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Characters : Jerome Valeska, Reader, Barbara Kean, Theo Galavan

Warnings : Cursing, memories of Barbara, torture, reader is losing her mind, Protective! Barbara

Summary : (Y/n)’s mentality is hanging on by a thread after Jerome’s torture. When Barbara discovers her former step daughter is being held captive in the penthouse, she isn’t happy about it.

Notes : “~” signifies beginning and end of memory.


The electricity coursed throughout your body, causing you to lurch forward, unable to move freely due to the restraints holding you down to a table. You could hardly see anything. Everything was fuzzy, but you could hear that laugh. You could always hear that laugh. You had quit screaming hours ago, only letting out small whimpers now. The sounds were music to Jerome’s ears. This went on for about two days, off and on. You were beginning to forget.

‘Forget what?’ You thought, ‘I’m forgetting something.’ Your head was spinning, you felt like there were multiple people speaking to you, but there was no one else in the room at the moment. 'You’ve forgotten what you forgot!’ A voice shouted, scaring you a bit, but a shocking laugh escaped your lips, muffled by the gag. 'Your losing your mind, (Y/n).’ It was a warning, but you shook your head wildly against the restraints. 'Or I’ve found it.’ You closed your eyes, laughing at the discussion in your head.

“Oh my god.” You heard a voice and after a moment, you realized it wasn’t in your head. “(Y/n)? Oh, no.” She was undoing your restraints, panic written all over her face. “Come on. I’m getting you out of here.” She picked you up in her arms and you raised your hand to twirl around her blonde hair.

“Don’t I know you?” Your head started to spin again as she carried you out the door and down the hallway. Flashes of memories came through and you saw the blonde holding dresses in front of you as you stood in front of a mirror.
“You’re beautiful.” She had told you. “Your dad’s afraid a man is going to take you away from us.” She chuckled, deciding on a red dress for you. “I told him it’s gonna happen someday, so he better accept it now. A girl as gorgeous as you won’t stay single for forever.”

“I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.” You smiled back at your reflection, watching as she tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “You really think I’m beautiful, Barbara? You’re not just saying that because you’re my step mom?” You raised a brow at her, but kept your smile.

“I’m saying it because it’s true.” She started to lead you towards the bathroom. “Now go change into that dress. I want to see how it looks on you. Red really is your color.”

“Barbara.” You uttered before you were laid down on a sofa.

“What are you doing with her?” Jerome snapped, anger written all over his face. “She’s mine!”

“She’s my step daughter, you bastard!” Barbara screamed, looking past him and towards Theo. “I thought you told him no hostages were allowed here! He’s been torturing her!” She was furious, grabbing a knife that laid on a table nearby. “I’m going to kill you!” Barbara lunged at Jerome and the ginger yelled out in glee, running behind a table for protection.

“Man, this girl just gets everyone’s panties in a twist!” Jerome laughed. “You’re special, cupcake!” He looked to you, smiling even wider when he saw you grinning madly at him. “I’ve got her.” He uttered, pushing past Barbara, knocking the knife out of her hand.

“How are you letting him do this? We agreed to no hostages. This puts everything at risk.” Barbara growled at Theo.

“She’s not a hostage.” Theo shrugged. “I didn’t believe it at first, but look at her. She’s just as unique as the rest of you. She’s a piece to our puzzle now.” Barbara looked over to see Jerome sitting next to you. The two of you were looking into each other’s eyes, communicating silently. “I’ve never seen him so calm.” Theo pondered on this for a moment before a question came to mind. “Could our Jerome be capable of love?”

Barbara continued to watch you, still seeing the young girl she knew you as. She flinched at the sight of Jerome’s hand pressed to your cheek. He was corrupting you with every second you spent near him.

“Over my dead body.” She growled.


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Changelings are just big Cats - Pikuna - Trollhunters (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Based on a post by @darkland-dog about the headcanon that Changelings can purr. I totally support this idea and so I came up with this little drabble, that I also used to introduce my Changeling character Jean.
Took me a bit longer than I thought for me to finish, but I hope you enjoy it.

Little side note: This occurs some time after Stricklander has redeemed himself. Just feel like pointing out.

Barbara discovers that Changelings are indeed capable of purring and wonders, if this also applies to Stricklander. He is not very amused by this idea.

It was a quiet late Monday afternoon in the Lake household. Jim and his friends were out doing usual teenage activities - at least that’s what they had planned - and Barbara had the rest of the day off. 

She and Stricklander had enjoyed the peace, sitting close together on the couch and watching a documentation. But the peace had been disturbed when Jean, Stricklander’s inside-man in the Janus Order, had suddenly appeared right beside Barbara on the armrest of the couch. Even when it was a most annoying habit of her, Stricklander had to give the young Changeling credit for being so sneaky. He just wished she would be silent like this all the time.

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"I thought you were dead."
"Come on. You're not gonna get rid of me that easy."