The Night Of Nisfu-Sha’ban: Laylatul Bara’at (15th Sha’ban)


O Believers! Run in the Way of Allah in this Month. In this Month is one of the holiest nights of the whole year. And insha’Allah ar-Rahman, we are about to reach to that night, the Night of Nisfu Shaban, Laylatul Beraat. A Night that Allah (SWT) has chosen to give Bani Adam a chance to fix what they have done in the whole year.

Hz. Abu Hurayra (RA) has reported, saying that the Holy Prophet (AS) said: Jibril (AS) came to me on the night of mid-Shaban and said to me, ‘Ya Muhammad (AS), raise your head to the paradises!’ I asked him ‘What night is this?’ He replied, ‘This is the night when Allah (SWT) opens three hundred of the gates of mercy, forgiving all who do not make shirk. The only exceptions are those who practice sorcery or divination, are addicted to wine, or persist in usury and illicit sex; these He does not forgive until they repent.’ At a quarter of the night, Jibril (AS) came down and said: ‘Ya Muhammad, raise your head!’ So I looked up to behold the gates of Paradise wide open. At the first gate an angel was calling: ‘Good news for those who make ruku’ this night!’ At the second gate an angel was calling: ‘Good news for those who make sejdah this night!’ At the third gate an angel was calling: ‘Good news for those who make dua this night!’ At the fourth gate an angel was calling: ‘Good news for those who make Zikr this night!’ At the fifth gate an angel was calling: ‘Good news for those who cry this night from fear of Allah!’ At the sixth gate an angel was calling: ‘Good news for those who submit this night!’ At the seventh gate an angel was calling: ‘Will anyone ask, that his request may be granted?’ At the eighth gate an angel was calling: ‘Will anyone seek forgiveness, that he may be forgiven?’

I said: ‘Ya Jibril, how long will these gates remain open?’ He replied: ‘From the beginning of the night until the break of dawn.’ Then he said: ‘Ya Muhammad (AS), tonight Allah has as many slaves freed from the Fire as the number of wooly hairs on the flocks and herds of Kalb.’ (Ghunya). And Hz. Ali (KW) is relating, saying, ‘When it is the 15th night of Shaban, stand in prayer in the night, and fast in the morning, and ask for forgiveness. Because on that night Allah calls, ‘Is there anyone who is asking for forgiveness so that I can forgive them, who is in distress that I may relieve his distress, is there anyone who needs provision that I may give it to him?’ And this continues till the morning.’ (Ibn Majah).

-Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz.

  Osmanli Dergahi, NY

دلم برایت تنگ شده
—  delam baraat tang shodeh, how to say “i miss you” in farsi. translating to, my heart is tied/constricted because of you
Paki weddings go HAM (oh the irony)

I started rehearsing a dance for this Pakistani wedding i’m going to in July and the sister of the bride was telling me how the whole dance process was gonna go down, it’s all planned out in sequences one after another and it’s supposed to be all neat and organized but the dancing looks amazing. Pakistani weddings are the best. If you think otherwise go cry about it. But honestly though I practiced learning this dance forever and by the time I was done and got it down finally I was drenched in sweat. It was crazy.
But anyways wooooooo soooo close to the wedding I can’t wait all the pretty decorations, if you didn’t know Pakistani weddings are a 3 day function so it’s like partaay and partaay and partaay. 3 effing days in a row. Non stop. Its crazy, yet so freaking fun.
And staying at the house of the family of the bride is awesome because it’s all hectic and crazy and so many people coming and going. And the beautiful new clothes all the pretty colors and designs,
Seriously though I’m most excited about SHAADI FOOD !