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That time of the year ey Sansy?

*Season 2 rumours*

- Eren and Historia as a couple. ( What is Ymir? A roach? )

- The Mary sue OC’s that have a tragic past/fanservice/Ackerman replacements/ I Always win types.

-Ditching the entire legendary manga and coming up with a cheap last second crappy story with a positive ending.

-The midget– I mean.. Levi dying.

- Making them all the same age.

- No Eruri, No Eremin, No LeviHan scenes.

- Making Eren and Levi the most heterosexual people in the whole anime.

- Making Hanji a joke.

-Ignoring Mikasa’s Abs, big feet, big nose, bara face, tall af, and musky smell just like they did in season one by making her with wide hips, big ass, titties, pink lips, shorter than Eren, and nicer. Mikasa literally has zero body fat.

-Ignoring Armins light brown hair, being the cutest out of the trio, and other things I could say but that’s because the person who animated Aot bluntly said he didn’t like Armin. Probably because Eremin kept BITCH slapping him. You do know that that scene in S1 episode 2 where Eren was having a bitch fit with Armin and then Mikasa went out of character and punched Eren in the face for calling him a coward. Yeaahh…. That was never canon it’s a false scene because it never happened in the manga. The manga is what’s actually canon. What about that scene where Mikasa pulls Eren out of the titan. Nope. It was actually Armin pulling him out of the titan in the manga. Or the last episode of S1 where Armin is standing nowhere near Eren’s bed but instead there was a Mikasa holding Eren’s hand. Nope. Armin was actually on Eren’s bed sitting very close to him while Mikasa was causally sitting by Eren in the manga.

-These animators are really homophobic. Especially with all those over exaggerated Riverta scenes that weren’t even canon. Just to make Levi seem to like basic Petra.

I could go on for hours but what’s the point if no one actually listens.

Look at a height comparison of Momo, Nitori, and Sousuke..

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I need some boob pride after reading thesassylorax’s fic (READ IT PLS) It was too much for me I needed some tissues and that story to be sent back in time to tell my middle school self its ok. Tavros is a saint and deserves nothing better than a silly clown to all up and admire those motherfuckers to help boost his esteem. 

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