headcanon that puberty MURDERS yuri p.

yurio wakes up one morning and doesn’t recognize his voice. becomes so deep/menacing he can finally install fear into people over the phone

he realizes how tall he is when he sees yuuri and victor for the first time in ages. he can finally put victor in a headlock. does so.

is riding on the back of otabek’s bike when he sees how ridiculous he looks. rides on the bike anyway because it’s otabek.

people start calling him “lion” instead of “housecat” which makes him angry because he is a “TIGER” not a lion. is still an angry child.

keeps growing out his hair because he secretly is in love with the way it swishes when he skates. swishes his hair in JJ’s face bc he can.

to this day i cannot go into the stydia tag on ao3 and find a fic where they are the CENTRAL PAIRING until at least page 2 all i see is ‘derek hale/stiles stilinski’ and i want to die when i think that ao3 STILL doesnt have an option to filter out a pairing and that people STILL tag minor pairings that make a 10 second appearance in their fic i have truly had Enough™

Reflection in the Snow

~The Accounts of Kitakaze’s mission to  Abalathia’s Spine~

Post 3

Kita set the Xaela male next to the Highlander woman.  Having captured two pilgrims, the Raen was confident that this would fulfill the unanswered questions that Ser Mountain and the others were hoping to get.  As he gathered his things, he recalled the accounts of his journey.

Though the journey was long, it was made eventful by the Mylodons in the area.  The large beasts served as formidable opponents, but each would fall to the Raen’s attacks one after another.  However, Kita would later realize that the extra practice wouldn’t be needed.

As the sun slowly began to set, the winds picked up bringing with it the icy cold.  He continued to follow the path to the dome from high atop the cliffs.  The path was well worn, and was made easier by the pilgrims he could see traveling.  Talks of “Mount Hope” and “paradise” were all that could be heard.

High atop a ridge, Kita would watch the transactions occurring.  People would enter and leave, their attitudes only more jovial as they left.  Guards were stationed around the perimeter, never resting but taking some time to eat.  A woman clad in a golden cloth would serve as a priestess of sorts.  After watching, the Raen knew that the only course of action would be to kidnap the pilgrims; others would be too noticeable.  It didn’t take long to capture the Highlander woman and Xaela, and now he was prepared to head back to the Goblet.  Having informed Ser Mountain and Reks Blanc of his imminent return, he moved to gather the two unconscious pilgrims.

You should have been better prepared, a voice called.  You could have learned much more.  Looking around, Kita could not find any other signs of life yet he couldn’t help but feel that someone familiar was watching.

Paying no mind, it was time to return.  Activating the rune that Reks had given him, a glyph appeared beneath the Raen and his captives.  The glyph soon turned to a swirling vortex of rushing water that soon consumed the three travelers.