“Band of Brothers’ actors singing drill songs at the Bastogne War Museum”

Band Of Brothers Bastogne reunion things (that I wanted to share):

(I was going to do this a bit differently, but I kinda just wanted to sum up everything and not on the reunion things I attended, so I’ll just do a random bullet point list. So they might not be in order, and I won’t really separate things between Friday and Saturday. But if anyone wants to know more about a certain thing, feel free to ask)

  • James Madio face timing Rich (who was in Australia) to show him the queue. I didn’t personally see it, but it happened while I was stood by the table, so apparently Rich has seen me without me knowing x)
  • Shane Taylor getting super excited when I told him my name was Roe and grabbing my arm and generally just being super happy. Him also remembering me on Saturday and basically having a chat with me for as long as he could before we were ushered out of the room, and then waving to me when I left (he is so sweet I’m so happy)
  • Bart Ruspoli asking me and El ( @really-itshotinafrica ) what our favourite episode was, and both of us having no ide what to say to that, and having to think for ages.
  • Rick Gomez and Ross McCall being super excited about everything and asking if I wanted a photo with them, which I ended up getting because I didn’t want to say no. I look awful in it, but both of them look great, so hey ho.
  • Dale Dye generally just being a massive sweetie.
  • James forgetting if he had signed the posters I had or not and having to double check.
  • Me finding out Robin Laing is Scottish during the Q&A session and basically being sat there in shock for a few minutes (I didn’t know okay I got so shocked).
  • Bart being a bit confused when I reached him on the Saturday, because he recognised me, so I had to tell him I’d been there the day before as well.
  • Rick Gomez and James Madio going to the bathroom together, and popping out behind Dale on the way and generally just being great. 
  • Bob Izumi, a 101st Airborne veteran signing things for ages and basically just being a badass. 

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30 Days of Band of Brothers ❙ Day 30: Summarize the series in three sentences
└  It’s a story about a time, a story about countries, a story about the men who fought for freedom. But above all things, a story about friendship. A friendship that will live forever as they are still today a band of brothers.

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