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mallorygallery  asked:

Do you have any tips for writing aliens? Also I love your webcomic so much 😵😍

If you want to write Ufology lore aliens I’d recommend researching the works of Budd Hopkins, Dr. David M. Jacobs, John Mack, Barbara Lamb, Stanton Friedman, John G. Fuller, Yvonne Smith, Linda Moulton Howe and John Rhodes.

As far as writing them goes…

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Spoilers for 5.4

  • It was just a top quality bit of television wasn’t it? BBC and Heidi and everyone else that makes Call the Midwife just make everything so well and handle all the stories perfectly.
  • I like that there are more scenes with all the midwifes and Delia together, the one on the steps was really good before Trixie got all funny with Barbara. Again like I’ve said each time Delia’s really funny.
  • Patsy and Delia had a good wee bit there when Patsy got home from work, Delia looked so cute with her hair down and everything was lovely. It was clearly a perfect moment for a kiss mind you, but again classic Call the Midwife it’s pretty much lewd if a couple bloody brushes arms.
  • Everyone in our living room was going “Trixie no, stop it!” when we saw her with the baby cham, thank God Tom took it off her before she had any of it.
  • I’m really glad Trixie and Tom were talking and sorted things out between them. I’m not sure if everyone agrees with me but I think Tom and Barbara are great together.
  • Nurse Crane has suddenly become a fast favorite for me. She’s hilarious, mostly accidentally, and she gives quality advice, all of her scenes are the best.
  • You’d think there would be a limited amount of nursing related story-lines to keep everyone interested but apparently not. The Cunningham baby being left in the sluice with the windows wide open was grim. I’m usually not Sister Julienne’s number one fan but I actually really liked her this episode. I feel like she’s usually just there to calm everyone down and to be the voice of reason, also to represent the old way of thinking and to be proved wrong by one of the younger midwifes such as Trixie in 5.1. There’s nothing wrong with that, it was just nice to see her involved in a story-line completely.
  • I also really liked the Bible verse, I believe it’s Isaiah 43:1, that she said as the baby died. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the same one from 4.2 that Tom used at the baby April Bisset’s funeral, I can’t say I’m religious but I just love it.
  • One of my brothers and I thought the boy, Ian, was going to attempt suicide. Another thing I like about Call the Midwife is that they don’t just have characters kill themselves to get the point across that they’re in a horrible situation, they do it excellently without that. They did it in 4.3 with Tony Amos too.
  • Good to see the Turners having some good scenes, and two scenes with top banter from Tim. They haven’t really had anything since 5.1 so I’m very glad. Also I love Tim. Also Angela is cute.
  • I’ll finish with another top quote from Barbara, “Now, if you don’t mind, I really need to get on with these fuzzy felt apostles”. God I love her.

darknekostar-deactivated2016011  asked:

Do you think it's possible for real-life Greys (or Reptoids) to fall in love with humans? •w•

I’ve heard the Greys will make you think you love them like give you warm, goose-bumpy feelings (also sometimes orgasmic feelings oh bb~) when you see your ‘escort’, but that it’s all just an implanted fake feeling to get you to calm down and trust them so they can work quicker.  I guess Rose felt that to some extent for Shade…

Reptoids on the other hand allegedly seduce and/or have romantic feelings towards humans.  There’s been quite a few cases covered by Barbara Lamb (adorable woman who described Reptoid genitals live on Coast to Coast AM) where women have been shown human/Draconian Reptoid hybrid babies.  How that happens, I have no idea… Mammals and reptiles? How do? Yeah.  

Also there’s usually some kind of a wedding ceremony between the human and their Draco Reptoid abductor before kids start showing up in the abductions.  That’s where the whole 'Let’s get Hue a space-bride’ joke with Quazky comes from.

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Abduction investigator Barbara Lamb has issued some remarkable statements recently. Paralleling several assertions made by other researchers , Ms. Lamb also maintains that aliens have cured human cancers and heart disease. Even more astonishing is the revelation that hybrids live among us and that she knows some of these entities personally.

If these claims are true, Barbara Lamb has access to the Holy Grail for the alien abduction hypothesis. By producing the entities or samples from them for genetic testing she could prove the validity of a longstanding and controversial hypothesis and be credited with making one of the momentous scientific discoveries in human history. How long will we have to wait for the confirmatory data?