Today, after celebrating for the past few weeks on the blog and on our social network sites it only just hit me that 4 years has passed since I first started ” Big Beautiful Black Girls “ . This milestone ,had me feeling very sentimental and I thought today would be the perfect time to come in and share with you what I’ve learn after four years of blogging.

It is amazing to see how much the plus size world and the #bbbg #boldqueens movement has developed throughout the years . However, before I get started , I want to thank all off you who contributed to our first blogiversary giveaway and huge congrats to all the winners which you view on the blog

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Spirit Bear #0 (2015)   // Beyond Publishing Caribbean

“In an alternate version of Barbados many years in the future where the supernatural and technology coexist as one, a nefarious plot is being hatched by both an ancient and modern treat, which serves to endanger the entire island. It is up to a masked vigilante Pride and a team of heroes to save the island by finding the ancient Kermode seals. 

The team will have to face numerous villains that stand in their way, led by the power hungry Mr. Harding who is equally determined as the heroes to accomplish his goals. 

Witness the explosive adventure of a lifetime in Tristan Roach’s Spirit Bear as the island of Barbados is shown like you’ve never seen it before.”

By Tristan Roach (artist/colorist/story) and Nigel Lynch (script assist/edit)

Available at  comicsfix

Some Rihanna fan art! The original photo ref was from a photoshoot taken in the Caribbean during Carnival, I wasn’t able to find the photographer, but some googling pulled up “splash news” as the credit for the series, taken in Barbados in 2013. Here’s the source photo:

I added some jewels here and there..she ended up with a more serious expression, maybe because I was thinking how hard it would be to be on camera all the time, even when you looked fabulous.

 I also wish I had found more source photos of the costume so I could understand how the wings fit on; I added in her arm because it bugged me I couldn’t see it, and I assumed that the image had been flipped because her tattoo is “backwards.” so I didn’t add it.:(

I also wish I had seen this photo first, because it is darling: