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Track 2 - Iwaizumi and you cuddling
Track 2 - Iwaizumi and you cuddling

Here’s track 2! [SFW (just a couple of kisses) ]  Please use headphones for the best possible experience! And because kisses. You don’t want anyone accidentally hearing it.

The character is really Iwaizumi like, or in my opinion what he would be like if he had a girlfriend you. I also apologize if the audio is a bit off since I had to compress it down below the 10 MB limit. 

Again, this track is from Shūkan soine CD shirīzu vol. 05. This drama cd is voiced by Iwaizumi’s VA  Hiroyuki Yoshino and produced by Black Butterfly.

So, enjoy more you and Hajime-time! 

Again, again don’t repost.

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Iwaizumi friendship headcannons! Please and thanks!

  • Iwaizumi is super protective
  • Dating someone? They’re dating him too
  • He can be very tsun about it so don’t point it out
  • You’re probably the reason why he can’t date anyone
  • I’m assuming you get along well with Oikawa
  • Iwaizumi will probably pretend to be your bf sometimes to ward off pervs and jerks alike
  • He likes your jokes
  • Even if they’re really bad ones
  • Don’t let him tell jokes unless you want to suffer from second-hand embarrassment
  • He’s the type of guy who’d live in the opposite direction but still walk you home
  • If you ever get into a playful bicker that suddenly turns quite serious, he takes a while but is the first one to apologize (even if he’s not in the wrong)
  • He gives you the cold shoulder during fights
  • He calls you by a nickname
  • Late night phone calls and texts are thing for you and Iwaizumi (and Oikawa)
  • The type of friend to back you up if someone says something negative about you
  • But he’s kind of the “do it, and then think” guy so he might just punch that shit talker in the throat
  • The type of friend who’s still awkward around your family even though he’s been to your house many times before
  • He’s your advice go-to guy


Seriously though, I’m honestly sorry for disappearing for almost a whole month ;;
I’ve been just really down about my art, sorry!!  _(:3」∠)_

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Bara Iwai chan! if your short imagen getting hugs from Iwai who is tall and muscler. ( for me i am tiny compare to him since i am under 5,3 )

iwaizumi hajime: best hugger award

and same lmao I’m also under 5'3- the heigh difference is real


SCREEAMMMS. Sorry. I just love this pairing. And I’ve been inspired by this AWESOME FANART OF BUFF IWA-CHAN!!!! (and Oikawa) I love Iwaoi/Oiiwa. I’m so gross. I also have a thing for Kageyama having a crush on Iwaizumi. Actually, I think all the kouhais have crushes on Iwaizumi. I think that would be mega cute. I’m sorry.

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Make a wish

- Look Iwa-chan! Shooting stars! Make a wish!!
- Hmm done
- I hope you didn’t wish be tall and handsome like me
- Shut up Trashykawa!!

Awww today was the IwaOi day and i didn’t know it! So i did this pic quickly because they are my Haikyuu OTP

PS: what Oikawa wished is a S-E-C-R-E-T

PSS: i couldn’t resist draw “bara-chan” with his sleeves rolled up