find a cure for you’

● and batsy ends up feeding vampire!joker his own blood to which vampire!joker replies with a simpering 'you complete me’ (also this movie was released in 2005)

● after curing him joker remembers nothing about it and after seeing batman gives a very confused/drowsy 'am i dreaming’

also penguin just ran about being a sassy lil’ shit during the whole thing & ends up getting kneed in the crotch for all his troubles

unpopular opinion but i liked the series this movie was based on
alfred was amazing (as per usual) , batgirl and penguin were competing for the title of 'sassiest lil shit’ & joker was completely wacked, its comics were also good + there was that little ending scene during 'the laughing bat’ when batman gives a lil’ smile/smirk after telling a joke & getting the joker to laugh and annnnnd AND we get to see 'jack’ who seems like a mild mannered little thing

Jena Malone’s role in Batman v Superman is rumoured to be Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. I think it’s unlikely we’ll see her as Batgirl in the BvS but it’s still cool to see fan artists to depict actors in their characters’ roles before official art/pics are given to us.