barbara grant

modern au → Melinda and Phillip Coulson have always wanted a child, but unfortunately, all attempts failed. That’s why they adopted a little girl named Skye. They were raising her like their own child, for which adult Skye is greatful. Both Melinda and Phil help their little girl go through adolescence, dealing with a lot of problems. But even knowing that Melinda and Phil are not her biological parents, she still loves them. Their neighbors - and also young parents - Leo and Jemma have been the only Skye’s friends. Lately, she meets Barbara Morse, who is becoming Skye’s and Jemma’s friend. In a college she meets Grant Ward - her future boyfriend (and husband, perhaps, if her dad stop asking him awkward questions). Life is not that bad, after all, right?

Fact #1195

When Ben and Polly returned to Earth, they met Dodo again right away. The three of them decided to found a group of ex-companions. Ian and Barbara were recruited some days after that, and the five of them hung out in a secret room\basement under the “Dodo Chaplet Funerary Home”. Victoria was welcome to the team a few years later (and they made her ease to the 20th and 21th centuries). The team was allied with UNIT in 1970, with Liz, Jo, Sarah, and Harry all becoming part of it after they left the Doctor. For a while, nobody joined, even if they tried to seek Tegan she dismissed all as a dream. Through Ace and Melanie visited the team a lot using their TARDIS, they had a lot else to do. Grace openly sought for them and was hospited by the team for a bit and they still communicate in various ways. But there weren’t any new permanent members for a while, until Martha Jones’ welcome that is.

A moment I shall never forget - speaking to 96 year old living Asian burlesque legend Barbara Yung, telling her how much she inspired me, and letting her know about my tribute act which I performed at this year’s burlesque hall of fame. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react, and if she’d have said “do your own thing” I’d have stopped in an instant!, but instead - and overwhelmingly - she thanked me for remembering her, and not letting her performances be forgotten, and I’m so emotional to be able to say that….. she has given my act her blessing.

So here I am, at Hubba Hubba’s Monday night revue in San Francisco, the home where you burned so brightly (and still do!) on the stages in the 1940s, performing for the first time my tribute to you, Barbara Yung, with your blessing. With an intro featuring one of your favourite pieces, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, followed by my own bump and grind, and named “The China Darling Showgirl” after your China Darlings of 1950” Revue at Fong’s Club Shanghai in San Francisco. You will never, ever, be forgotten. Thank you x x x

(Special thanks to Korene, Dale and Helen who allowed me to meet my maker)