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Okay but imagine Nancy and Eleven being friends.

Like it could start with El pulling Nancy aside one day and just apologizing and sobbing because she couldn’t save Barb and how it’s fault and Nancy just hugging her and telling her it’s okay and it’s not her fault. So now when El starts to feel bad she goes to Nancy who tells her stories about Barb and eventually Nancy starts to talk to El about her problems (mainly about Steve and Jonathan) because even though El’s clueless about boys and love she always listens to what Nancy says. And one day El asks Nancy what nail polish is and that’s how Mike found Nancy and El laughing and painting nails and honestly it made him so happy to see that El and Nancy got along. And to know that El made a friend and that Nancy is starting to be her old self again.

It breaks my heart to think that Eleven is going to feel nervous about meeting Nancy again, worried that Nancy will never want to be her friend or her sister because she wasn’t able to save Barb.

But then I think about how Mike is going to spend the year that El’s gone talking about her to Nancy, because she’s the only one who really understands. And he’s going to tell Nancy all about how Eleven saved his life and I think about how Nancy, even though she misses Barb each and every day of her life, is going to welcome El home with a big hug and when she tries to apologize, Nancy is just going to thank her for being brave enough to save her baby brother.

And then I think even more and I think about how El is going to ask Nancy to tell her stories about Barb; how she’s going to sit at the edge of Nancy’s bed, wrapped up in a blanket while Nancy curls her hair and tells her all the fondest memories she has of Barb. I think about how every time El has a question about friendship, Nancy will be able to teach her something based on lessons she learned with Barb by her side. And it breaks my heart again. 

The Batfamily Discovering Batjokes Headcanons

- Damian is the first to discover it, because he’s Robin and he has more chances to notice how Batman’s behaviour had changed towards the Joker - of course, not too overtly or dramatically but there are little things to notice: the way their barbs seem almost playful; how his father avoids hitting the Joker too hard - especially on his face; the subtle way the Joker squeezed his father’s hand when he brought him to Arkham.

- He didn’t definitely tell anyone else, but the silence between them gave it a way that there was a problem.

- Dick sat Damian down with the idea to reconcile the babybat to his father, but when his little brother spills the beans he’s honestly enraged: that sorry excuse of a man killed Jason - how could he even stand to kiss him?!?

- Just as Dick noticed Damian’s quiet rage, Jason notices it in Dick and bothers him until his older brother explodes and tells him the truth in front of Tim too.

- Tim is shocked and strangely fascinated with the thing: it would make sense for opposites to attract each other, right? (But not right because the Joker is a criminal - he kills)

- Jason finds it kind of hilarious, to be honest, and he probably doesn’t feel as offended as he should.

- Bruce walks in on them confabulating together and sighs, sits down on the couch and explains the situation to them: he’s fallen hard for the man, despite his flaws and twisted character.

- Nobody is really happy with him.

- On a Sunday, he brings the Joker to the Manor - only, it’s not actually the Joker that they hunt at night, but the man he fell in love with: J., shy and witty with a smile that makes Bruce want to kiss him for forever.

- Despite not liking the situation, Alfred instructs the kids to behave and be good hosts.

- During lunch, nobody talks much and J. squeezes into Bruce’s side; he looks afraid and uncomfortable, plays with his food a lot before eating some of it and excusing himself to the toilet.

- Bruce sighs and follows him, not bothering to even glare at his kids to go and comfort the other man, who’s quietly crying in the bathroom. He knew that they wouldn’t accept their relationship but, somehow, he had hoped they wouldn’t be so harsh.

- After that disastrous lunch, they don’t attempt anything like that anymore: J. is too frail to stand that kind of pressure and Bruce doesn’t actually have the strength to be disappointed again and again. They meet when Bruce can find a free moment in between patrolling and being Brucie, the darling of Gotham’s society - while the Joker slowly starts to avoid the streets until he disappears.

- Only J. remains and, of course, Bruce is happy - only, he’s so troubled that he starts fearing that one night he’ll go to the flat where his lover lives and find his corpse; J. doesn’t care of himself as he should, skipping meals often and taking his medication without regularity.

- J. insists to be taken to the Manor for Bruce’s birthday to celebrate and when he arrives, everyone is surprised to see how different he looks. Still, nobody has forgiven him and the dinner is as uncomfortable as last time.

- Despite that, slowly, J. starts appearing more and more and makes an active effort to communicate with the boys; it’s hard, in the beginning: he knows next to nothing about them and there’s so much one can ask about school and hobbies. But as the kids too start to reluctantly get used to his presence, talking with them becomes easier.

- Damian appreciates the interest the man seems to have in his pets and, after a while, he lets him help with taking care of Batcow and Titus. Plus, J. asking him whether he wants to become a veterinarian, it helps to make him realise that he won’t be a teen forever - that he’ll be something more than a Robin one day.

- Dick is the slowest to warm up to J. and he’s the one to give him most problems: he just can’t get over the fact that he killed his brother. It’s only when he catches Bruce comforting his sobbing lover and sees the love in Bruce’s eyes, that he tries a bit harder to be polite to J - he’ll never be more than that to the other man, though.

- Jason is actually pretty interested in J. and they can be found assembling guns together in the Batcave and bickering about what’s the best hot-dog stand in whole Gotham.

- Tim is wary and spies on J. a lot: he knows things that his brothers don’t, such as that the man suffers from panic attacks and that he easily gets cold; he knows exactly what kind of medication he’s taking and how warm and genuinely loving he is towards Bruce; he knows that J. has horrible nightmares and that his biggest fear is to go back to being the Joker.

isnt it great how at the end of stranger things how barb was totally alive and got rescued. and nancy realised that she was actually in love with barb and that both steve and jonathan were both kinda creepy if u think about it. and nancy and barb skipped off into the sunset

wasnt that such a good ending

wasnt it


Patsy x Delia: These 2 Secret Lovebirds....

Trixie knows about Pats x Deels?

Phyllis knows about Pats x Deels?

Barb & Shelagh know about Pats x Deels?

Surely the always-observant Sister Julienne already knows….

Let’s see, shall we?

Look how excited Barb is about the prospect of Deels moving into Nonnatus House (under the same roof as Pats!)

Phyllis, Sister Mary Cynthia & Sister Winifred are equally happy about the prospect of Deels moving into Nonnatus House (under the same roof as Pats!)

Sister Julienne is, obvs! Why, she was the one who suggested it in the first place, ffs! :D

Yup, it’s set. Delia is moving in with Patsy….I mean, into Nonnatus House! Pats can heave a sigh of relief now!

**Look at Barbara! What a sweetie! Genuine happiness (for these lovebirds)!!**


Honestly!! Could these 2 lovebirds BE any cuter & more adorable?!?!!?

*Just look at Sister Mary Cynthia, tho! Genuine happiness (for these lovebirds)!*

p.s. I have to say that I simply LOVE that the writers are taking their time with this relationship. Loving the slow-burn! I’d rather they took their time to develop their relationship so the depth of it seeps into everyone’s psyche so inevitably that they can’t help but root for them as the show progresses throughout the show, than rushing into it because what’s next after “reaching the top” (so to speak!) so fast, you know? :) I just wanna see more of Delia: at work, her growing relationship with Patsy, her interactions & friendship with the others in Nonnatus House.

Basically hoping for Kate Lamb to be a regular on the show! That’s it. :)

Hannibal: Bedelia du Maurier [INTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Bedelia is as adept at mind games as Hannibal, and often one step ahead of him; she sees through his manipulations and subterfuge, to his genuine motivations underneath. Happy to sit and discuss the abstract meaning of his interactions with Will, she also foresees and in some situations, guides him to the conclusions both of them are aware are hanging in the air (“to forgive… you must eat Will”). It’s unclear what her motivations are (professional curiosity?) but she is one step ahead of him in some instances.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): For example, “I have a plan” to extradite herself from their situation when it becomes necessary to do so; does Hannibal have one? She laces their professional interviews in the first season with distant, objective assessments of him and his character; she is known for her frankness and even her tendency to drive a barb right into Hannibal (“How did eating your sister make you feel?”). Her adaptation to him seems like a pragmatic decision to survive, rather than his external influence over her.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Her emotions are bottled up tight and never surface; she does not even open up when it would be beneficial for her to do so. Bedelia is clearly disturbed by Hannibal’s cruelty and barbarity, and is somewhat paralyzed in knowing how to deal with it; she does show acts of mercy toward his victims but her emotional responses are all relating to her own reactions, and not specifically leeching off their fear and horror.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Risks out of professional curiosity or carelessness seem to be her staple; she undertakes Hannibal as a patient knowing he is dangerous. She returns home to find him there. She accompanies him abroad and engages in a game of cat and mouse with the police, but it also frightens her that he is putting them in such jeopardy for his own amusement (“you’re drawing them all to you, aren’t you?”). She has a taste for fine wines and expensive things, but … can she be impulsive and reactionary enough to escape with her life? That is the question.

So I saw this super cute post featuring the model pictures of the new RT Lifestyle hats and thought Michael and Barbara looked super cute in it!

I guess you can say I did a screen re-CAP. X) -shot-

Up for debate if I have the motivation to make the background. I tried to make the table and just ran into all sorts of trouble. T-T Also looked at the other pictures for the hats and Barb and Michael are just great models! I want to draw more of these pictures.

  • Me: ride or die Jancy trash, their chemistry literally makes the show
  • also me: Nancy is a character in her own rights and is more than just a love interest to Steve/Jon and best friend to Barb