Angel Rising: Part Eleven (Final Part)

Title: Angel Rising: Part Eleven

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Barry x Reader (What?! No cheating, don’t worry.)

Word Count: 3 880 (Sorry)

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Some swearing, small mention of blood, not graphic, a heated argument. Feels!

Summary: Continuation of part ten.

Author’s note: Oh my gosh you guys, it’s done! I can’t believe I just finished my first series!! I’m soo excited, and I really want to thank you guys for continuing to read it for this long! I’m sorry I didn’t post it last night like I usually do, but this is the last part and it required some extra time, so I hope you guys will forgive me, and enjoy! –xoxo Katie

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      The last ten minutes were a blur. You and Sam hit the ground with shaky feet, both of you practically collapsing onto the dusty dirt floor before you were caught – Sam by Dean and you by Barry. There were hugs and happy tears – mostly by you, because you still didn’t have your heightened angel emotions under control – confusion on your part as you wondered how Barry knew you were in trouble while Lucifer was in your head, and questions, so many questions - mostly from Sam. You tried to answer them as best you could in your bleary state, but Cas and Barry ended up doing most of the talking. Sam still looked confused after their explanation, but utterly too tired to care. He would understand tomorrow.

      Flying down had been even harder than going up, probably because you were already tired from your fight with Lucifer and you’d been carrying Sam, but you weren’t done yet. There was still one more thing you had to do before you left Hell, which is how you got to where you were now, with your blood-stained hand pressing against Crowley’s suited chest, about to give up a piece of your newly-acquired grace as forfeit for Sam’s life. A sacrifice you were more than prepared to make, yet you still found yourself hesitating.

      “Come on then, let’s get on with,” Crowley said as he waited not-so-patiently for you to keep up your end of the deal, which was that he would let you into Hell and you would give him the one thing he wanted most, but would never admit to anyone: humanity.

      You ignored his surly prodding and refocused on the task at hand, which you had to admit you weren’t totally comfortable with. Every time you’d practiced this on Barry you would take your grace back after a few seconds, allowing it to stray but never fully letting go. This time you had to let go. This time you had to give up a piece of yourself for good, and to Crowley no less, who’d made you pay this unevenly matched price to help you save your friend. It’s not like he even had to do anything, you were the one putting your neck on the line!

      “Angel,” Barry said softly as he placed his hand on your shoulder, dragging you back to reality and giving you a reassuring smile. He must have heard your thoughts again. You really had to get that under control! But then you gave Barry a slight smile and a nod and did what you promised you would, you gave Crowley humanity.

      A warm white light started glowing from underneath your hand as you allowed some of your grace to flow into Crowley - an action that seemed to make him both stiffen and relax at the same time - and then you did what you’d been dreading: you let go. You felt it like a jolt of electricity as you and Crowley staggered apart, the piece of your grace breaking away from you like a broken bone. No, a shattered bone. You hadn’t expected to feel the loss that much, since you never really felt your grace to begin with, but it was like a part of you was missing - which you guessed it was – but you didn’t think you were going to feel so empty.

      “Woah, are you okay?” Barry asked as his eyes got wide and he helped steady you. Clearly he hadn’t known what would happen either.

      “Yeah, I’m fine,” you said breathlessly. Barry didn’t look like he really believed you but he nodded anyway - you were glad you’d been able to convince Dean and Cas to take Sam back to the Impala. It wasn’t very nice to make Sam keep standing around when he didn’t have to and besides, you didn’t think Crowley would want an audience, and as it turned out, neither did you.

      “What about you Crowley? How do you feel?” you asked. “Or more accurately, do you feel?” Crowley snapped his head up at that.

      He still looked rather shocked, his expressions and body language once again teetering back and forth between anger and joy - though you weren’t sure who those emotions were directed towards – but then he smiled. Though it only lasted for a second, and he seemed to think better of it almost immediately, he smiled. “You guys know your way out,” he suddenly said, his face melting into a look of indifference, and then he was gone.

      “Well, I guess that takes care of him,” Barry said, eyeing the spot where Crowley used to be standing. “You ready to get out of here?” He was already moving towards the mouth of the staircase and for some reason he sounded agitated.

      “Yeah, uh, let’s go,” you said slowly, following Barry up the stone steps – which you still couldn’t believe Crowley thought was a good way to get into Hell – and wondering why his signature smile was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was just tired?

      He wasn’t.

      It had been almost a week since your unpleasant excursion to Lucifer’s cage and you were at the end of your wits.

      For the most part everything was fine; actually, for the most part, everything was great. Sam was feeling much better - with the exception of a few cuts and bruises – and he didn’t freak out too much when you told him how you got him out of the cage, though you suspected he felt guilty. Dean was much less afraid to touch you and far more agreeable now that he had his brother back – which was good for everyone. And Cas was, well, Cas, floating through life in blissful ignorance – yesterday he was googling new species of bees. But unfortunately, you didn’t have anything particularly good to say about Barry.

      Ever since you got back from Hell Barry had been distant. He always chose the seat furthest away from you in the library, he never wanted to train, even though you knew there was more you could learn, and he hardly ever smiled, except when you smiled at him. You didn’t think anyone else really noticed that, but you did. You just couldn’t understand what you’d done wrong!

      Against your better judgment you had become close to Barry. He’d made you mad at first, even creeped you out, and he always managed to find some way to annoy you, but in spite of all that you still felt drawn to him. You’d always just felt this natural ease around Barry, even when he was driving you crazy, even the first day you met him when you’d just learned he’d been watching you your whole life! You’d been understandably angry, and yet, you found your aggression towards Barry dissipating almost immediately. So even though Barry could irritate you to no end, he also made you feel safe and happy, and you just wanted your friend back. What happened to him?

      “So, what movie should we watch?” Dean said as he finished moving Sam’s bed. The bunker didn’t really have a living room so whenever you all watched something together everybody huddled in Sam’s bedroom – because he had a T.V. – and you’d move the bed lengthways across the back wall so you could all sit on it. Whenever Cas was here he had to drag a chair in from the library, which wasn’t very comfortable, but he didn’t really care.

      “Something fun – oof -” you flopped down on the bed, “ny,” you side with a grin.

      Dean laughed – it was nice to see him laugh – and said, “Got it. Something fun – oof –ny,” and threw you the remote so you could choose a movie to watch. You caught it without even thinking about it. Being an angel-human hybrid did have its perks, incredible remote catching reflects being one of them, but your immortality, the promise that one day you would have to watch everyone you love die, always hung over you like a thick fog. You pushed the thought to the back of your mind and refocused on your very-alive friends in front of you. There was no need to think about that now.

      You were watching Sam and Dean fight over what movie to watch from your spot on the bed when you saw Barry walk past the door. You were gripped by a nervous excitement. You didn’t know what you were planning on saying, or if he was even going to listen, but you immediately jumped up to chase after him.

      “Barry, wait!” you called, stopping just outside the door. Barry’s feet slowed, but he didn’t turn around. “Uh, do you – do you want to watch a movie with us?” you stuttered, and then instantly felt angry with yourself for being so nervous. He was the one who was ignoring you! He shouldn’t be allowed to have this power over you.

      “I, um, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said slowly. Your nerves were gone, now you were angry.

      “Why not?” you said with more venom than you intended. “Why have you been ignoring me?”

      “It’s complicated.” Barry didn’t turn around. Dean was walking towards you.

      “Then uncomplicated it!” you shot back, surprised at how angry you were, though you supposed your angelically enhanced emotions weren’t helping matters.

      “Just drop it, Y/N.” He’d called you Y/N. It felt like a betrayal. Barry turned around.

      He looked pained, like he immediately regretted yelling at you, but said nothing. “Fine, don’t tell me then,” you said in a small voice. Dean was behind you now and he placed his hand on your shoulder.

      “Okay, I think everybody just needs to calm down,” Dean said roughly, his deep voice like two rocks rubbing together.

      “No, you’re – you’re right,” Barry said cautiously. “I’m sorry, I just – I,” Barry looked up quickly, his eyes lit up. “Come with me,” he said, and then before you could protest you felt Barry’s strong arm wrap around your waist and your feet lift off the ground.

      It took you a second to realize what happened but when you did you found yourself in the sparring room, just about as far away from Sam and Dean as you could get and still be in the bunker. Dean was probably running around angrily screaming Barry’s name right about now, you might as well join him.

      “What the hell Barry?!” you shouted as you pushed him off of you, just now registering that his arm was still wrapped around your waist. He quickly removed it.

      “I needed to talk to you,” Barry said calmly. He didn’t look angry anymore, he looked … sad? He wasn’t allowed to be sad, you were mad at him.

      “Well why couldn’t you do it where we were?”

      “Because I needed to talk to you alone!”

      “You couldn’t have just told me that?” Barry was starting to look frustrated again.

      “Dean would have told you not to go.” You were silent for a few moments. He wasn’t wrong, especially after all the yelling. “Look, I owe you an explanation for how I’ve been acting lately.”

      “Yes, you do,” you said as you crossed your arms over your chest.

      Barry sighed, as if the words he was about to say next physically hurt him. He looked at the floor, then after an agonizingly slow few seconds he finally said, “I’m leaving.”

      Everything stopped.

      Your heart was hammering in your chest. You pulse was thundering in your ears. You took a step back.

      Leaving? How could he be leaving? He was your guardian angel, he couldn’t just leave. He swore an oath to protect you! He couldn’t do that if he left, right? Of course he couldn’t, so he had to stay. He had to stay.

      Your breathing slowed. You looked up at Barry, expecting him to be making the same revelation as you right about now, but his face was unchanged. If anything, he looked worse.

      His whole body slumped. “I fulfilled the terms of my oath two weeks ago, Angel.” You were stressed, you hadn’t been filtering your thoughts. “I swore to protect you until you completed the transformation, and now … you don’t need me anymore.”

      There was a lump in your throat. “Who says I don’t need you anymore?” you said quietly, but with a definite edge to your voice.

      Barry ran his hands through his short hair. “The arch-angels, they said you’re strong enough to protect yourself now and that you don’t need a bodyguard. The only reason I’ve been able to hang around this long is because I convinced them I needed to teach you how to control your powers, but that excuse isn’t working anymore. You got Sam out of Lucifer’s cage and now there’s nothing I can say to make them believe that you still need me here!” His voice faltered. You said nothing. Was the room spinning? “Angel, I have to leave, tonight, or they’re going to come get me.” You inhaled sharply.

      Barry is leaving, Barry is leaving, Barry is leaving.

      No matter how many times you rolled the words over in your head you couldn’t accept it. Barry is leaving. It hit you like a brick every time.

      Barry is leaving tonight.

      Why did you care so much? It’s not like he was someone who’d always been in your life. Except he was. You’d only known him for a few weeks. You’d known him forever. You barely even knew anything about him! He knew everything about you.

      With a shaky voice, you finally spoke. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You looked at the floor, Barry shifted from foot to foot.

      “Because, I thought if I ignored it long enough I could figure a way out of it.”

      You felt angry again. “So you ignored your problem, but why did you ignore me?” This time you glanced up, Barry looked ashamed.

      “Because I thought it would be easier,” Barry said with an uncharacteristically tiny voice. You clenched your fists.

      “What’s easier about avoiding me for a week and making me think you’re mad at me? Making me think that I did something to cause your little mood swing.”

      “Because I was trying to get used to being without you…” He spoke even quieter. You yelled even louder.

      “You should have told me, we could have spent your last week together!”

      “I couldn’t!”



      Your breath hitched. What did he just say?

      Barry’s eyes bulged out of his head like he’d just said something very, very bad. Something he couldn’t take back. You just stared at him; it was like you could see everything that was going through his head just by looking at his face – shock, embarrassment, anger – his eyebrows knitted together – fear – then his mouth set in determination – acceptance.

      “I’m in love with you,” he said again. This time it barely registered, it was like you were numb. “I know everything about you, Angel, and sometimes I love you so damn much it hurts.” You exhaled. Had you been holding your breath? “I’ve been in love with you for so long that I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t love you and I just thought … I don’t know, I thought that if I could distance myself from you, but still have you here, that maybe it wouldn’t be so hard when I left. But I was wrong, this has just made everything worse…”

      Your head was swimming. Barry loved you? You loved Dean. Since the day you’d met him you loved Dean. Barry was leaving. But how did you feel about him? You didn’t love Barry, not like you loved Dean, but you had a connection, one that you couldn’t explain. Barry loved you, and he was leaving.

      “I’m so sorry, Angel. I should have told you, I was stupid … I just … I just thought it would be easier this way.”

      You felt tears welling up in your eyes and you were powerless to stop them. “For who?” you whispered, locking onto Barry’s slightly blurred face.

      “What?” He looked confused.

      “Who was it easier for?” you said slightly louder, as you felt a tear trail down your cheek.

      A new wave of guilt seemed to wash over Barry. Then he said, “For me,” in a low voice.

      You looked down at the ground and squeezed your eyes shut, small droplets of water hitting the ground with faint splashing sounds. “Why does this hurt so much?” you finally asked, honestly not understanding why you were reacting like this. “I’ve only known you for a few weeks, so why does you leaving make me feel this way?”

      “Because we’re connected.” You looked back up, everything about Barry had softened. “Since the moment I was assigned to you we’ve been connected. That’s how I knew you were in trouble in the cage, I felt it. That’s also how I was able to get through to you at all. Castiel tried too but he couldn’t get around Lucifer. You were reaching out to me, you just didn’t know it.” You were speechless. “It’s like you gave me your hand, all I had to do was take it.”

      “So when you leave…” you started slowly, but Barry answered your question before you even asked it. Connected.

      “When I leave the connection will be broken. That’s why you’re so upset, it’s like losing a part of you, whether you know it or not.”

      You considered this information in silence. Barry was a part of you. That’s why you were always so comfortable around him, that’s why the idea of losing him made your insides crumble. Barry was a part of you, Barry loved you, and Barry was leaving. Tonight.

      “I’ll stay,” Barry suddenly said, his words quiet and small, but oh so clear.


      “I said I’ll stay,” He said quickly. “If you want me to, if,” he paused, “If you want me.” Everything around you ground to a halt. You could make him stay if…

      “Barry, I-”

      “I know, you love Dean,” he interjected. “I’m painfully aware of your love for that man – I, uh, can feel that too,” he said awkwardly. You felt your cheeks get hot. “So you don’t have to explain, I know what you’re going to say, I just … I just wanted you to know it was an option. I mean, a guy can hope, right?” he said that with a slight chuckle. You didn’t feel like laughing.

      Everything about you felt heavy, like if you were still a human you might just crumple to the floor and never get up. “Barry, I want you to stay,” you said quietly, “but I can’t ask you to go against Heaven. Especially when I can’t give you what you want…”

      “I know,” Barry said as he nodded slowly. “That’s why I need to leave,” your chest tightened, “and you need to stay here with Dean, live your life! Then when,” another pause, “when he’s gone,” the thought struck you like a bullet, “I’ll come back for you.”

      “Y/N?!” you heard a gruff voice call.

      “Dean’s coming,” Barry said quickly, as he took your hands in his. “Live your life, be happy,” Barry said with a pained smile, “and I’ll wait for you.” Then before you could formulate even one word to say Barry pulled you toward him, placed an air-light kiss on your forehead, and with a quick gust of wind he vanished.

      That was it.

      Barry was a part of you, Barry loved you, and Barry left.

      A single tear rolled down your cheek and you were left standing alone in the sparing room.

50 Years Later

      You could see your breath in puffs of white as you stood on the freshly fallen snow, the frosty fluff crunching quietly under your black boots. Sam stood beside you, hunched slightly - he always seemed too short to you now – and holding the wooden replica of Dean’s amulet in his bony digits. You looked down at your own gloved hands, keys. Then you forced yourself to look where you wanted to the least, the place where you would say goodbye for the last time, the chunk of rock protruding from the ground. Dean’s tombstone.

             In Loving Memory of

              Dean Winchester

                 1979 - 2066

Beloved brother, husband, and friend.

       You’d been preparing for this since the day you decided to become a hybrid, since the day you decided to save Sam, but that didn’t make it any easier. Dean Winchester was gone. Your best friend, the love of your life, your everything. But when everything was gone what did you have left?

      You heard another set of boots crunching in the snow.


      You hadn’t seen Barry since the night he left, but he was always in the back of your mind, always lingering. After Barry left you’d been a wreck for weeks, a piece of you that had always been there ripped away, leaving you sad and empty. It was the same feeling you’d had when you gave a piece of your grace to Crowley, but a hundred times worse, and Dean was the only thing that kept you sane.

     Before he disappeared Barry had said that he was going to come back for you, but there was always a part of you that thought he wouldn’t, that thought he would move on to someone else, someone who wasn’t in love with another man. But he waited.

      You felt Barry’s presence – strong and familiar – behind you, but you didn’t turn around, instead you bent down and gently placed the keys to the impala on top of Dean’s grave. Sam’s eyes flicked between you and Barry and then he did the same, setting the amulet on the frozen ground.

      There was a quiet understanding between the three of you as Sam shuffled forwards and wrapped his arms tightly around your shoulders. “Have a good life, Y/N, and thank you,” Sam whispered in your ear. You hugged him back harder.

      “Goodbye, Sammy.”

      Then once you’d separated from Sam he reached out with a shaky hand – one that hadn’t held a gun in years – and grabbed Barry’s in a strong handshake. “You take care or her,” Sam said firmly.

            “I will.” I will. The words sent shivers down your spine. Those were the first words you’d heard Barry say in fifty years. You couldn’t take it anymore, you turned around.

      Once you were facing him it was like everything slowed. Same black clothes, same short hair, same Barry.

      “Hi, Angel,” He said with a shy smile.

      “You came back.”

      “Of course I did, I said I would.”

      This still felt natural, and you suddenly felt better. Not happy, not okay, but better. It was like a promise, a promise that everything would be alright. You had Barry back, and he wasn’t going anywhere. You would be alright.

      You turned away from Barry, kneeled down in front of Dean’s grave, and whispered, “Goodbye, my love, I’ll see you in the next life.” Then you got up, took Barry’s outstretched hand, and walked away on the crunching snow.

      A single tear rolled down your cheek, but you were not alone, you would never be alone again.

anonymous asked:

Heyyy angel! Any you haven't done from A-Z for the asks

A-what is your angelic name?


B-what did your wings look like?

Honestly, I don’t remember them? They weren’t too flashy, that I know

C-what are you an angel of?

I don’t think I was an angel of anything- I may have just been a guardian angel or even just Barachiel’s companion

D-what order or rank of angel are you?

Just an angel! Our choir is the one that served closest to mankind and as messengers!

E-did you fall? If so, why?


F-describe a random angelic memory

Not so much a specific memory but a place- Barachiel’s bakery. The walls and furniture were dark wood, and the cushions and curtains were floral printed pink. The ovens were the old stone type.

G-what element/s do you align with?

Hmm, none? Perhaps water or earth

H-do you remember or follow any gods?

I do not currently follow any gods!

I-do you know or suspect why you are earthbound?

I may have made a deal with another angel- one of us is incarnated as a human, the other watches over them for a lifetime, and then vice-versa. If that is what happened, well, dear sibling, please help :C

J-what other angels were you close to?

I was Barachiel’s companion and lover, and I was close to many of the fledglings!

K-an advantage to being an angel on earth?

If I focus hard enough I can bring all my former divinity into my eyes and deliver a glare powerful enough to kill a man xD

L-a disadvantage to being an angel on earth?

What is gravity? And also my back gets really tense and the only thing that can fix that would be to fly with wings I don’t have

M-were you around during the war? If so, what side were you on?

Yes, and I allied myself with my Father

N-does anyone irl know you’re an angel?

One or two of my irl friends!

O-how long have you known you’re Angelic?

Time isn’t rEAL so like… 6 months?

P-what is a song that reminds you of being angelic, or of an angelic memory?

Fineshrine by Purity Ring!

Q-what is something you do to feel angelic?

Stretch my back really well- reminds me of wings!

R-have anything you wear that makes you feel like your angelic self?

Nothing in particular- flowing clothes or flower crowns or golden jewellery, perhaps

S-are you attracted to places of worship, or repelled by them?

I like to be in them, I suppose, but not while there are others there

T-what did your halo look like?

I wish I remembered lmao

U-any angels you had a rivalry with?

None that I remember! I was a friend to pretty much everyone!

V-ever have any prophetic dreams, or things like that?

None that I remember when I wake

W-are you an empath/psychic/medium/etc?

Nope! I often look to others who are for advice though

X-any places on earth that remind you of home?

Any open fields, old buildings, most gardens!

Y-ever had irl contact with other divines in this life?

Not irl that I know of!

Z-have any past earthbound life memories?

Nope! If I’m understanding this question right, that is xD

Archangels and Their Deadly Sins (3/8)


Barachiel sat in the booth//
Curtain drawn to block him from view//
He listened to the girl sing below//
Her beautiful voice flooding the room//
She finished with a smattering of applause from Michael above him//
Barachiel did not share Michael sentiments//
For he knew his voice was 10 times as strong//
With a flourish//
He threw back the curtain//
He unfolded his wings and glided down to the stage//
Pushing the girl from the spotlight//
With technical perfection he sang her song//
With a bow he excepted their applause//
With steely eyes he sentenced her to eternity//

Angel Rising: Part Ten

Title: Angel Rising: Part Ten

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2 540

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Violence, blood, there’s a fight scene.

Summary: Continuation of part nine.

Author’s note: I can’t believe Angel Rising is almost done! There is going to be one more part after this, but it’s going to be like an epilogue, so all the main exciting story stuff is finished. And just a heads up, I know in a recent episode they implied that Lucifer still had his wings, but when I outlined this story I was working under the assumption that he didn’t, so let’s just pretend that’s true! Enjoy! -xoxo Katie

You can read the rest of Angel Rising here:

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven| Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Eleven

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         Adrenaline flooded your veins and your mind was completely void of all rational thought as you barreled towards the cage as fast as you could, the sound of Sam’s scream still ringing in your ears. You flew along the bottom of the chain closest to you and followed that all the way down to the cage, only hesitating for a moment when you were hovering right above it. Then without letting yourself think about it a moment longer you dug your hands into the holes in the roof, peeling the ceiling back with load groans of protest from the metal, as you forced the surprisingly malleable material to submit to your manipulation.

        Once you’d made a hole big enough for you to fit through you slowed the beating of your wings and dropped down into the menacing metal box, feeling the ground move slightly under your feet as the cage swayed under the suspension of the chains, and then you saw him.

         Sam was right in front of you.

         He was beaten and bloody, cuts all over his face, and had a massive bruise that completely surrounded his left eye, but he was alive. That’s all that was important. Sam was alive, and you were going to save him.

        You immediately sped over to Sam, not even bothering to turn around and look for Lucifer, and threw Sam’s limp arm over your shoulder to help him up. You ignored Sam’s confused question as you hauled him to his feet and … and …

         “Y/N, Sweetheart, are you okay?” and you were back at the bunker.

         “Dean?” you asked while squinting at your boyfriend, “How did I get here?”

         He looked confused. “What are you talking about? We’ve been here all night.”

         “What? No, I – I don’t remember that.” You felt your stomach churn, what did you remember? The night was a blur and you had no memory of spending said blurry night in the bunker, or with Dean. “Something’s wrong,” you said, looking frantically around the bunker’s utilitarian kitchen. Everything looked normal, so why did it feel so wrong?

         “Okay, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink,” Dean said while moving closer to you, reaching for the half empty glass of whiskey in your hand. You didn’t even realize you were holding that. “Why don’t we go finish the movie?” Dean asked as he set the glass on the counter.

         You stared at the ripples on the surface of the amber liquid. “Yeah, okay … let’s um, let’s finish the movie,” you whispered. Maybe you were just drunk. You let Dean lead you out of the room.

         You were walking down the hall towards your and Dean’s shared bedroom when you heard an eerily familiar voice whisper Angel.

         “What?” you asked, looking at Dean. Again, he looked confused.

         “I didn’t say anything.”

         “Oh, I – I thought I heard something,” you mumbled.

         “Heard what?” his voice sounded urgent, it made you wince.

         “I don’t know, it – it was probably nothing.” His eyes softened.

         “Okay, maybe we should forget about the movie? I think you could use some sleep,” Dean said as he gave you a kind smile, which would have been comforting, except the smile wasn’t his. It was his face, but it wasn’t his smile. How drunk were you?

         Dean’s unconscious body was lying on the bed beside you as you sat in your dark room and tried to fall asleep, but you couldn’t keep your eyes shut. For some reason, you just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong, really wrong, you just didn’t know what.

         After sitting in uncomfortable silence for almost an hour you’d finally decided to go to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and that’s when you heard it, you heard the voice again. Angel, please, snap out of it! the voice begged. You almost dropped your glass.

         “Who said that?” you demanded as you spun around, scanning the room for anyone who could be talking to you. You were suddenly hit by a strong rush of déjà vu.

         It’s me Angel, you’re not safe. You’re in the cage with Lucifer!

          Angel. That word, he’d said it before too – the voice sounded like a man’s, so you assumed it was a he - but you hadn’t known what it meant. This time you did. Recognition suddenly pulsed through you and your breath hitched, your mind flooding with memories of dark clothes, broken wings, and ridiculous smiles. Your mind flooding with memories of Barry. How could you have forgotten him? Your own personal peanut gallery, your guardian angel, your friend. You felt your gut twist, what else didn’t you remember?

         Hey, are you still there? A pause. Y/N? Barry tried frantically. Hearing your name – your real name – shocked you out of your confused daze.

         “Don’t call me that,” you blurted out without thinking about it. At first you’d never liked the name Angel, but after learning why he called you that and just spending time with Barry in general, you’d grown to love it, and just now found out that it made you sad when he didn’t use it. It made you feel like he was rejecting you, abandoning something the two of you shared.

         Whatever you say, sweet cheeks. More déjà vu. Sweet cheeks, that’s what he’d called you the first time you’d told him not to call you Angel. The name still caused you give an irritated groan in response, but you felt an unexpected warmth at the thought of him remembering the day you met – well, the day you met him.

         Listen to me, Angel. That’s better. You’re in danger! That’s not. You’re in the cage with Lucifer, he’s messing with your head, you have to snap out of it!

         “Lucifer? What are you talking about?” You were confused, you wished you could see Barry’s face.

         Yes, Lucifer. You’re trying to get Sam out of the cage, remember? Lucifer, Sam, hybrids, it all came back to you. You did remember, and now you were panicking.

         “What’s he doing? How am I supposed to get out of it?” you asked desperately, talking fast enough to give The Flash a run for his money, saving Sam the only thing running through your head.

         I’m not sure. You could tell not knowing bugged him. Just try focusing on Sam and the cage, focus on reality. I know you can-

        “Who are you talking to, Y/N?” Dean – no, not Dean – said from the hall, talking over Barry. What were you supposed to say? “I woke up and you weren’t there.” Fake Dean drawled, what shred of mock concern that used to be there completely gone from his voice. Now he sounded cold and threatening. And when he finally stepped into the room you saw the face of the man you love disappear and be consumed by a menacing smile, his own facial features then morphing into another’s. Morphing into Lucifer’s.

        Fear gripped your chest and you staggered backwards, reaching out to Berry with your mind, hoping for some kind of guidance, any kind. But for the first time since you’d met him, Barry was completely silent.

        “I hope you’re not waiting for your new angel friend to save you,” Lucifer sneered, as he stalked towards you. “He can’t get to you up here, no one can, and you’re either going to let me out,” his eyes flashed red, “or you’re going to stay up here with me, forever.”

        You suddenly felt the ground disappear from under your feet and you were falling, falling, falling. You tried to get your wings to open but they wouldn’t budge, like they weren’t even there. You frantically clawed at the area around you, desperately trying to find something to hold onto, but your fingers only met air. You felt a scream rip from your throat as the wind rushed through your hair, the darkness of whatever hole you’d been thrown down blinding you as you tumbled out of control. And then you hit something solid, hearing a resounding thud ringing through your ears as your body made contact with the cold metal floor of the cage.

        Your eyes flew open with a gasp and it only took you a second to figure out that you were still in the cage and you were slumped in the corner, leaning against one of the hole-filled walls. You quickly sprung to your feet and immediately sought out Sam, then felt your chest tighten when you found him. Sam was on the other side of the cage, his head bent at an awkward angle as Lucifer held him in place, ready to snap his neck at any moment.

        “Ah, Y/N, so kind of you to join us,” Lucifer mocked, a sickening smile plastered on his face. “Sam and I were just having a nice little chat about what we’re going to do once we get out of this hell hole.” You saw Sam flinch as Lucifer’s grip tightened on his chin. “I mean, it was nice for a vacation, but I wouldn’t want to buy a condo here. I think it’s time for a change.”

        “I’m never going to let you out of this cage Lucifer,” you spat, summoning all the confidence you could muster and hoping you came across even slightly as confident as he did. His face fell and his plastic smile quickly faded to a look of unrivalled rage, a look that sent shivers shooting through your body. If looks could kill, you’d have hit the floor by now.

        “You will let me out of here,” Lucifer threatened, “because if you don’t, I’ll personally make sure that you spend the rest of eternity watching Sam suffer. You’ll go to sleep every night listening to his screams. You’ll wake up every morning to the smell of dried blood. I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING NIGHTMARE!” Lucifer shouted, beads of spit flying from his mouth. It was so loud that you swore you felt the vibrations of his voice.

        The thought of his threats made your heart pound against your chest and your eyes dart quickly back and forth between Sam’s face and Lucifer’s, while you hastily tried to decide on the best way to get Sam away from him. But all of a sudden, before you’d come to any kind of decision, Sam’s body came tumbling towards you as Lucifer cried out in pain – or more likely, in anger – as he turned around to find Michael standing behind him, a crazed look in his eyes. You hadn’t even noticed he was there, and now, you were immensely grateful for his presence.

        You took advantage of Lucifer’s brief distraction and sped over to Sam, grabbing a hold of his hands and flying him out of the hole in the roof, then gently draping his broken form over one of the massive chains.

        “Hold on,” you instructed. He gave a nod in response, you really hoped he had the strength.

        After you were confident that Sam wasn’t going to fall you turned your attention back to the cage, where there was still a gaping hole in the roof that needed to be closed. You flew back over and grabbed the metal that’d been bent out of shape, and then heard an agonized scream come from below. You guessed it was Michael, because just a few seconds later Lucifer started climbing out of the still-open hole, blood spattered on his face and his hands such a deep red color that that you almost couldn’t see them in the dark.

        You hurriedly tried to close the gap before he could get out, but it was difficult to move the metal, even for someone like you. Before you’d managed to block the hole, Lucifer had pulled himself out of the cage and was now crouching on the roof.

        You needed to get Lucifer back in the cage so you quickly abandoned your current task and sped over to push him back in the hole, but he must’ve known what you were going to do because the second your feet started to move he stuck his arm out and knocked you down before you got to him. You lost your breath as your back hit the hard metal roof of the cage, and before you knew what was happening Lucifer had you pinned to the ground, the blood on his hands seeping through your sleeves.

        “So here’s how this is gonna go,” Lucifer growled, his hot breath making you recoil. “You’re going to put those pretty white wings of yours to work and get me out of this place,” he ran his fingers along the edge of your wings, “and in return, I won’t kill you.”

        You could hear your pulse beating in your ears and you were stuck by a sudden bout of helplessness, you knew you were stronger than Lucifer, but clearly not by much, which you just now realized as you struggled against his iron hold. But then, you threw a quick glance towards Sam and felt all your courage come flooding back to you and said, “Sorry, but that’s not going to work for me,” with new incentive driving you forward.

        You swiftly brought your knee up into Lucifer’s stomach, making him double over in pain and giving you enough time to get out from underneath him. Then you ran around behind him and tried to push him back in the cage, but he dodged your hands and then turned around and grabbed one, flinging your body to the other end of the cage like you were a ragdoll. But you hastily dug your hands into one of the smaller holes in the roof and caught yourself just before you fell off the edge, then pulled yourself up with incredible ease and landed right in front of Lucifer.

        His eyes were filled with a kind of primal rage you never knew a normal human face was capable of emoting, and then he attacked. He swung on the left, you dodged, he tried the right, you ducked. Then once you finally got your opening you brought your elbow into his spine, hard, and sent his body tumbling into the hole beneath you. You watched from above as Lucifer tried to scramble to his feet, but by the time he got up it was too late, you’d closed the gap.

        You were breathing heavily and you felt waves of heat hit your face as the metal glowed red along the seams, mending itself before your eyes, and then you collapsed onto the roof of the cage, taking a moment to recover before going to get Sam.

        After about a minute of listening to Lucifer produce empty threats about death and pain and the fiery wrath he would rain down upon you if he ever got out of that cage, you pulled yourself to your feet and flew over to Sam. You grabbed both of his hands in your own – figuring that would be the best way to do it because he probably didn’t want to be carried bridal style – and started to navigate your way through the chains and darkness, focusing on one thing: Down.

Angel Rising: Part Eleven

Angel Rising: Part Four

Title: Angel Rising: Part Four

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3 270

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Descriptive violence, blood, a few swear words. There’s a fight scene, so basically anything that goes along with that.

Summary: This picks up exactly where part three left off, but again, I can’t say much without spoiling things!

Author’s note: Okay guys, so I’m really excited about part four, but I’m also really nervous! This was my first ever attempt at writing a fight scene, so it might be a little rough, I hope you’ll be gentle! Also, I decided to make the portal to Heaven at the park where we saw it the first time on the show. I think I remember someone saying that they moved it because Cas knew where it was, but I couldn’t remember where they moved it to, so it’s still at the park. I hope you enjoy it all the same! –xoxo Katie

You can read the rest of Angel Rising here:

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*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

          Your feet were pounding on the ground, your heart racing, as you ran towards the Impala as fast as your legs would carry you. You weren’t usually someone who would run away from a fight, but you knew if those demons caught you all hope of getting Sam back was gone, so you would run, as fast and as far as you could, and you would do it for Sam.

          You could hear the sounds of a fight behind you as you ran, briefly looking back to see a bright flash as one of the angels fell, the shadow of his wings seared into the ground beneath his lifeless body. You could see Dean and Cas running towards you, close, but just out of your reach. And then you felt it. A hand grabbed a hold of the back of your shirt, choking you with your own collar, and slamming you into the ground. Pain shot through your body, all the way to your fingertips, as your back made contact with the dense soil.

          You took a moment to catch your breath, fear rippling through you, and then looked up to see two black-eyed men staring down at you. One was tall, one was short, and both were carrying Angel Blades. “How do you guys always manage to get your hands on those things?!” you asked, mostly to yourself, as the tall one thrusted his blade down towards your throat.

          You quickly rolled away from the attack and sprung up to a crouching position, swinging your leg out to knock the shorter one off balance, and sending him careening towards the dirt. As he fell, his weapon went skidding away from him, and you scrambled towards it, desperate for something other than your own fists to defend yourself.

          Your fingers skimmed the hilt of the blade, just about to grasp the weapon, when a large hand wrapped around your ankle and dragged you back. You clawed at the ground, fiercely trying to gain purchase, as you were pulled further and further away from your target.

          You screamed for Dean, knowing he was close by, and as if on cue the grip on your leg loosened and you heard the tell-tale sign of a body hitting the ground. You whipped your head back to see what happened and you saw Dean standing over the still corpse of the man that attacked you, ruby’s Demon Blade in hand. He extended his free hand to you and hauled you to your feet, and then you quickly turned to retrieve the Angel Blade from the ground.

          “You okay?” Dean asked quickly, his eyes darting around for any other potential threats.

           “Yeah, I’m good,” Your voice sounded a little hoarse from having your oxygen cut off. “Where’s Cas?”

          “He went to help Barry. Let’s get out of here,” Dean said, grabbing your arm, intending to lead you away from the fight and back to the Impala.

           “We can’t just leave them!” you said, pulling your arm free from Dean’s grip.

          Before, you’d had every intention of running in the opposite direction and putting as much distance between you and those demons as you could, but now, you realized that it would only make the situation worse. If you ran, news would spread and it would only make it that much harder the next time you tried.

          “If we want to do this, we have to do it now! Next time they’ll just send more men. This is our only chance!” you pleaded with Dean, begging him to understand.

          “They’ll kill you, Y/N!” Dean protested, a sense of urgency in his voice.

          You smirked. “Not if you help me.” Then you turned and ran back to the park, past the bodies of your attackers. Cas must have gotten the other one, you thought briefly. Dean grumbled something behind you and then you heard the heavy thumping of his feet on the ground as he followed you towards the action.

          Once you got closer to the park you could see that the angels were outnumbered. “I count 9,” you said, as Dean came up you behind you.

          One of the angels that were guarding the park was already dead, one was severely injured and lying on the ground, leaning against the sand box, and the third was surrounded by 4 Demons. This didn’t look good.

          Then, you saw Barry, and you felt your chest tighten at the sight. He had one demon in front of him, who he could easily take, but there were two more sneaking up behind him. Did he know they were there? “I’ll go help Barry, you help Cas,” you hastily told Dean, not even sure where Cas was, and not waiting for a response before you took off to help your friend.

          You could feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you skirted around the edge of the park, coming up behind one of the demons that was going for Barry. You steeled yourself and got a firm grip on the angel blade, then pounced on the demon. You had to jump because he was considerably taller than you, but you managed to wrap your arm around his neck and pull him down to you, while simultaneously piercing your blade into his back. The stab wound emitted an eerie orange glow that got brighter as you pulled your knife free and his body slumped to the ground. Then, after a few flickers, the light went out.

          “Angel?” Barry yelled, as he grabbed the front of a demon’s shirt and forcefully pressed his palm to the demon’s forehead, creating a blinding white light, and then pushing the limp body to the ground. “What are you doing here? I told you to run!”

          “I tried but-“

          “Duck!” he cut you off, but you still did as you were told and crouched down, just in time to see a small dagger go flying over your head and sail past Barry’s shoulder.

          “Thanks!” You leapt up and swiftly brought your blade into the demon’s side. Not enough to kill him, you thought, damn.

          The demon swung at you with a loud, angry grunt and you ducked again, avoiding his attack and moving off to the right, while also retrieving your blade in the process, which was still protruding from his side. You curled your arm up and over his shoulder, then quickly dragged your blade across his throat. More orange light, a few flickers, and then he too wobbled off balance before his inanimate body hit the ground with a solid thump.

          “I got him,” you began as you turned back towards Barry, but when your eyes finally found him he was pinned against an old swing set with a demon holding down each of his shoulders.

          Worry surged through you and you ran to him as fast as you could, your weapon in hand, ready to attack when- “Watch out!” another demon came out of nowhere.

          He raised his knife quickly and brought it back down even faster, slicing across your chest and leaving a large, painful gouge. You screamed in agony and stumbled backwards, tripping over a rock and losing your footing, landing on the unforgiving winter ground and twisting your ankle in the process.

          You had one hand pressed to your chest and you were using the other to try and drag yourself backwards and away from the offending demon, pain coursing through you with every excruciating movement. “You didn’t think you could get away from me that easily, did you?” the demon taunted, a murderous sneer on his face.

          You didn’t answer and kept moving, desperately trying to distance yourself from him, but it was no use. Before you even got a few feet away from him he darted forward, making it to you in a few short strides, and firmly pressed his knee into your stomach. You could feel tears streaming down your face now, rather against your will, as you struggled for breath and braced yourself for what further pain was surely to come.

          Then, out of the corner of you eye, you saw Dean running towards you and hope swelled in your chest, your fate suddenly seeming less bleak. But when you tried to call his name, the knee in your gut made it come out as more of a strangled cry. You doubted Dean even heard you, but the demon sure did, and his head quickly swung in the direction of your gaze. Then, with a leisurely flick of his wrist, he sent Dean flying backwards, smacking into a nearby tree. He was unconscious.

          Your panic returned with a vengeance, and coupled with your fear for Dean, you felt sick to your stomach. You were completely immobilized, and totally at the mercy of the man currently jamming his leg into your ribs, and you were terrified.

          Clearly mad at your attempt to escape, the demon’s fist made contact with your face, once, twice, three times. You could taste blood in your mouth and feel it dripping from your eyebrow, every inch of your face screaming in protest to the pain. You squeezed your eyes shut and angled you face off to the side, preparing for the next blow, but it never came.

          Suddenly, the breath-restricting pressure on you stomach disappeared and you opened your eyes just in time to see your attacker being violently dragged away by your guardian angel. You watched from you spot on the ground as Barry stood over the demon and pounded his fists into his face over, and over, with a crazed look in his eyes.

          Your attention was drawn away from Barry by Castiel’s worried voice, “Are you okay Y/N?” you didn’t respond. You tried, but your cheek was swelling and you were pretty sure your front teeth had gone through your top lip at some point during the aggressive onslaught of knuckles you had experienced moments earlier. “Let me heal you.” He said, while raising his middle and index finger towards your forehead.

          “No! Wait!” you heard Barry yell. He was running towards you now and away from the demon’s corpse, which had scorch marks around its eyes and mouth, dark smoke billowing from the blackened areas.

          “You don’t want her to be healed?” Cas asked, confused, tilting his head slightly to one side.

          “Of course I do, but I want to be the one to do it. Protecting her was my job and I failed; now I have to be the one to fix it.” Cas still looked somewhat confused, “Just go see if Deans okay,” Barry said hurriedly.

          Cas looked down at you for confirmation and you gave him a gentle nod, possibly feeling more worried about Dean then you were for yourself. “Very well,” Cas said, getting up and walking over to Dean, who was still slumped at the base of a tree.

          The moment Cas left Barry knelt down at your side and gently lifted your head up onto his lap, affectionately running his fingers through your matted hair. Then he gently placed his fingers on your forehead and a warm white light started to radiate from the long slash on your chest, as well as all the smaller cuts on your face. “How do you feel?” Barry asked, putting his hand on your back to help you sit up.

          “Better, now. Thanks.” You straightened up and rolled your head side to side, testing for any remaining pain.

          “I’m so sorry, Angel, so sorry.” Barry stammered, his eyes full of regret. “I was supposed to keep you safe and I failed, I-” his voice quivered.

          “Saved me,” you finished for him. “You saved me, and that’s all that matters now. I’m okay, we’re all okay.” You smiled up at him. “Promise me you won’t blame yourself for this. I chose to be here, remember? I knew the danger, this isn’t your fault.”

          “I know, but-”

          “Promise me.” You repeated, much more sternly this time.

          Barry exhaled and looked at his hands, then slowly said, “I promise,” under his breath. You weren’t sure if you believed him, but it would have to do for now.

          “Help me up?” you asked him, eager to get off the ground and go find Cas and Dean. Barry moved quickly, grabbing your elbow and hand, allowing you to use him as a support as you stumbled to your feet.

          Once you were standing you looked down at your no-longer-white-shirt, which was now plastered to your chest with blood and covered in dirt, and let out a noise of disgust. “This is why I didn’t own anything white,” you grumbled, holding your arms a decent distance away from your body to avoid being covered any further in the sticky red substance.

          You looked around at the carnage in front of you and you felt guilt well up inside, the sight of so many bodies making your stomach churn. You were a hunter, and you knew that this was part of the job, but that didn’t mean you had to like it. In fact, you hated it.

          You resisted the urge to throw up as you gingerly navigated the mess of blood and bodies blocking your path, working your way towards Cas and Dean, with Barry close behind you. When you finally made it to Dean he was just coming to, his eyelids looking as though they were the heaviest things in the world. You rushed over to Dean and knelt down beside him, placing your hand on the side of his face, which he automatically leaned into. “Are you okay?” you asked quietly, in case he had a headache from being knocked against the tree.

          Dean groaned in response, slowly shaking his head up and down as he began to get up, using the tree trunk to steady himself. Then his eyes got wide when he saw you completely, with your ripped shirt, stained in your own blood. “I’m fine,” you said quickly, getting to your feet and wrapping your arms tightly around Dean’s waist, pressing your cheek against his chest. He didn’t seem totally convinced, but he pulled you closer anyway.

          “So what do we do now?” you asked, mostly directing your question at Barry and Cas.

          “You and Barry will go to Heaven like we planned,” Cas replied simply.

          “But how are we going to get there? The angels that were guarding the portal are dead, don’t we need them to open it?” The thought that all this bloodshed could have been for nothing brought that familiar churning back.

          “I can d-do it,” someone stuttered.

          You all turned abruptly, attempting to locate the weak voice. Then you saw him, the injured angel from before who had been on the ground, leaning against the sandbox. There was blood coming out of his mouth and he was holding his shaking hand over a large crimson stain on his stomach. He must have been stabbed, multiple times by the looks of it, and by a normal knife. If it had been an angel blade he would’ve been dead by now.

          You all made you way over to the angel as Cas bent down and pressed his fingers to the angels forehead, healing his wounds with a quick flash of white light. He was probably already healing on his own, and quickly too, but this was just easier.

          “You’ll still let us into Heaven after what happened here?” you asked uncertainty, worried that he would turn you away for what happened to his brothers.

          “Yes, it’s my job.” His voice was unconcerned as he turned away from you and rounded the other side of the sandbox, fixing a few lines on the symbol that had gotten messed up during the fight. “And Castiel,” he said, making eye contact with Cas. “You defended Y/N so I’m going to forget that I saw you here today, but you better get out of here before I open the portal, because the other angels won’t be so forgiving.” He didn’t say this in a kind way, but a threatening one. It sent a shiver down your spine.

          “Of course. I appreciate that, brother,” Cas responded, turning away from the angel and coming to face you. “Good luck, Y/N. Dean and I will be waiting for you at the bunker when you get back.” Then he awkwardly moved to wrap his arms around your shoulders in an attempted hug. You laughed, breathing a thank you and pulling him into you, hugging him back.

          Once you separated from Cas you turned back to Dean, hating that you would have to say goodbye to him again, and fearing what would happen if you failed. Or were you more afraid of what would happen if you succeeded? Not allowing yourself to dwell on it anymore you jumped up and threw your arms around Dean’s neck, nuzzling your face into his shoulder as he quickly secured his hands around your waist, lifting you off the ground just slightly.

          “I’ll see you when you get back,” he whispered into your ear. Then Dean kissed your hair and put you back on the ground, slowly removing his hands from your waist, dragging them as he went. Then he too turned and walked away, heading back to the Impala with Cas.

          Now it was just you, Barry, and the angel whose name you still didn’t know. While you had been saying goodbye to Cas and Dean the angel had already started to open the portal, mumbling something in what you assumed was Enochian, since it was the language of the angels. And you were thinking about something he had said earlier. “Barry?” you asked in a hushed tone. “Why did he say that he would let Cas go because he defended me?”

          “Because, there are still some angels who are loyal to God, remember? They still follow every rule that he put in place, and if God thinks you deserve this power, so do they.”

          “Well that was lucky,” you said, thinking of how much worse this situation could have been if the last angel capable of getting you to Heaven was against you.

          “Well,” Barry said, drawing out the word and making his voice higher, even than your own.

          Your eyebrows scrunching together in confusion. “What did you do?”

          “I may have pulled a few strings,” Barry said, a mischievous smile flashing across his face. “Made sure there were angels of my choosing stationed at the portal today. Archangels are kind of a big deal up in Heaven,” he said while pulling on his jacket collar, looking down at you with a cocky grin.

          “Well, good job, Mr. Big Deal,” you teased, while playfully punching his arm.

          You were abruptly pulled from your conversation with Barry by a blinding flash and a loud whooshing sound as sand went flying into the air, spraying from where the symbol used to be. Now I know why Barry said to close my eyes, you thought, as you threw your arm up to protect your vision.

         “Okay, you can go through.” The angel said, motioning towards the glowing column of bluish-white light.

          “Are you ready, Angel?” Barry asked, taking a slow step towards the portal. You didn’t say anything, just looked at him with determination and nodded aggressively, then grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the open portal.

          You hesitated for only a moment when you were standing right in front of the portal. Then, with a one final spurt of courage, you exhaled all your remaining fear and stepped into the bright light.

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Archangel Barachiel.
The Angel of Gods blessings.

Prayer to the Archangel Barachiel
O Powerful Archangel, St. Barachiel, filled with heaven’s
glory and splendor, you are rightly called God's 
benediction. We are God’s children placed under your
protection and care. Listen to our supplications ______.
Grant that through your loving intercession, we may
reach our heavenly home one day.
Sustain us and protect us from all harm that we may 
posses for all eternity the peace and happiness that
Jesus has prepared for us in heaven.
Present to God the Father all these petitions through
Jesus Christ our Lord together with the Holy Spirit
forever and ever. Amen.


A birthday present for my dear @roterwolkenvogel :D
She gave me free range on her Doll Chateau William, Barachiel, and I gifted her this paintjob.

Vogel’s creation myth of her story/its world is based on a giant and his eye, which inspired me to go this route. I imagined something like 2001: A Space Odyssey, with a floating baby in space. The eye is both supposed to represent the giant, but also “all seeing, all knowing”. The galaxy in his wings seems to hold him, while it also gradiates from his head. While the top snake is dark and sleeping the one at the bottom is light and awake.
Barachiel is an immortal being, both nothing and everything.
I decided to paint no hairs to make him look less human too.

I am incredibly proud of the result, and even more that I managed to string him back together. I’m actually a little sad to send him back :’)

Barachiel - Doll Chateau William, owned by Roterwolkenvogel
Customization, photos and editing by me


For your viewing pleasure :D





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