Go Hard (Fratboy!Michael one shot)

(A/N): I haven’t written anything in a very long time because I’ve major writers block (ew) and nothings been coming out right but I think I’m finally over it so I wrote this. This is actually the longest thing I’ve ever written so I’m pretty proud. As always feed back would be gr8.

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I could hear the too-loud music thumping from the sidewalk as I got out of my best friend Mariah’s car. I pulled the hem of my tight, dark blue dress down to cover a little more of my thighs and followed her while she talked on the phone trying to convince another of our friends to come just like she did me. Not that I didn’t like parties, I’ve never met a college student that did, but I wasn’t too fond on spending the night in the house of the biggest asshole on campus, Luke Hemmings. The only reason Mariah had convinced me to come was by promising me that Michael, Luke’s best friend, would be there.

I walk into the house and immediately I smell cheap booze and weed, even though the party only started an hour ago most people were drunk or stoned or both and there were people everywhere sometimes including on top of each other. I lost Mariah instantly in the crowd so I started looking for a familiar face, as I was standing there I felt someone walk up beside me.

 “Looking for anyone in particular?” Michael asked, his gaze roaming over the party goers. I looked over at him as he adjusted the plain black snapback that was covering his fading lilac hair then looked back out at the crowd and shrugged.

“Not really, just looking for someone I knew. Mariah ditched me the second we walked in the door as usual.”

I watched as a tall girl in an impossibly short dress walked barefoot to the stereo system and turned the volume up to an eardrum shattering level. I felt Michael rest his hand on my arm as he leaned down to my ear so he wouldn’t have to yell.

“Let’s go to my room, the music will be more bearable up there.”

I nodded and he led me through the crowd to the stairs then to his room at the end of the hall.  We walked in and I felt my eyes go wide at the sheer number of band posters covering the walls. There had to be at least 50, most of them small like they were cut out of magazines but some bigger.

“You’ve got a nice collection.”

He sat down on his bed and looked around. “I’ve got more on my walls at home. All of these I’ve collected since moving in here.”

“How many are there exactly?”

“Last time I counted there was 54 but I’ve added a few since then.” He said. I nodded and took a seat at his desk. I felt my chair bump his desk and his computer screen lit up. A quick glance revealed that he was in the middle of a video on a porn site which caused me to look at him with my eyebrows raised.

“What can I say? Not everyone is like Luke and gets a different girl every night.” He said nonchalantly but I could tell from the pink in his cheeks he was embarrassed.

“I’ve always thought that that would get boring, you know?” I said as I got up and sat on the bed next to him. “A one night stand every once in a while can be fun but I wouldn’t want to do it every night. It would get repetitive.”

“I guess but even once in a while would be better than once in a blue moon.” He murmured picking at his nails.   “Well I could help change that.” I said placing my hand on his shoulder   He turned to look at me a mix of confusion and something like excitement on his face. I took the initiative and leaned over to kiss him. He started kissing me back immediately, our lips moving together in perfect sync. I felt his tongue swipe my bottom lip so I opened my mouth slightly to allow him entrance and our tongues began to tangle together. I moved so I was straddling his lap without breaking the kiss, one of his hands went around my waist while his other lifted to my face before tangling itself in my hair, at the same time I put both of my hands around his neck.   Using all of the strength I could muster I pushed him over so he was laying on his back with me hovering over him somehow managing to not break our kiss in the process. I trailed my hands down his chest to the hem of his shirt and toyed with a little bit before moving to take it off, once it was fully off I tossed it off the bed and went back to kissing him. He reached for the zipper of my dress and tugged it down teasingly slow, I shrugged out of the arm straps and let him peel it off me so it laid in a puddle on the floor.   I pulled away from the kiss to trail my hands down his bare chest to his belt buckle, I undid it slowly before sliding his pants and boxers off in one motion. Now that he was completely naked under me I stretched up and planted a light kiss on his that trailed down his jaw to his neck where I began sucking and nipping. He let out a soft groan as one hand fisted the sheet while the other rested on my bum. I pulled away and pressed a soft kiss to the red mark before continuing my journey down his chest to his length.   I licked all the way up his shaft before quickly swirling my tongue around his tip and taking him in my mouth. His hand tangled in my hair again as I hollowed out my cheeks and began bobbing up and down. His soft moans were barely audible over the heavy bass coming from downstairs  so I pulled away making a pop sound as I went. I looked at him  laying on the bed with little sweat droplets on his forehead, slightly panting and noticed his snapback had fallen off. I stretched up and attached my lips to his, after a few minutes of kissing I pulled back. “Condoms are in the bottom drawer of my nightstand.” He told me breathlessly.    I nodded and got off him to grab a condom. I quickly ripped it open with my teeth and slid it on him effortlessly before climbing back on top of him. I felt him place his snapback on my head as I lined up my entrance, I watched as the grin of joy on his face changed into a look of pure pleasure as I lowered myself onto him. I rested my hands on his chest as I bounced up and down on top of him. His moans filled the room this time, too loud to be drowned out by the music from downstairs. He placed his hands on my thighs gripping the tightly as the pleasure filled him.   “I-I’m gonna cum.” He said through his moans just as I felt him twitch and release inside the condom, my own high came just after and I would have sworn someone heard downstairs from how loud I was. I collapsed on top of him, completely out of energy, trying to catch my breath. He slid out from underneath me and walked to put the condom in the garbage. I felt myself falling asleep as he came back and I made myself sit up. He handed me my dress  before going looking for his own clothes that I had just thrown around, he found the pants and socks just fine but couldn’t the shirt, eventually he gave up and pulled one out of his dresser.   “Can you zip me please?” I asked him, moving my hair to the side. He walked up and zipped the back of my dress without saying anything and it was getting a little weird. “Is everything okay? You haven’t said two words to me.”   “I don’t normally do this so I’m not entirely sure how to handle afterwards.” He murmured quietly, looking at the ground.   I laughed, finding the whole situation funny for some reason and he looked at me like I was crazy. “I’m sorry, I just find the whole thing absurd. You don’t need to act any different after trust me.”   He was still looking at me funny but he nodded. “If you’re sure.”   I was still semi-laughing as we walked out of his room to find Luke coming up the stairs. “I was just coming to get you.” He told us not looking at all concerned about the fact that we had both just walked out of his bedroom, him in a different shirt me without any shoes on. “The pizza guy is here so I need your half of the money.” Michael nodded, pulled his wallet out from his back pocket and handed Luke a fifty dollar bill. “Thanks. Oh and (Y/N)? That hat looks better on you.” He said with a grin as he turned and walked away. “He’s right, you know? It does look better on you. You should keep it.” “Are you sure?” I asked a little confused about the whole situation, Michael is never not wearing a hat and seeing him without one is a little weird. “Yeah, I’m sure. Especially since I hope to see a lot more of you." 

// the saints can’t help me now //
a playlist for the dirty minded

// howl florence + the machine // sex is good saving abel // porn star dancing my darkest days // stutter marianas trench // life of the party the weekend // shameless all time low // rev 22:20 puscifer // the devil within matthew mayfield // you’re so damn hot ok go // ooh la la goldfrapp // striptease hawksley workman // my heroine the maine // nicotine panic! at the disco // cough syrup young the giant // habits of my heart jaymes young

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"I Love You, Don't You Mind?"

pairing: Michael Clifford/Reader

listen to: Me // The 1975

dedicated to: the bae

wc: 1,475

not edited yet whoops xx


You were awoken by the sound of your phone buzzing repeatedly, signaling you had received a text. You groaned inwardly before outstretching your arm and picking the device up, your phone screen lighting up the otherwise dark room. Your phone read 3:16am as you thought to yourself, who the hell would be texting me at this time of night?

Still, you swiped your thumb across the screen, not even bothering to look to see who it was. You typed in your passcode quickly, squinting as your eyes scanned the text from your best friend Michael. 

I’m outside. xx

Okay, now you were thoroughly confused, considering your apartment was six floors high and you lived on the highest floor. Would that mean you’d have to go all the way downstairs? Because the elevator was currently broken, and if so, then you weren’t prepared to walk down several flights of stairs in your pajamas at three o'clock in the damn morning.

You sighed, your eyebrows furrowed as your thumbs moved rapidly across the screen.

Where? Because I’m not in the mood for walking x

You hit send, and seconds later you received another text from him.

No, silly. I’m on the rooftop :)

You groaned at your best friend’s antics as you turned on the bedside lamp, rubbing your tired eyes. You got up slowly, but surely, and slipped on a pair of flip flops. Since you were living in New York, it was always quite chilly whatever time of the day, and three in the morning was certainly no exception. You didn’t feel like changing out of your shorts and tank top, so you grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around yourself before heading out your apartment with your keys and phone in hand.

You traveled up the creaking metal stairs that led to your apartment’s rooftop, and sure enough, your best friend was standing there with his hands shoved in his front jean pockets as he looked on at practically all of New York. You had to admit, when you first moved here it was because of the scenery mostly, besides the fact that you had been offered a job here.

“What are you doing up here, Clifford?” You managed to get out through chattered teeth, clutching onto your blanket for dear life because holy shit it was cold up here. Michael just smirked at you and beckoned you over. You obliged, and soon you too were staring out into the city, completely enthralled with the view.

You soaked up every city light and skyscraper like a sponge, the occasional group of cars passing by some green lights. The city was the quietest its ever been since you had arrived a little over six months ago. You looked up at Michael who couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he too was taking in all this beautiful city had to offer.

He glanced back at you and his smile grew wider, his hand reaching up to your face to softly stroke it. You sighed into his hand and closed your eyes, feeling the right side of your face soften at his touch. His hands were always so warm, and you missed the feeling of them.

“Thought you were still on tour,” you mumbled, Michael’s hand still caressing your face slowly, treating you like a china doll. Your trimmed fingernails dug into the blanket more, huddling yourself into it even more if that were possible.

Michael shook his head, his green hair shaking along with it as he chuckled a bit at your state. Soon his hand left your face, and you whined at the loss of contact, but were silenced when you felt his arms wrap around your waist. “I told you that so I could surprise you. Sorry for the surprise visit.”

You shook your head, your eyes opening once again as you cuddle into his side, his body feeling like a furnace compared to yours, which to you was weird since he had most likely been waiting for you in the cold for a while now. “S’ fine.” You replied, sighing as your mind took in the moment, processing it as much as possible.

He grinned at the twinkling lights as if they were smiling back at him and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. You felt him shiver against you, causing you break from his grip and sit down. You gave him an inviting look as you opened your blanket, exposing yourself to the cold stinging air. He took the opportunity and sat down next to you, nuzzling his face into your neck, his hot breath bouncing off it and blowing straight back in his face. He wasn’t complaining though. Your skin was silk smooth and the warm air felt nice against the both of you.

You sat there for a few minutes, completely wrapped in each other’s embrace and the thick, soft blanket that was thrown lazily across your backs and brought to the front. Both of your hands held on to it as you admired the city, your nose beginning to go numb after just a small amount of time.

Michael moved his head from your neck and rested it on its side as he stared on out with you at all of the lights, feeling as if they were staring right back at you. It felt magical, as cliche as it seems, it was entirely true. Every light, every building, every car, every gust of wind just added up to the perfect night.

“I love you.” Michael whispered. You smiled and looked down at him as his eyes locked with yours. Your nose was red at this point, and this made him giggle before poking it. You let out a breathy laugh before it grew silent again, the only sound filling your ears is the wind rushing past and disappearing into the dark of the night.

Your lips slowly parted as you watched Michael lick his, his tongue grazing the bottom of his lip. Your eyes were practically smiling as you watched him look right back at you with just as much love. Before you knew what was happening, your lips were on his, and you were astounded by how well they molded together. Michael’s words replayed inside your head as you felt his hand move to the back of your neck, running his calloused fingers across it. The wind picked up as your hair started blowing in your face, but you completely ignored it and continued to taste Michael’s lips like you were the only two people in the world at that moment in time.

His tongue glided across your lips as you let him explore your mouth. His thumb ran along the bottom of your jaw line all the way to your chin as your tongues meshed together, acting as waves in the ocean as his moved up and down. He wanted to taste every part of you, he wanted to savor this moment as much as he could; he acted as if you were the last piece of candy ever, and your sweet taste had him begging for more.

To his disappointment, your lips slowly moved away as you sighed against his. Michael brought his thumb to the corner of your mouth, swiping it along your lip. His own mouth curled up into a warm smile, your finger stroking his forehead as you took in each other’s embrace. “I guess I love you too, dork.”

Michael’s smile only grew wider at your words before he attached your lips to his once more, pulling you closer to him as the blanket was barely clinging on to both of your shoulders, separating your bodies from the cold night air. Your nose brushed against his as you giggled against his soft, plump lips. Your laugh was infectious to him, he just couldn’t get enough. To him, you were an angel. As weird as it seemed, he never could keep his eyes off of you for more than a few seconds. He loved every part about you. You illuminated the room every time you stepped foot into it and he loved the way your hands fit neatly into his.

Your foreheads rested together as the city lights continued to twinkle, just like your eyes as you looked into Michael’s, admiring every aspect of his face. You were more than glad that Michael lured you up here, because now, as the cool breeze whizzed past your face, you took in every feature of the love of your life, your lips an inch apart. Yes, you were happy that your best friend had brought you up on this rooftop, because now you could see him more clearly as you studied his face the whole night. You couldn’t get enough of him. He was a drug, and you were gladly addicted.

Paperback (Nerd!Ashton one shot)

(A/N): I really like the way this turned out so I hope you do too. Also I’d like to quickly thank Mickie for her input on this. Enjoy!

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I sat in the small café on the bottom floor of my apartment building with a cup of tea listening to the other members of my book club ramble on about who was truly at fault for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. We were a small group with six of us in total and only two guys, one of which was nerdy, physics major, college student Ashton. I caught myself staring at him as he adjusted his black glasses on his nose and took a sip of his coffee getting whipped cream on his nose.

“Does anyone else have any opinions? I feel like me and Martha are the only ones talking.” Sam, who was basically the leader of our small group, asked. I opened my mouth to spout my theory but Ashton beat me to it.

“I think Benvolio is truly at fault. I mean if you think about he just stood by and let everything happen plus he was the one that convinced Romeo to go to the party where he met Juliet in the first place. He never once tried to stop anything from happening.” Ashton explained.

“That’s one I’ve never heard before. Very insightful, Ashton. Anyone else?” Sam questioned looking around at everyone.

“It’s 8:30 I have to get back upstairs to my kids before they drive my husband crazy.” Anna said getting up.

“Why don’t we all just disband then? Next week we’re doing The Odyssey so make sure you’ve read it.” Sam told everyone as we all began to disburse. I walked over to Ashton who was put his battered copy of Romeo and Juliet into his brown, leather messenger bag.

 “Do you have any plans for tonight?” I blurted out not really thinking about it.

His hazel eyes clouded with confusion but he still shook his head while adjusting the strap of his bag.

I smiled. “Great. Come up to my place with me and have a coffee or tea or something with me.”

“Um, sure.” He said quizzically, obviously confused. Not that I blamed him we had barely talked outside of our book club before but I had been meaning to invite him up for a while, partly because he seemed like a good conversationalist and also party because there was undeniable sexual tension between the two of us that I had been meaning to clear up.

We walked to the elevator in silence but not uncomfortable silence. Once we had gotten on and I reached and pushed the 4 button for my floor he finally spoke.

“I live on floor 5.”

“What apartment?” I questioned him quite curious.

“Number 542. It’s the only one bedroom on my floor.”

“That seems a little odd.”

“It is but I don’t really care to question it.” We debarked from the elevator and made our way down the hall to my apartment 445.

“Here we go.” I said as I unlocked the door and stepped inside. “It’s small but it serves its purpose.”

“It’s no smaller than mine.” He told me with a smile.

“Do you want some coffee?” I asked smiling back at him.


“You can have a seat either on the couch or at the table. I usually sit at the table because that’s what I prefer but it’s up to you.” I measured the coffee out and turned the pot on. “Want a quick tour? There isn’t much to see but you know it could still be interesting?”

“Isn’t it just basically the reverse of my apartment?” He cocked an eyebrow behind his glasses his gaze looking amused.

“Well, yeah but it could still be fun. Come on.” I held my hand out for him to grab and dragged him towards my bedroom. I opened the door and immediately spotted a bra I had accidentally left on my bed. I saw his eyes focus on it for a minute before he desperately looked everywhere else possible in the room before his eyes flicked back to it.

“Oops sorry about that. I didn’t know I had left that there.” I darted forward and threw it in to the laundry basket at the end of bed then turned to look at him with a sheepish smile but the second I was facing him I noticed the bulge in his skin tight skinny jeans.

“It looks like you’ve got a little problem there.” I said my voice getting deeper and sultrier as I began walking towards him. “Maybe I should help you with that.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He stammered out.

“Why not?” I questioned him as I pressed the front of my body against his.

“I um. I just” He couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” I titled my head looking up at him since he was a good 6 inches taller than my 5 foot 6 inches.

“No but I’ve had a, um, bad experience and I’m just really self-conscious about sex in general.”

“What kind of bad experience?”

“I don’t particularly want to go into it but if you really want to know I’ll tell you.” I raised my eyebrows to tell him that I really wanted to know and he sighed. “It was my first and only time so I didn’t what I was doing and she told me I was horrible. It just kind of, you know, turned me off sex and made me really self-conscious about it.”

“That makes sense but don’t let one time discourage you.” I said bringing my hand up to the back of his neck and twisting a lock of his hair around one of my finger. I stood up on my tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Let me show you how much fun sex can really be.”

He swallowed and nodded so I bought my hand from the back of his neck and started to undo the buttons to his shirt while also pressing my lips against his. His hands wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to him as he deepened the kiss. Once I had gotten all the buttons undone I pushed the shirt off his shoulder and he let go of me long enough to let it drop to the ground behind him.

The way his tongue was moving inside my mouth couldn’t really be described any other way than urgently, as if he was afraid he was going to rethink this and stop. I had no problem with urgency so I broke the kiss long enough to remove my tight t-shirt and bra. I almost laughed at the way his eyes widened when my breasts were in full view but instead I attached my lips to his again letting my hands wander to the waistband of his pants. I struggled with pulling them down his legs before he finally took over and removed them and his boxers completely. I pushed him towards the bed as I removed my own jeans and panties. I climbed on top of him and continued kissing him before he pulled away.

“Shit, I don’t have a condom.”

“Don’t worry.” I murmured, pressing my lips to his. “I do.” I got off him and reached inside my nightstand pulling out one the many condom I keep stashed in there. I ripped it open with my teeth and smoothly slid it on.

“Ready?” I asked. He nodded slowly and I swung my leg back over him so I was straddling him again and lined him up with my entrance. I smiled at him as I pushed myself down taking his full length in me. His hands were immediately on my hips trying to guide me as I bounced up and down on top of him and his moans were filling the room. I leaned down to kiss him and as I did so he flipped us over so he was on top. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he picked up speed our moans got louder and I felt a familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach.

“Let go.” He whispered and I did. I felt myself clench around him as wave after wave of pleasure hit me. I felt him thrust one last time as he too reached his high and collapse on the bed beside me. He laid there panting for a minute before sitting up and removing the condom.

“Do you have a garbage in here?” He asked sounding a little out of breath.

“In the bathroom.” I said, getting up and grabbed a pair of pyjama shorts and a baggy t-shirt.

“So,” He said as he walked back into the room. “Want to go have some of that coffee?”