Prompt: Can you do a smutty one with jack barakat and jaime preciado where jaime is rough? realy like your storyes! Not Calling each other sluts but cute

Title: Some romance tonight

Pairing: Baraciado

“I’m ready,” an 18 year old Jack announced which led up to Jack sitting at the foot of Jaime’s bed, staring at his hot boyfriend of 2 years stripping his clothes off. He felt his pants tighten, Jaime looked up and saw him boyfriend staring at him with a blush.

“Come on Jacky let’s get those clothes off,” Jaime said as he walked over to Jack and help him take off his clothes.

Once they were both completely naked, Jack lay down on the bed as Jaime got on top of him with a bottle of lube.

Jack was nervous, for its his first time and Jamie had more experience than him.

Jaime stop kissing Jack’s neck as he felt him tense up underneath him, “Baby what’s wrong?”

Jack stayed quiet, “Jack if you’re not ready we can stop,” Jaime said sadly. He wanted Jack so badly but he also wanted Jack to enjoy it.

“No Hime-time, its………I’m……a …….little….s-scared,” Jack said feeling ashamed, tears filled his eyes.

“Hey, hey It’s okay baby don’t cry,” Jaime wiped away Jack’s tears with his thumb, And kiss Jack on the lips, “I’ll take care of you don’t worry,” Jack nodded his head as Jaime continued what he was doing.

Jaime trailed his finger down Jack’s chest, over his stomach and past his navel until he was able to stroke over his hard-on erection.

Jack let out a soft moan and Jaime smiled. Jaime reached for the small bottle of lube and pressed his lips against Jack’s. “I love you, baby, I’m not going to lie, it may hurt a little but I will try my best to make it the best experience for you” He whispered.

Jack swallowed and nodded his head. “I love you too.”

Jaime squirted a generous amount of the clear liquid on to his fingers and kissed Jack as lovingly as he could before he pushed one finger towards his entrance.

Jack gasped and squeezed his eyes shut when he felt it. The pain was searing.

A stray tear rolled down Jack’s cheek as he tried to get used to the feeling of just having Jaime’s index finger inside of him.

Jaime brushed the tear away and kissed the place where it had been. “I’m sorry. It’ll start to feel really good soon. I promise.”

Jack sniffed and nodded his head, unable to really say anything.

“Is it really that bad?” Jaime murmured. Jack felt so tight, he was really afraid of hurting him.
Jack was blinking his eyes rapidly, trying not to cry. “J-Just give me a minute.” He choked. Oh God, if just one finger was this bad what was it going to feel like when Jaime was all the way inside of him?!

“Okay, just try and relax, okay baby.” Jaime cooed, caressing Jack’s face with his free hand. “It’s all gonna be worth it, just breathe.” He spent the next minute or so comforting Jack as best he could, Comforting him softly and pressing little kisses over his beautiful face. He loved Jack so much, the last thing he wanted was to hurt him.

Jack took a deep breath and forced his muscles to relax a little, trying to ignore the burning pain he was experiencing.

“I-I think you can move it a little.” Despite the pain, he already felt so much closer to Jaime, but that didn’t really calm his nerves too much especially when Jaime started to move the finger around.

“Okay, Just tell me when it hurts and I will stop.” Jaime began to slowly move his finger around inside of Jack, going slightly faster as seconds passed until he could hear Jack purring.

“Feel good?”

Jack flashed a smile of his and nodded.

“Think you can take another?”

“Yeah.” Jack propped himself up a little and pulled Jaime into a sweet kiss. “I can take it…”
Jaime grinned and slowly pushed his middle finger inside, watching Jack’s face for any implications of pain.

Jack squeezed his eyes shut but motioned for Jaime to keep going. He was starting to get into the feel of the things and to be perfectly honest, after the pain subsided it all felt really great. He really wanted Jaime inside of him now but he knew that the pain would be unbearable if he didn’t loosen up enough.

Jaime bent down to kiss Jack’s neck as he scissored the two fingers, trying to distract him from any discomfort he might be feeling. “God, you’re beautiful…”
Jack moaned, arching his back as Jaime’s fingers brushed over his prostate, suddenly forgetting all of his worries.

“O-Oh! F-Fuck hime, do that again!”

He smirked and repeated the motions, watching Jack’s facial expressions as the pleasure radiated throughout his body. He was able to add one more finger without hurting Jack too bad and soon he had him moaning and whimpering his name over and over again.

“You’re amazing.” He smiled as he removed his fingers and reached for the condom.

Jack breathed heavily and sat up so he could kiss Jaime deeply, shoving his tongue into his mouth and sucking on his lower lip. “I’m so sorry I made you wait so long to do this Jaime. You know how much I love you though. I was afraid this was moving too fast.”

“Aw, jack… God, you’re so sweet,” Jaime sucked on Jack’s neck, making sure to leave a mark before he pulled away.

“Think you’re ready?”
Jack wiped his mouth, trying to imagine having the entire length of Jaime’s dick inside of him. The thought scared him for a moment but when he felt Jaime’s lips on his cheek, he felt safe and he knew he could trust jaime to be gentle. “Y-Yeah… I think I’m ready…”

Jaime looked at the condom ripped the wrapper open, he rolled the condom down his cock.

Jaime pulled jack into a kiss and laid on top of him between his open legs and cupped his face in his firm hand so he could easily continue to wrestle Jack’s tongue.

“Just tell me if I hurt you, Jack, don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m being too rough or anything.”
Jack nodded and placed his
hands on Jaime’s shoulders.

“I will, hime. I promise.”

“Okay…” He slipped a finger in one more time and moved it around just to make sure Jack was loose enough before he lined himself up with Jack’s hole and started to push in.

Jack winced and squeezed his shoulders.


“Sorry.” Jaime gulped, breathing in and out as he tried to keep himself from slamming into him. Jack felt so good around his tip, it was hard to control himself. He kept pushing in gently until he was halfway in, going as slow as he could.

Jack bit down on Jamie’s shoulder and sniffed. “S-Stop for a minute, it’s too much.”

He sighed. He hated the sound of Jack crying. “Okay, I’m not moving. Just tell me when.”

Jack gritted his teach and dug his fingernails into Jaime’s skin. “Keep going, it’ll feel better when you start moving.”

“Alright.” Jaime smiled as he pushed further into Jack He closed his eyes and moaned softly, feeling Jack’s walls surrounding him once he was all the way inside of him.

“Fuck, baby… You feel so good.”

Jack shifted his hips around, trying to adjust to the feeling of Jaime inside of him. “O-Okay… I-I think I’m good, you can move.”

Jaime bent down to kiss him, wanting him to feel safe, before he pulled out a bit and pushed back inside.

Jack whimpered and closed his eyes. “Keep going.”
He pulled out as far as he could and snapped his hips forward, making Jack moan. “God, you feel so good.” Jaime groaned as he began to slowly thrust in and out of Jack’s entrance.

“OH GOD!” Jack screamed as Jaime brushed back up against his special spot. It felt way better than his fingers had felt and all he wanted was to feel it again.

“Again! Please Jaime do that again!” He begged.

Jaime grinned and slammed into him again, watching the blissed expression that came across Jack’s face.

Jack moaned out his name as jaime continued to hit his prostate and instantly regretted all the times he’d told Jaime to wait. He felt amazing. He had never felt so close to Jaime and there was no one else in the world he would rather be doing this with. “O-Oh god, I love you. I love you so much. Fuck, don’t stop. You feel so good.”

Jaime leaned down again so he could slam their lips together, opening Jack’s mouth with his tongue so he could kiss him deeply and passionately. “Fuck, Jacky,” He grunted, feeling the familiar sensation in the pit of his stomach. “I-I’m almost there. I-I love you so much.”

“Me too.” Jack gaspped.

“O-Oohh fuuuck.” He shut his eyes and held on tight to Jaime’s shoulders as he felt his orgasm building.

Jaime wrapped his hand around Jack’s cock and stroked it in time with his thrusts, making him cry out.

“OH GOD, HIMEEEEE!” Jack screamed before spilling into Jaime’s fist and moaning helplessly. “A-Ah Hime, oh my God.”

“Fu-uuck.” Jaime choked out as he hit his own climax and came into the condom, still thrusting into Jack to ride it out. “Fuck, Jack! Oh God! Fuck!” He panted as he collapsed over Jack’s body.

“Come here.” Jaime mumbled, Holding out his hands so Jack could snuggle up to him, Which he did so.

Once Jack caught his breath, “thank you Jaime, for the amazing night and for waiting, I love you so much,” Jack kissed jaime’s chest.

Jamie chuckled, “I love you too baby it was worth the wait.”

The two lovers hold each other until they fell asleep.

The cute/smut End

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