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My favourite character is always the red headed brainiac who’s the voice of reason for their brunette bff (who is also the love of their life)

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Teen Wolf Season 6 | Interactive 360° Videos

Going to the Grave - Who is this doctor? Who is this body? You may never find out, but on this walk through the Beacon Hills hospital you will go where no one on Teen Wolf wants to end up – the morgue. 

Gearing Up For the Lacrosse Game - It’s game time at Beacon Hills High! Go for a spin in this behind-the-scenes set tour.

Beacon Hills Hospital Tour w/ Melissa McCall - Welcome to the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital! Melissa McCall takes you on a tour of the new and improved hospital set, while also revealing a few set secrets. Wait! Was that a Scott McCall cameo?

In the Closet w/ Holland Roden - Time to walk down memory lane! Costume designer, Barbara Vasquez, and Holland Roden show off a few iconic costume pieces throughout the seasons including Allison Argent’s last outfit and the Dread Doctor Geneticist.

Liam, Malia, & Mason’s Disappearing Act - What is happening? Why is everything disappearing? If you don’t help the Pack quickly, you can kiss your friends goodbye.

Lydia & Scott are Trying to Protect You - What are we hiding from? Why can’t we look at it? Lydia what are you talking about? What will you do when the Wild Hunt is after you and there’s nowhere to hide?

Following spree

Hi there, my dash has been pretty empty so please reblog this if you post any of the following things (don’t have to follow me, would be nice)

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  • barbara palvin
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Magcon Preference: The celebrity crush you're jealous of

(These aren’t really their celebrity crushes, but it said on Hayes’ old instagram that he had a crush on Peyton List so just clearing that up)


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Ariana Grande


Camila Cabello


Peyton List


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Selena Gomez


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Demi Lavoto


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Barbara Palvin


Holland Roden

Jack G:

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Ashley Benson

Jack J:

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Crystal Reed


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Perrie Edwards