bara john

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No no wait swimmer john can't be sexy swimmers don't look sexy after swimming a race they look like tired pieces of shit I should know I am one of the tired pieces of shit

Are you a superhero? With superhuman stamina? No?

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How do you feel about johndave but john is taller and saves short?

ehhh. im not big on it! lots a ppl seem to love big bara john, which is a sorta flip on old 2009 johndave, but i still sort of prefer it! or ofc them being the same height. idk. i just love the idea of a tall, lanky dave w a shorter john. its more bc i like dave being tall rather john being a “cute smol ^v^” 

ofc ill draw it anyways! any johndave is a good johndave so ill provide it theyre my kids

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dirk is the type of person to love cute/soft pure things like simple cuddles but when he asks john to do these thing he can't help but describe it in such a l3wd way that it turns anyone off immediately, ex: "john i want you to cuddle me so fucking hard man" "crush me with your yoai bara arms john, and do it fast." "spoon me like the little bitch i am john, , i can take it"

john: (gives dirk a hug)

dirk: Why are you squeezing me with your body

ok so lean but muscular bare chested sherlock in low hanging pyjama bottoms and bed hair is all nice and fine


bare chested john in low hanging pyjama bottoms with his broad shoulders, his scar, his army tattoo, gently defined but definitely there muscles on his arms, back and torso. the slight pudge on his tummy that hides frankly impressive abdominal muscles that come in very handy. the subtly defined adonis belt that disappears below the low waistline of the pyjama bottoms. john looking unremarkable to most but sherlock knowing he could snap him in half without even breaking a sweat. and when john walks around the flat looking like that, still a bit rumpled from sleep, all soft smiles and warmth, sherlock usually cannot resist tugging him back to bed and riding him until john all but melts into the mattress.