Waves of the Atlantic Ocean striking the coastline in Barbados.


“Super Dominica is a Carib super heroine with amazing abilities and powers which are based on the features and natural resources of the Caribbean Island of Dominica. Super Dominica was originally created by Illustrator/ Graphic Designer Albert Pierre in the year 2005.”

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Spirit Bear (2015)   // Beyond Publishing Caribbean

“In an alternate version of Barbados many years in the future where the supernatural and technology coexist as one, a nefarious plot is being hatched by both an ancient and modern treat, which serves to endanger the entire island. It is up to a masked vigilante Pride and a team of heroes to save the island by finding the ancient Kermode seals.

The team will have to face numerous villains that stand in their way, led by the power hungry Mr. Harding who is equally determined as the heroes to accomplish his goals.

Witness the explosive adventure of a lifetime in Tristan Roach’s Spirit Bear as the island of Barbados is shown like you’ve never seen it before.”

By Tristan Roach (artist/colorist/story) and Nigel Lynch (script assist/edit)

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