just got back from seeing “Southside with You”

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It’s such a sweet, simple film, but will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like after reading a good “fluff” fic about your OTP

Only , it’s BETTER than that, because it’s TWO REAL PEOPLE (or I should say, about two real people)

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The casting is excellent; Parker Sawyers looks and even at times SOUNDS like Obama


This gorgeous woman’s portrayal of Michelle Obama (then, Robinson) is PHENOMENAL and so worthy of award recognition. While I know some artistic license was taken (perhaps more than “some”) even if the quips between her and Barack aren’t 100% accurate, she brings up so many ON POINT POINTS, about the struggles of being taken seriously in her job due to being both black and a woman.

There’s a scene that just caused my stomach to plummet when a work colleague sees her and Barack at the movies, and says “do everything you can to make him ‘happy’ so the firm doesn’t lose him”

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Barack tries to comfort and reassure her after this incident, but she doesn’t let it slide; she drives the point home that THIS is what is talking about, and for him (and the audience), it’s really a big, eye-opening moment.

In addition to the acting and the writing, the soundtrack and cinematography is beautiful, and it is not only a valentine to the Obamas, but also a valentine to Chicago’s south side, which too often is portrayed negatively on the screen due to economic hardship and the fact that its population is majority non-white. Instead of the stereotypical images of gangs and street violence, we saw children playing and laughing, and working men and women who love their neighborhoods doing what they can to make them safer and provide hope as well as pride for the next generation

I loved it! And if you have a chance, I highly encourage you to see this film too!

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