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Tell It To The Barista

In which Riskua starts working at a coffee shop

A little ficlet for @tsume-yuki​ for her fic Tell it to the Marines. Because the coffee shop AU didn’t yet exist and I love TITTM so much.

A peaceful little job, Mama had suggested after they moved to this town from Melring. Riskua needs to get out more, apparently.

Riskua is fairly certain that this hadn’t been what she meant. Actually, knowing her mother, it might have been exactly what she was talking about.

Whoever thought coffee shops were peaceful needed a reality check. It’s Riskua’s second day. The store manager just quit and walked off, and with her three of the employees. Which leaves just her and Law, a guy who’s working here surprisingly not to pay for his classes - he’s some sort of genius and has a full scholarship, also his father is apparently kind of over the top when it comes to giving him money - but because he genuinely loves coffee. And another reason, but Riskua doesn’t yet know what it is.

It’s the morning. This is the only coffee shop near the university campus. And there’s only Riskua and Law manning the shop.

Law gives her a look akin to one a general might give his troops just before heading into battle.  “At least we’ll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, Ris-ya,” he says.

She gives him a lopsided grin and twirls her pen before clutching it like a dagger. “My father always says to beat them off with a stick. It never made sense until now.”

Law gives her a mildly exasperated look, and then there’s no time to speak anymore. The masses have arrived. It is time for battle.

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ONEPIECE: Lily Fever

Fem!Zoro (Zora) x Fem!Sanji (Sanjina) Modern!AU fanfic idea! This is also known as Everyone x Sanjina. The setting is not on real world. It is still in Canonical One Piece world with modernized society like our present times. The genre is Humor/Romance and is rated for 18+ with adult contents, offensive language, etc.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you like snooj so much? You liked him from start or wat? („❛ ֊ ❛„)


prepare for the most corny, cheesy and emotional snooj appreciation shitpost you could’ve ever and will ever come across

*takes a shot of alcoholic beverage* here we fucking go:

We head back to the east blue where a certain blonde little shithead has his debut.

Sanji a cook working in the ship restaurant Baratie and the by far most handsome motherfucker in all of the east blue, making people wonder why he goes after pretty women who don’t even look as good as him since day 1 (that absolutely includes Nami, Vivi…etc I’m not even ashamed)

Well he really loves cooking ok?

and food is hella important

Because he never got a fucking break as a child

Snooj is a badass

And he’s handsome as fuck

OH and of course he’s always the butt of the joke but it’s ok because it’s fucking hilarious


He was born in a family with the most horrible bloodlusting, life disdaining mentality you could imagine but he was kindhearted

and he kept that beautiful warm heart of his 

Sanji does not give a good damn if one is animal, human, royal, peasant etc he treats them all with compassion

The words of encouragement he had for Usopp were absolutle beautiful

‘Leave this guy’s key to me, I’ll do what you cant do; you do what I can’t do’


On the other hand…

yes Sanji is problematic. Absolutely. No doubt.

Sanji’s treatment of the transpeople on Ivankov’s kingdom was and is gross. Sanji is way too perverted post ts and the way he feels the need to think of all women (safe for his sister) as some sort of absolutley flawless creatures is absolutely wrong. That includes his bullshit codex of not hitting any women, that back on Enies Lobby could have highly endangered Nami, Usopp and Robin. This is all true and I won’t sugarcoat it

But still I can’t and won’t erase the fact that he light up my days since I was a child. Everytime I felt down (still today) I looked up anything with Sanji, be it videos, fanart or fanfics 

It does not matter what he does. It does not matter what wonderful characters come and go. I won’t erase the last 13 motherfucking years of joy and happiness and encouragment this wonderful, lovesick, blonde, little prince has given me.

I will always love Sanji

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Let’s talk about Sanji for a second! Think about all he’s went through in his life!

1.) He grew up in a royal household where he was detested and bullied by his siblings (save for Reiju) and his father for being “too weak”.

2.) His mother died when he was really young and was one of the few positive influences in his life.

3.) Because he was “too weak”, he was locked in a FREAKING DUNGEON with a mask over his face to boot!

4.) After managing to escape, his pathetic excuse of a father revealed how he wanted to kill him but his “humanity” refused it. (What a hypocrite)

5.) He manages to escape to the East Blue where after he makes it on a ship, it’s attacked by Zeff and they both end up on a rock where they nearly starve to death before they’re saved by a ship.

6.) He finally gets a family in the Baratie restaurant before he meets Luffy and co.

7.) After being saved by Luffy from Don Krieg, Sanji joins the Straw Hats before giving a tearful goodbye to the Baratie where the feelings were mutual.

8.) Overtime forms a family with Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brook before being separated by Kuma.

9.) Has to spend two years on the Kamabakka Kingdom while Luffy’s living his dream life with Hancock and the Amazon Lily Girls (XP)

10.) He nearly dies of bloodloss on Fishman Island from the sight of the Mermaids!

11.) After possibly thinking he’ll never see his horrible family again on Zou, he’s told he has to marry Pudding and he gives a sad farewell to Nami, Chopper and Brook…

12.) Upon arriving back home, his father and siblings have gotten WORSE over the last 13 years and his father even reveals he’ll never see Sanji as his son.

13.) And to make matters worse, if he doesn’t suck it up and marry Pudding, he’ll not only lose Zeff but his arms as well.

14.) Had to unfortunately part ways with Luffy and Nami as they came to save him and severely strained the relationship he has with Nami, probably.

15.) May have to give up his adventure and happiness for the sake of the Straw Hats and Zeff.

And yet he didn’t turn out as negative as Robin was or even view the world in a negative light. And that’s nothing SHORT of Respectable….

A moment of silence for Vinsmoke Sanji everyone…..

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Sanji x Nami Promo

I wasn’t sure if I should do this or not… But a lot of fans of other ships use merchandise or commercials as “proof“ for their ships. Personally I don’t think it’s a valid reason, and if anything all possible ships (that are popular enough) get used to promote One Piece at one point or another. But again, we have the topic of which ship is “the most popular“ in Japan… And I don’t know about now, but Sanji x Nami really used to be the most popular ship for Nami and we can clearly see that in the way they’ve promoted One Piece-related things.

Again… I think it’s highly unlikely that Oda will give us any canon romance. But I also think that Nami x Sanji is used more for promotion than other Nami pairings and personally I see that as a sign that it is more popular in Japan than some here in the english speaking fandom might think.

Sanji x Nami are often paired together just as Zoro x Robin is very common. This doesn’t have to mean they are the most popular pairings, but it still gives the image of them being closely linked when they use it a lot. One Piece is extremely popular and more or less everyone knows it in Japan. And the CM’s they watch highly indicate that Sanji x Nami is something the audience wants to see.

I will show examples of promo for One Piece anime, movies, merchandise or events that include SaNami in one way or another as well as some products with Nami and Sanji. Basically this post is to show how they often get paired up and that I think it at least points at them being popular together.

If you think shipping is uneccassary feel free to skip this post. Lots of examples under the cut! (Seriously this post is super long, but it’s mostly pictures).

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