baratheon stag

im off the deep end tonight and giving the show too much credit BUT i can’t stop thinking about this scene

by saying this, gendry is acknowledging the fact that arya is a highborn and he is not, therefore making them inequal as far as family is concerned. then stuff happens and they are separated and before rowing off into oblivion, he learns exactly who he is and where he came from

finally we see gendry’s return tonight and he’s wearing baratheon colors and what has he made for himself? a hammer with the baratheon stag on it

and i just keep thinking of him forging this hammer for himself while thinking of her, adding the stag because it makes him feel worthy of her, and learning to fight because she told to practice right, and it breaks my heart a bit thinking of how he kept her in mind this entire time. and seeing how excited he is to leave immediately and get on the road that perhaps will lead him to her dfjslkjsdf the ship just sails itself the longer you think about it ahhhhh

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Gendrya will never ever happen and I hate that people saw their relationship as romantic in the early seasons when Arya would have been like 11/12 and Gendry around Jon's age. Their relationship was more like a big brother sister relationship and the scene where she is checking him out is just showing how Arya is becoming a young woman and is indeed attracted to men but in no way was it foreshadowing of a relationship between the two. Gendrya shippers are more delusional than Jonsa shippers.

Omg, lol. I can’t even. 

Read the books, and then come talk to us Gendrya-shipping grown-ups, okay honey?


The Descendants of the Wolf and Stag

Steffon Baratheon

The oldest Son of Arya Stark and the legitimized Gendry Baratheon, Steffon inherited the Baratheon eyes and dark hair. Growing up Steffon learned every inch of the forests of Winterfell. Born a year after the great war Steffon is close with his cousins Rhaella and Robb. At a young age Steffon grew a fondness for books and travel. Though he is skilled with a sword he’d rather read a book than fight much to the dislike of his mother. Protective of his family and loyal to his friends Steffon is well liked among his peers. Steffon is often seen reading in the Godswood with his direwolf Patchfoot. He is also to be married to his cousin Rhaella when they come of age.

Brianne Baratheon

Named after Brianne of Tarth and the second eldest Brianne is a she-wolf like her mother. A skilled archer only rivaled by her cousin Rhaella Brianne is known as the “cleaver wolf” for her ability to out outsmart any opponent. Close to her younger brother Brandon and mother Brianne enjoys training with her mother and playing with her direwolf Stonetooth. Though born in the north Brianne inherited the Baratheon blue eyes but has her mother’s dark hair.

Brandon Baratheon

The youngest child Brandon was the only one out of his siblings that was interested in blacksmithing like their father. Skilled in making any sword or warhammer Brandon is hardworking and very bright for his age. Close to his sister and cousin Daemon Brandon enjoys making weapons in the Winterfell forges with his father. Known for being very humorous and easygoing he is the easiest to get long out of his siblings. He also inherited the Baratheon blue eyes and dark hair. He owns a direwolf named Jasper.

Here is the children of Arya and Gendry or at least my take on it! Hope you enjoy my peeps. This a small piece of the fanfic I’m working on about the descendants of Jon/Daenerys, Arya/Gendry, Sansa/Tyrion. Sansa’s will be next. Here’s the link to my new fic “The Descendants of Ice and Fire”.

Stannis the mannis is the One True King! The King who cared!

He’s dead in the show but pretty alive in the Books, he will win the battle against the Boltons. The Night Lamp is basically confirmed.

Tell me, showpleb, What battles have your dear Jon Snow or your Dragon Queen ever won that should I bend the knee?

A few days ago, while I was exploring the Loras/Renly tag, I found this wonderful fanart. I don’t know who did it, but it’s the most beautiful Loras/Renly fanart I’ve ever seen. I’ve imagined this situation like an ending to Loras’ storyline in ADWD (even if I’m still hoping he’s still alive) and when I found this artwork I totally bursted into tears. It’s so beautiful. I’m looking for the person who created this. COME HERE, SWEETHEART! I WANNA HUG YOU! THIS IS WONDERFUL! Please, keep drawing them! I BEG YOUUUU

i mean, i get that the fact that renly and loras were gay in the books is mostly down to subtext and you have to put everything everyone says together and actually take note of them and the way they act fully to see it

but like the there’s that one thing

that i don’t understand how people can deny it when jaime says:

“Now sheathe your bloody sword, or I’ll take it from you and shove it up some place even Renly never found.”

like seriously

how else are you supposed to interpret that?

it’s not like jaime has the time or humour to go around making gay jokes or anything