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Batfamily Costume Contest

In the spirit of Halloween I did a thing. I took ideas from a bunch of different timelines and storylines, so everyone is pretty much in the same place for my story even if that’s not exactly how it is in the regular comics. Enjoy!

“Dami, you can’t hide up there all day. At some point you’re gonna have to show us your costume!”, Dick Grayson yelled up the stairs to his youngest and most stubborn brother. He had spent the last ten minutes at the base if the staircase trying to convince him to come downstairs and show off his Halloween costume to no avail.

“Grayson, I would sooner be strung up by my thumbs over a boiling vat of acid”, Damian snapped from upstairs. He knew he shouldn’t have permitted his extravagant brother to select his costume, but it was too late to find a replacement now. He settled for waiting in his room until the night was over, as the zipper had gotten stuck and he couldn’t get out of it without assistance.

Damian normally would never be caught dead in something as humiliating as a Halloween costume, but he wanted to win the Wayne family costume contest as much as everyone else did this year. He just didn’t think Grayson would choose to force him into this one.

“Damian, c'mon! Tim and Jason are going to be here any minute and you need to be here for when everyone else comes. Remember Colin? He’s going to be bored and all alone without you.” When no answer was heard from upstairs Dick finally threw his hands up in the air, having tried everything.

At that moment Jason Todd and Tim Drake conveniently walked in, Dick not having heard the front door open over all of his yelling. The two brothers entered the room, both in their Halloween costumes.

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Batman Beyond #1 Review

Batman Beyond is back in action with Terry McGinnis finally behind the cowl again and if that wasn’t enough to get you excited for this series………. Well, it looks like the Jokerz are going out of their damn minds by resurrecting their namesake, the Joker.  In our previous issue we caught back up with our futuristic hero and found out about how he was under Spellbinder’s control for the last few months, but like I said, he’s back now and on the hunt for Dana Tan, who’s been kidnapped by the Joker known as Terminal.  Let’s jump into this issue and see if Terry McGinnis can find his once lady love and if he’ll be able to put a hurt on the Joker who’s currently kicking his ass………. Which is fucked up because he’s all hopped up on venom.  Let’s check it out.
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The family are enjoying some downtime and having a staycation in Gotham (because heaven forbid they get a vacation outside).

Also, this can be read as Jason just showing up as a family friend or that he’s been declared not dead legally. I’m sure you know which I prefer. XD


“We must be weary. The women behind you seem to be disturbed peasants.”

“Which women?”

“Do not look about you!” Damian hissed. Then went back to observing.

“I do believe they are sisters. They have much the same features and look about them.”

“What did you mean by disturbed, minibat?”

He glared at Jason. “The eldest, I think she is anyway, just said she wanted Grayson on a plate and ‘bite his ass’.”

Sputtering occurred about the table.

“Hmm. The middle one is now saying she wants Todd…flushed against her and that she’d like to scratch…no, mark your…bare back?”

Wide eyed, Dick stammered. “L-little D, stop listening to them.”

“I am not listening. Though for the eldest I only overheard her when I passed by. I didn’t hear what she said after wanting some cream to go with you. Now I am simply reading lips to know what plans they have for you. We must be ready. Though I do not see how the middle one needs Todd…Hmm, now she said she’d like to wrap herself around you. But she looks light, it’ll be easy to dislodge her.”

Jason could only lift an eyebrow at him, a bit disbelieving. Dick had his face in his hands while Tim snorted.

“You’re not ignored either Drake.”


“The youngest just said she wanted to tie…no, cuff you…to her bed?”

He snorted. “If you can’t free yourself from that Drake, it could only mean you’ve been neglecting your training.”

He stared harder at the women in question. “I am mistaken.”

They sighed in relief.

“The youngest is not a girl. I can see his Adam’s apple now that he’s turned.”

More groans.

“Little D, stop. They’re not kidnappers or anything of the sort.”

He was silent for a moment.


“You do?” Dick didn’t know if he should be relieved that he understood.

“Yes. They are worse.”


He turned to Drake. “Don’t be swayed by him. He even looks pretty enough by most plebeian standards but we must protect our assets and our name. I will not have this family sullied by strange people. Even if your just you, Drake.”


“Mother warned me about these kinds of pitiful excuses for humans. And that show we saw last night had also warned young men about scheming women. And I assume men as well. Though I don’t see what biting Grayson’s ass and scratching Todd’s naked back have to do with this.”

“What are you talking about?” Tim grew exasperated.

“Keep up man. The youngest just added that he’d also like to marry you so that he could just keep you cuffed to his bed always.”

“Oh my-”

“Who said what Dami?”

Steph was behind him. Her smile tight and her eyes were little more than slits as she asked her question.

Babs was behind her, eyebrows raised in question.

Damian repeated what he’d heard. He ignored their disbelief (and was that laughter from Gordon?). When he saw Cass coming toward them, he frowned. “I hope they haven’t another sibling.”

Dick could only groan.


Written because Dami can be such an adorable little bean! ( ˘ ³˘)❤


Batkids on their playdates team missions!

A few fun facts:

  • Roy often skips Boy Scout meetings to hang out with Kori and Jason (Don’t tell Ollie)
  • Kyle Rayner is usually hanging with the Troublemakers but had a cold on this particular day and Hal wouldn’t let him leave the house.
  • Cass is wearing Bruce’s old costume (here) that she found in the attic while playing hide and seek with her brothers. Alfred has since made a few alterations to it, of course.
  • That stuffed cat looking thing behind Damian was made by Dick. Alfred has been teaching him how to sew and he practices by making tons of plush for his siblings! (They’re finally starting to look like actual animals)
  • Don’t worry, Alfred fixed Mr. Moo.

                                            this is what happens 

                                       when you drag your friends 

                                             into this crazy little 

                                                 game of ours!