barak and michelle

Beyond the obvious beauty and grace of our First Lady, one must consider the historic importance of this photo. Our history books sweep under the rug the fact that the White House was built by African American slaves. For the next 150 years the majority of the serving staff of the so called “people’s house” were African American. In 1901 Booker T. Washington was the first African American to be received there as a guest by Theodore Roosevelt, to the horror of Washington society. They are all at last vindicated in our first African American first family. Note…It is my humble opinion that no matter what family should occupy the White House after January 2017, and the following generations for that matter, they will never equal the style, debonair, and class as that of the Obamas.


So let’s just get right into it shall we? 

For a start Trump supporters, more specifically, White Americans, are adamant that they own America. It’s their land and their country, right? Wrong. 
   The people who originally homed America were the Indian Americans, so next time Trump speaks of ridding USA of their immigrant ‘problem’ remind him that means him too, and all of you. 

On top of that, Trump’s mother is from Tong, Scotland.
And his wife; Slovenia, Europe.

Another thing to point out to Trump supporters is that they clearly know nothing about the African American history and why they’re here in the first place. Otherwise they’d know that they didn’t come here by choice and rather because they were forced to during the Slave Trade. 
   Which you know, basically means you brought them here, stop acting as if they’re invading your country.

A lot of Trump supporters used Black crime as an excuse for why they voted for him, but let me just stop you right there and show you a little something called statistics. 
    “Recent studies reveal that most school shooters are White males, with 97 percent being male and 79 percent White.”
Oh, looks like that leaves only 21%. But look, here’s some more:
   “47 percent of males and 33 percent of Whites in America own guns, while only 18 percent of non-White Americans possess firearms.”
I’ll give you one more - 
   “Statistics show 69.2% of people arrested for violent crimes were White. According to FBI reports.

But hey, we don’t need a hard working, respectful president for America do we? No, just someone that’ll let us continue to be bat shit crazy and completely. Fucking. Retarded.


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