30 Days of Band of Brothers ❙ Day 30: Summarize the series in three sentences
└  It’s a story about a time, a story about countries, a story about the men who fought for freedom. But above all things, a story about friendship. A friendship that will live forever as they are still today a band of brothers.

A fandom that we all share. Here are a few people you should check-out if you like Band of Brothers (and other HBO War fandom) and/or chat about it. ❤

Adding some new friends.

I’ve never gotten my own book as a birthday present before, but this takes the cake.

I wrote GRAVEL almost ten years ago. It was not a story originally inspired by Band of Brothers, but as time went along, it began to take a similar shape as the miniseries fused with me. It wasn’t until the second draft that Felix and his buddies became paratroopers in the 101st Army Airborne, and it was a perfect fit.

Band of Brothers provided me with the framework to construct a separate, original narrative, and to this day the men of Easy Company and the series that introduced me to them are a fundamental part of me, right up there with Lord of the Rings. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Band of Brothers.

A few days ago a parcel arrived from France - a gift from a dear friend I made while studying abroad in Paris in 2012. Today I finally got to pick it up from the post office, and when I opened it at the café around the corner from my apartment, I very literally had a conniption (much to the bemusement of the guys behind the bar).

Justine got to attend the recent weekend-long D-Day Anniversary event in Normandy, which included a massive Band of Brothers cast reunion. She brought a copy of my first novel with her, which she then had signed by all of the actors in attendance. In her words: “I liked the idea that GRAVEL would end up in the hands of some of the people whose work inspired you to write it.”

I’m still wrapping my head around this, but I know in my heart I am truly blessed to have people like Justine in my life. Hers is a gift that will never be forgotten. xx