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Eric x Reader

Requested By Anon

Eric stomped through the room to grab a tray of food. He was late so the best food was gone, putting him in a foul mood. With a glowering scowl he glanced around, daring anyone who was looking over at him to continue doing so.

When he finally started to eat, he spotted a girl at the other end of the table, nervously fiddling with her cup, as if waiting for something. He finished quickly, leaving like almost everyone else had, glancing back suspiciously when the girl put her cup on the side and left.

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Ride With Me (Part 3)

PAIRING: readerxbucky au


WARNINGS: swearing and slight angst, only slightly. And a sprinkling of some good old sexual tension

I’m not sure why but EVERYWHERE I GO, I am hyperaware of motorbikes. Honestly this fic has ruined my whole existence in the best way possible!  

Part 2


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It was well and truly into the night now, Hawkeyes defiantly drew in a mixed crowd when the night fell over the city. You and Wanda were rushed taking drink orders as Clint talked to his clientele and re-stocked the bar on numerous occasions. You had to admit you were impressed with yourself for keeping focus. Especially when the walking talking sex god kept looking at you constantly during your shift. You were hyperaware of the glances Bucky would throw you, he and the rest of his crew had allocated themselves a secluded booth in direct eye line to the bar counter. You had to wonder if this was do one purpose, so Bucky could keep an eye on you. You quickly dismissed that idea, why in the hell would I guy like that be interested in keeping tabs on you. You greeted the new arrivals with a smile as you took their order, taking a peek over at Bucky you were shocked, he was looking straight at you smirking over the rim of his whisky glass as Steve talked animatedly to him. Watching as Bucky’s face cracked into a large grin as he laughed at whatever Steve has just told him. You exhaled sharply out of your nose, suddenly finding yourself praying for the end of your shift.

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House of Cards - V- (BTS Smut)

Word Count: 3,859

Summary: You are an escort working at in prestigious escorting business at a mansion. Tonight you come across a different type of client, different from what you’re used to.

Each chapter is a perspective of a different escort within the same night. Reading it in order will give it more of a context.

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Genre: Smut

Author Note: This was my VERY FIRST smut fanfic. My writing style has now changed. Please read ‘Office Files’ for my updated work.

I currently work at ‘The House of Cards". I’m still trying to get my head around the whole place and the rules. I just started a week ago. It’s not a common job to have, but I really need the money to pay for veterinarian school. It’s only been a week and I already earned 5k! One of the ladies at the house is a friend of a friend and found out my financial trouble and insisted I should give this a try. I had to go through rigorous interviews, personality tests and paper work to get in. That took at least 3 month. But it’s was worth it. I have had a few clients so far, so when it comes to the pleasurable department I’m not that nervous. Tonight is the masquerade ball, my very first and I’m really nervous about it for some reason. I know it’s more of a party atmosphere. From what the other ladies have said, this is when new clients arrive to check the place out. Thankfully, since I’m new here it’s my responsibility to ensure the clients are well tended too with drinks. 

Tonight I’m not expected to 'work’    

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Today’s The Day (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Genre: Smut, Fluff

“Cheers to your twenty second birthday!” Aisha said as she held her glass in the air. “Happy Birthday, Nicole!” everyone shouted at the same time, and kicked back their drinks. At first Nicole didn’t have any plans for her birthday, until her best friend, Jungkook showed up at her doorstep. He told her to get dressed, and only said that they were going out for a bite to eat at her favorite restaurant, BST. When they showed up she was surprised to see all of their closest friends there waiting for them. Jungkook had pulled her into a tight hug and whispered “Happy Birthday,” in her ear. After the next two hours they all sat around the table chatting while they stuffed food in their mouth. Never wanting the fun to stop her best friend, Aisha, suggested they all go to the club.

Once they were all at the club, and secured a booth, Aisha druggedagged her away to the bar. Aisha placed everyone’s order to the bartender, and spoke after he walked away. “So, Nicole…do you think he’ll finally make a move tonight?” Nicole knew exactly who she was talking about. Nicole turned her gaze to Jungkook, and frowned when she saw a pretty brunette talking to him. “I really don’t know,” she said as she turned back towards the bar. Jungkook had been her best friend since they graduated middle school. He was always there for her, when she needed him the most. At first she didn’t see him in anyway other than being her friend. But over time, she began to develop feelings for him and looking at him in a different way. When he began dating, she was crushed because she felt like she wasn’t attractive.

The bartender took that moment to place all of their drinks in the bar. Aisha grabbed the tray and began to walk back to their group. As they approached the table, the brunette looked at her and then got up to leave the table. As she kicked back her drink, she looked over the rim of her glass and stared at Jungkook. As if he could feel her gaze on him, and looked at her in the eyes and opened his mouth. But at that moment Aisha leaned over to tell her, she was going to go dance with Namjoon, who was her boyfriend, and asked if she wanted to go. Jungkook closed his mouth and then turned to look chat with Yoongi and his girlfriend, Nicole thought to herself. Nicole finished her drink, and slid out the booth to join them on the dance floor. It didn’t take her that long to find a dance partner, when she began moving her hips to the beat. Her mystery partner grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him, as she grinded up against him. But, just as quick as her mysterious dance partner showed up, he was gone.

She turned around to find Jungkook standing behind her, looking at her with dark eyes. The guy next to him looked like he was about to say something to him, but Jungkook just grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door leading outside. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Jungkook?” She said as she stanched her hand out of his, when they approached his car. “I don’t like to share what’s mine,” he said in a cool tone. Nicole raised her eyebrows at his statement, “Are you crazy?!” Not wanting to ruin her birthday, she turned to walk back to the club. Nicole didn’t make it two steps before Jungkook grabbed her wrist and pushed her against his car door. She was about to yell at him, but was out off when he placed his lips against hers.

His lips melted against hers, causing her body heat up with desire. Jungkook then pulled her away from the door, so he could open it. Jungkook sat down in the back seat and lap his lap. Without a word, she moved to seat herself on his lap and face him. As soon as he closed the door, Jungkook pulled her closer to him and captured her lips again. Jungkook trailed his hand up her thighs, and when it reached her pussy, he began to stroke it gently. With his free hand he pulled her tank top and bra down to free her breast. He pulled away from her, and looked at her with a heated gaze. “I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner,” he said as he took her nipple into his mouth. As he continued to work his fingers into her, and rolled her nipple between his lips, causing her to moan out loud.

Jungkook stopped working his fingers inside of her and seemed to be in great need, as he hurried to undo his jeans. When he free his cock, which was already hard, hit against her thigh, she jumped a little bit. Jungkook lifted his hips, as he reached for his wallet to pull out a condom. When the condom was rolled onto his length, he looked at her with loving eyes. “I’m so sorry, for making you wait this long.” He leaned in to kiss her, as he lifted her hips and slid her down slowly on his cock. “It’s okay,” Nicole replied. When he was completely inside her, he kissed her neck and began to move his hips in an upward motion. “Damn, Nic. You’re so tight,” Jungkook bit out through clenched teeth.

Nicole began to move her hips against his, adding to their pleasure. Jungkook moved his thumb to her clit, and began to move it, adding pressure to it even now and then. As he rubbed her clit with one hand, the other hand shake its way through her hair and pressed his lips to his. Nicole could feel the pressure building up in her body, move closer and closer to the surface. Jungkook seemed to feel it to, because he said, “Its okay, baby. Let out go. We can come together.” And with that, Nicole take her orgasm flow through her body moments later. At the same time, Jungkook closed his eyes, and released into the condom with a sharp groan. When they both came down from their high, Jungkook began to speak first. “I’m so sorry, Nic.” She knew he had to be talking about her feelings for him. “I was going to do something about it later tonight. But seeing you grind against a guy who wasn’t me, made me jealous. But, I don’t have to worry about that…because I’m never letting you go. Okay?” He said as he looked into her eyes and gave her a small kiss.

Nicole was speechless, so Jungkook continued. “Will you be mine?” Jungkook asked. Nicole looked at him and asked, “What do you think?” Jungkook gave her the adorable bunny smile she loved so much. After they cleaned themselves up, they made their way back into the club. As they walked toward their table, hand in hand, everyone stopped talking. They all looked down at their connected hands, and smiled but still didn’t say anything. Aisha was the first person to speak, “Well…I guess this means we don’t have to make a plan anymore for you two.” All Nicole could do was blush, as she held onto Jungkook’s hand tighter. Jungkook then led her to the dance floor, and began to work his hips against hers. He then leaned in closer, and whispered in her eye, “Oh, by the way, Nicole. I’m nowhere close to being done with you yet. You still need your twenty-two birthday spankings.”

Right Round [Pt. 2] [a Kyle Spencer smut]


a/n: frat kyle is my weakness…


Part 1

Sweaty bodies bump into Kyle as he tries to get to the back of the strip club. Coming here without his frat brothers isn’t his smartest plan. He needed to though. It has been three days since he got laid…and it isn’t that he wants to have sex again, maybe a little; he wan- no, needs to see her. So, he sits alone in an uncomfortable black booth and waits.

His shaking hands are stuffed into his yellow and blue letterman jacket while he peers around. There is very few people here; a few strippers, some businessmen, probably because it’s a Tuesday night. Slouching, he sighs inwardly; what if that girl isn’t even working tonight? This is such a stupid idea.

A pair of violet heels stop in front of Kyle. “W-why are you back and alone?” The girl whispers, clutching the grey tray to her chest.

Kyle gulps, “I want to talk t-”

“I’m working, so…” She cuts him off, shaking her head. The tiny purple hat that’s in her hair starts falling out. Avoiding him, she looks down. “I gotta make more drinks.” She huffs, playing with the tray.

Frowning, the frat boy pushes the hat up her hair; she blushes. “What if you were working and talking?” He bites his lip; not taking no for an answer. Sighing through her nose, she grabs his hand, dragging him toward the silver bar. She puts the tray down, nodding to the bartender before going down the narrow hallway. This is deja vu for him; they go in the same room. It would be a lie if Kyle said he wasn’t excited.

The door slams closed and she jabs his chest with her pointer finger, stepping forward. “Why did you call me that? Nobody calls me that during sex.” She frowns, squinting her eyes. It’s clear she’s mad.

Kyle falls back on the bed, groaning. “First of all, please stop doing that!” He shouts, sitting up on his elbows, “Secondly, why can’t I call you beautiful, beautiful? You are…very much so…” He smirks; his jacket falling off his shoulders, down his arms. She shakes her head, kneeling on the silver sheets. “C-can I show you?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Show me wh-” His lips connect to hers, catching her by surprise. The jacket piles on the floor, leaving him in a dark blue t-shirt. She leans back and he crawls on top of her, straddling her waist. He stares at her in awe, mouth ajar; his hands roam from her stomach to her breasts, unclipping the front. Ducking his head, he bites and sucks on her neck, making red marks. “Y/N, m-my name…is Y/N.” She moans, turning her head to the side.

A throaty groan escapes his lips as he rips the neon purple underwear off her. He shoves them in his pocket before tugging his black skinny jeans down his legs. “Y/N, beautiful. Like you, baby.” He purrs, pushing himself in her.

She whimpers, gripping his biceps. Smirking, he pumps in and out fast, watching her breasts bounce in front of him. “Ky-le, I…can’t…” She moans, walls clenching and knot forming in her lower stomach.

Kyle pounds harder and faster, rubbing his thumb on her cilt. Sweat coats the front of his t-shirt; his bright blond curls mat to his forehead. “Cum for me, beautiful.” He urges, hitting her G-spot just right. She cries his name one more time before he pulls out, both panting heavily. He falls on the bed, looking at her. “Now do you believe me, beautiful?” He whines, giving her a not-so-confident smile.

A sigh pushes past her lips. She glances at him, sniffling slightly. “I’m starting to.”

“Then I guess I need to try harder then.” He says in his cocky frat boy voice. Challenge accepted.

Does She Know

Prompts:  “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” “I waited and waited, but you never came back.”

Relationship: Family and Friends

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Barbara and Dick

You disappeared, gone, without a trace. You left a note, one note to your sister Barbara.

“I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend, and worst of all your boyfriend Babs. I’m sorry I hope you can forgive me. I’m leaving Gotham, please don’t look for me. I want to be happy or at least try but I can’t do that if I’m always pining over a man I can’t have. Take care of yourself, love always Y/N.” Dick read the letter after Barbara, how could they not have seen it that you were in love with him. Barbara didn’t do anything, you asked her not to look for you so she didn’t. Dick on the other looked all over New York state for you, months of looking but he hadn’t found anything. A year past and the search for you caused strain between him and Barbara, finally, he called it off between them. He left Gotham and move to Bludhaven, he worked as a cop in the day, at night he was Nightwing, and all the time in between he looked for you. Two years passed till he got a lead, you were in Bludhaven right under his nose.

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Old Times

@mamapeterson - My dear, sweet, patient friend. At long last, FINALLY, the birthday fic I promised you (which is now only MONTHS late) is finished. I hope you enjoy, sweet girl!! It kind of got away from me, a little over 3,000 words :)

For the rest of you… Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I wrote a fic request for our Mama P. This story is a sequel to that one,  A Hunter Walks Into a Bar , in case you want the backstory… 

Tiara stopped just inside the door, letting the past wash over her for a moment. She smiled as her eyes moved around the room, feeling as if she’d stepped back in time. Any minute now she expected to hear someone shout, “Hey, Tiara! We’re dyin’ of thirst over here,” or see old Stan hunched over his beer, playing pickle cards like he had half a chance to win big.

“Well, holy shit.” She grinned at the rasping voice, born of too many years of cigarettes and hard booze, and turned to face her former boss.

“Joe. Damn, it’s good to see you!” Joe’s smile softened the harsh lines on his face, etched there by years of war, overseas and at home. His arms pulled her in, strong as always, even far into his sixties.

“Girl, what the hell are you doin’ in this neighborhood? Jesus H, you look like a million dollars. Although I don’t get the colors in your hair…” he teased as he ruffled her short locks, shot through with turquoise and pink.

“Hey, I didn’t come in here nagging you about those whiskers, did I? Yet?” She teased back, hugging him back just as fiercely.

He laughed, an arm around her shoulders, guiding her to a bar stool. “Let me get you a drink, girl. What’ll it be?”

“You know what? How about just an ice cold beer, Joe.”

“That’s my girl.” He grinned and turned to the cooler. “So, seriously, I never expected to see you walk through those doors again.”

“Well, I just got kind of – nostalgic, I guess. Maybe I’m getting old, Joe.”

Joe snorted derisively. “Fuck. You ain’t halfway to old. And famous now, I’m damn proud of you. Your dad would be, too.”

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Dirty Little Secret II

A/N: I wasn’t planning on continuing this (at least not right away) but I was given an idea I couldn’t refuse. Special thanks to @arathewallflower for the picture this is based on, as well as her input and unfaltering support 😘 Hope you and everyone enjoy!

Dirty Little Secret can be found here but it’s not required reading.

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Let me know if you want to be added/removed from the tag list and if I missed anyone :)

You can find my other fics here.


Dirty Little Secret II

Rae had something up her sleeve.

Since he’d arrived at the pub ten minutes prior, she’d been all cheeky smiles and glittering eyes. She seemed to be bursting with something and he couldn’t wait for the gang to fuck off for a minute so he could talk to her proper.

He was nursing his second pint when Chop went to the bar for a round of shots, and Chloe stood, starting to usher Izzy to the loo. She gestured for Rae to join them but she shook her head quickly, waving them ahead. Finn noticed Archie head for the jukebox a moment later.

“I have a surprise for ya.”

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Work Comes Home - Part 5

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: approx. 3030

Author’s Note: Sorry this took longer than I thought, I hope you like it! I can’t wait to see your feedback! Thank you so much for reading and continuing to enjoy this story. Thanks to @secretschuylersister for being amazing and helping me figure it all out. 

 Ask Me Anything

Disclaimer: Obviously, the timeline is a little weird, it takes a while to publish a book, but we’re condensing that time for the purpose of the story.

Warnings: Swearing, Alcohol

Askbox | Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

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Turn Left in Fifty Miles by parksouth and papalogia

South Park Drabble Bomb: July Prompt: Road Trip

Ship: Craig/Kenny (Crenny)

Rated T

Description: “Go shove a rat up your ass.  You’ll find one in your living room, I’m sure." 

Or, the one where Craig, Kenny, and McChicken, the burger wrapper crane, try to traverse Colorado with nothing but a paper map and a tray of nachos.

Length: 2.8k — Status: Complete/One-Shot

AN: Howdy ya’ll, one of my best friends slept over a few weeks ago, and well, this happened. We just wanted to let you know this could be read as the boys being in a pre-established relationship or a relationship in the works. We wanted it to be up to the readers! (Hope ya’ll also like the moodboard lmao)



Kenny watches Craig sip at his dark roast, and presses his lukewarm lemonade to the back of his neck. The condensation on the bottle cools his sweaty skin, and not for the first time since he woke up at the ass-crack of dawn, he debates dumping the lemonade down his shirt.  

“It’s the middle of fucking July,” Kenny mumbles. “How the fuck are you drinking coffee? And wearing that stupid chullo?”

Craig shrugs and stuffs a duffel bag between a suitcase and a mini-keg of beer. “I dunno, how are you wearing your face?” He takes another sip of coffee, longer this time – Kenny doesn’t miss the half-smirk he’s trying to hide behind the cheap styrofoam.

“I think the chullo’s fried your brains, because that was the dumbest comeback. Christ, Tucker, you only have two brain cells to spare, give them a break.”

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The Waiter & Waitress

Pairing: Waitress/Y/N / Waiter!Calum

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 3.300+

Summary: In order to avoid the flirty conversations from the creepy bartender Derek, Calum pretents to be Y/N’s boyfriend to help her out. But his jealousy takes over him the second he sees Y/N hang out with another male 

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Standing Up for You

This Feysand fic was written per this anon request! I had a really fun time writing it and this is my first finished piece that was a direct request, so thank you mysterious anon for believing in me to fulfill it! As always, please feel free to message me with any and all feedback! And also send me fic requests! These first two weeks of uni have been crazy, but I’ve been trying to write as much as I can. Happy reading!

Rhysand watched his mate saunter across the floor at Rita’s up to the bar, aware of his eyes on her even as the friends surrounding him tried to snag his attention. He was sitting low in the corner booth, one arm slung over the back of the area she had just occupied before she had whisper-slurred in his ear that she was getting them more drinks.

He had tried to pull her back down to him, insisting that no, she most certainly did not need another drink, but the vixen slipped out of his arms and went on her way. Rhys didn’t go after her, knowing that if she wanted another drink then that was what she would get, especially since she was so determined to win the drinking game against Nesta and Cassian, the champions. At least the High Lord and Lady weren’t in last place; that position belonged to Lucien and Elain unsurprisingly, whom hardly ever touched alcohol, none the less played drinking games with it. In fact, he didn’t see either of them sitting at the booth now. They must have finally realized that this game could only end up with both of their heads in toilets and snuck away when everyone else was distracted.

It was Rhys’ turn to pick the card from the deck but he was enjoying watching Feyre go on her toes to reach the bartop and lean over it, gripping the edge to keep her balanced and upright, too much to turn away. He wondered if he should have walked with her, since she hardly seemed able to stand on her own and Rhys saw the bartender shaking his head as if he couldn’t understand the slurred words she was trying to say to him.

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Peaches Snafu x Reader

Request: The reader meets Snafu. He immediately begins to lewdly flirt, but to his surprise the reader disgraced him in front of everyone. When she leaves, he starts chasing her wherever she goes, because he LOVES when a girl’s “fiesty” and plays hard to get.

A/N: I’m not particularly happy with how this came out but I really enjoyed writing Snaf!<3 

You’re making your way around the crowded bar with your tray of drinks, balancing it as if your life depended on it. A large group of soldiers had filled the place, drinking away their sorrows and joking around. You squeeze through a gap between two soldiers who were facing opposite directions, lifting your tray above their heads so as not to spill anything.

You stop at a table of men who appear to have finished their drinks, smiling politely at them, you set new ones down.

“Lean over a little more sweetheart, the view is fantastic.” A slow, accented drawl says from behind you. You immediately stand up straight, setting the tray down on the table.

You whip round, a death glare already set on your face.

“Keep looking and I’ll switch the olives in the margaritas for your eyeballs.” You snap, one hand on your hip. The perpetrator grins, his wide, blue eyes shining at your threat.

“Is that a promise?” He smirks. He has dark, curly hair that looks as though it needs a good comb.

You continue to shoot daggers t him from your eyes but he doesn’t appear phased in the slightest.

“Gee, keep lookin’ at me like that you’re gonna get me all worked up.”

“You won’t be able to get worked up if I chop your johnny clean off.” You fire back.

He chuckles darkly.

“Ah I see. You like to keep souvenirs.” And with that, you’d had enough. You grabbed the tray from the table behind you and hit him upside the head with it. A mixture of gasps, laughter and ‘oo’s filled the bar. The man fell to the floor with the force of the blow.

“My souvenir to you. A nice, big shiner.” You smile, brushing your hands off then walking away. You hear him call out to you, his voice woozy.

“I’ll treasure it as long as I live, peaches!” You roll your eyes and tell your manager to escort him out.


The next morning, you’re carrying a large, brown bag of groceries back to your house. You can just about see over it, but your quaint little home is only a ten-minute walk away so you persevere. Your arms are aching a little, and you let out a sigh. The next thing you know the bag is being taken from your hands.

“Thank you so much, but you really don’t have to-“ Your thankful speech is cut short when you see who has relieved you of the bag. “You.” Your voice is little more than an angry hiss. It’s the man from last night. His sickly sweet smile the same as it was mere hours ago, minus a small cut in the left side of his lip. A dark bruise cascades down the side of his face.

You feel a twinge of guilt, but then remind yourself of how he disrespected you at work and brush it off. He switches the bag from both arms to one, extending a hand for you to shake. Of course, you refuse, but he isn’t deterred.

“Merriell Shelton. But ma friends call me Snafu.” He introduces himself. “Ma sincerest apologies for ma behavior last night, but I just can’t control maself when a lady as beautiful as you catches ma eye.”

Your lips purse involuntarily.

“Clearly.” In the silence that follows, his eyes travel from your face down your body, a slow smirk spreading across his face. You want to punch him, but he’s holding your groceries. You’re mortified to feel your thighs clenching and your cheeks heating up under his gaze. He’s an asshole, but an utterly gorgeous one.

“Would you be so kind as to give my groceries back?” You seethe, now not only angry, but embarrassed.

“Absolutely not. I could never let a woman struggle with such a load.” He insists. “Lead the way ma’am.” Although his manner is far more polite than the night you met, his eyes give away the inappropriate thoughts that are running through his mind.

“I asked you nicely, don’t make me ask you again.” You sigh.

“I’d never make ya do nothin’ you didn’t want to.” Merriell grins.

“Then I suppose we’re going to be here all day.” Your tone is testy, eyes narrowed at the difficult man standing before you.

“I don’t mind. Just means I get to look at ya some more.” His expression is playful, but you know he’s dead serious.

After standing there for a while, staring each other out, you give in.

“Fine. Follow me.”

“I’d follow that backside through a ragin’ battlefield.” He chuckles. At this point, you realise there’s nothing you can say or do that’ll stop him from flirting with you so you decide it best to simply ignore it.

You begin to walk, wanting to hate the way you can feel Merriell’s gaze burning into your back, but you just can’t. No man has ever pursued you so unabashedly, and something about his forward manner is so attractive to you, even though it shouldn’t be. He’s crass, with a filthy mouth, but you can’t help but imagine what said mouth would feel like pressed to yours.

Relief flows through you at the silence that has fallen, but it is short lived.

“Sure smacked me one good last night, damn near forgot ma own name.” He laughs, at least it wasn’t inappropriate.

“You deserved it.” You reply bluntly. You hear him exhale through his nose.

“Ain’t the first time ma mouth got me in’ta trouble.” He admits.

“I’m sure.” You mutter, not particularly wanting to prolong the conversation.  

“You never told me ya name.” He pipes up, falling into step beside you.

“Y/N.” You reluctantly inform him.

“Y/N, Y/N.” He repeats, rolling your name off his tongue fluidly. You have to admit, albeit internally, that it does sound good. “Beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Feisty too.” He muses.

“Can’t say that’s the first time I’ve heard that.” You snort humourlessly. The corner of his lip quirks up in a half-smile.

“What, that you’re beautiful or that you’re feisty?” He replies, one eyebrow raised in genuine curiosity.

“That I’m feisty.”

He hums thoughtfully.

“Most men can’t handle a woman with a lil’ fire in her heart ‘n’ a knife for a tongue.” You’ve heard many words and phrases used to describe your standoffish manner, but never had you heard it put in such a way. It was nice in a way, made it sound less negative. He almost romanticised it.

And as much as you hated it, it made your heart flutter.

To your dismay, you could see your house mere feet away. Despite what you’d previously felt, you’d come to enjoy his company and had a sensation that you’d wasted your time with him. Curse his charming ways. You eventually come to a halt at your little, wooden gate, holding your arms out for the bag of groceries.

“So this is home huh.” Snafu smiles, surveying the property. He still hasn’t handed you the bag.

“Yup. Thank you for helping me out, but I can take it from here.” You smile. He brightens at this.

“A smile from the woman of steel! I feel most privileged.” You roll your eyes.

“How will the lady open her front door with no hands free?” He smirks, winking at you. You stand before him, tapping your foot impatiently and an indignant look on your face.

“Fine. But after that, scram.” You lead him up the pathway, past your front garden filled with pretty flowers and to your door. Floral baskets hang either side of it.

“Like somethin’ outta a fairy tale.” Snafu comments. Once the door is open, he hands you your bag as promised. He steps back, off of the doorstep. He raises a hand in a salute. “Farewell Y/N. I was lucky to make your acquaintance.”

“Bye Merriell.” You wave.

“Please, call me Snafu.” He grins, then begins making his way back down the pathway.

For some godforsaken reason, your stomach lurches. In the short walk to your house you’d come to realise he really wasn’t as bad as you originally thought. You’d even come to fully appreciate how handsome he was. His broad shoulders, his habit of biting his bottom lip when he was considering something, the way the green of his uniform complimented his olive skin…

“Snafu!” You suddenly call out. He stops at your gate, turning to look at you. “Would you like to come in for some tea?” You say breathlessly. A beautiful smile spreads across his lips, no suggestiveness, no inappropriate look in his eye, pure happiness.

“Why I’d love to peaches.”

Butt Hurt

Based on Anon Prompt: “Imagine you and Owen making out in the paddock and Blue and Charlie nips at Owen’s butt until you two stop because they want your attention so you can make them your famous raptor treats please”

 You asked Owen to drive you to the paddock after dinner so you could give the girls the treats you made them, but the entire way over, his hand was glued to your thigh. You could tell that he was in a mood and he would look over at you every so often and smirk as he moved his hand up higher, causing you to let out a laugh.

“You’re so impatient, Owen,” You say, as he pulls up to the safety cage. The girls come running towards the gate as you get inside but Owen grabs your ass as you walk by him and you jump, turning around to him.

“Owen! Not in front of the girls!” You chastise him but this only challenges him and he pushes you backwards against the bars. You place the tray on the side table so as to not drop them and you let out a laugh. “Owen,” you say giggling, “They’re staring.”

He lets out a small laugh at your concern. “Ignore them.”

His lips move to your neck and you hold back a moan. He wraps one hand around to your back and the other one he places on your ass, giving it a sharp squeeze. You close your eyes as you tilt back you head, giving him better access and forget all about the four pairs of eyes looking at you.  His mouth moves across your jaw, peppering you with kisses before he reaches your mouth.

His tongue swipes across your lips softly and you part them, allowing him entrance. Your tongues move together, maneuvering in a sloppy dance as he slides his hands under the hem of your shirt.

You gasp momentarily and smile against his lips, pushing him backwards against the cage bars. You take control, unbuttoning his shirt and moving you lips to his neck, then his chest. You drag your nails down his chest and feel rather than hear the moan he lets out. Glancing up at him, you see his head thrown back and his eyes closed, much like yourself earlier. You love that you can get him just as worked up as he can for you. However, just as you reach down to undo the button of his pants, he jumps away from the cage, knocking you backwards and letting out a loud yell.

You look at him in fear with wide eyes and then he reaches his hand back to rub his ass.

“Blue, did you just bite me?” He asks incredulously, turning to look at the raptor on the other side of the bars. She looks at him when he speaks, but then runs to the side before pressing her snout to the bars and reaching her claws through. You break out in laughter when you realize she’s reaching for the treats and you double over, holding your stomach.

Owen turns to you, appalled that you find it funny. “Babe, she bit me!” His hurt expression just causes you to laugh harder and move towards him, placing a hand on his chest as you try to fight back the giggles.

“I told you to wait until we got home.” You pat his chest twice and move to the side, reaching for the tray of snacks. The other three girls surround you quickly as you toss the treats through the bars. You give an extra one to Blue and pat her head, cooing at her. “That’s a good girl, Blue.”

You turn to see Owen across the cage pouting with his arms crossed. You wipe your hands on your shirt and go to open the door.

“Oh, Come on Owen,” You smile up at him mischievously, “Don’t be so butt hurt.”

You chuckle at your own joke and he just shakes his head, still wearing a frown. You reach up and poke his face as he gets in the car, messing with him.

“Get it babe? Butt hurt? Because she bit your butt?” You laugh again at your wit and this gets a small smile out of him.

“You’re such a dork, you know that?” He asks, eyeing you like your weirdness is contagious. You give him a big grin.

“Yeah, but you think it’s adorable.” You undo your seatbelt and lean over to pepper his neck with kisses once more and place a hand on his still exposed chest, slowly moving it downward..

“Besides, I believe we were interrupted and I don’t think name calling is a good way to get me into bed.” You lean back to look at him and he’s biting his lip, hand tight on the steering wheel.

“I know a lot of good ways to get you in bed.” He counters with a smirk and you give him a quick peck on the cheek as he puts the car in park.

You jump out of the car and take off running towards the front door. “You gotta catch me first!”

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“Jaded”: Part Two

Summary: The time is 1976, the era where rock and fame was booming across the city of Los Angeles. In hopes to leave a life of misery behind, you sold your life for your dream. Within the span of 24 hours, you find yourself fresh off the bus - right into the hands of the Chaos Club, and the owner who took a chance on a girl like you. Bucky Barnes.

Notes: Cocky Bucky, 70s!Bucky, Cursing, Smoking. (smut is coming dont worry ok;))

let me know what you think, tags are at the end :)

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Unexpected Kindness (Darth Maul x Reader)

Prompt: “Could you do maul with “sorry. I didn’t mean to touch your butt” thanks!” 

(Here y’all go! If anyone is interested in a part 2, just let me know!)


You waded through the crowd surrounding the bar, balancing a large tray of drinks and scanning the area for the tables they belonged to. Sighing, you eventually spotted the large group that had ordered them and walked over, trying to avoid being jostled by the mass of bodies around you. It was a busy time for the taproom you worked at, and you were ready for rush hour to be over with.

Heaving a sigh of relief once the drinks were dealt to their respective orderers, you headed back to the bar with the intention of taking a break to clean some glasses. You turned around to do this, but you were bumped roughly to the side by a portly man who’d just walked in. You stumbled back, running into yet another person, and you were horrified when your palms brushed against their ass as you tried to steady yourself.

“Oh my gosh,” you exclaimed, “I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to touch your butt.” You looked up and were met with a pair of cruel-looking red eyes, set into a head covered in red and black markings. You gulped and tried to back up, but the same man from earlier bumped into you once more, pushing you against the stranger’s chest. “Fuck!” you swore as you felt your ankle twist under you. You started to fall, but were caught in a vice-like grip around your waist.

The strange-looking man glared over your shoulder at the offender and snarled, causing everyone in your immediate vicinity to quiet down. “Watch where you step, fool,” he growled. He looked back to you before focusing on your ankle. “Can you walk on that?” he asked briskly.

“Yeah,” you said, neither sounding nor feeling confident. You tried to take a step forward, but you tripped back against him, making him tsk.

“Clearly you cannot,” he grunted. Suddenly, you felt yourself being lifted up, and you squeaked as the man picked you up, carrying you to an almost-empty corner in the back of the bar. You’d almost forgotten that this part of the room existed; it was dark, and not a lot of customers saw it when they first came in.

Sighing, you felt yourself being lowered into the bench of one of the booths, and you looked up to see your dangerous-looking helper kneel in front of you. He picked up your injured foot with surprising gentleness and ran his fingers over the swollen area.

“You’ve sprained it,” he muttered. You gasped when you feel a warm sensation trickle through your veins, focussing on the hurt area. At first the feeling was uncomfortable, but you soon relaxed as it became increasingly pleasant. With a grunt, the man eventually pulled back, and you cautiously flexed your ankle. It was completely healed.

“How…?” You looked up to find him staring at your face, and you gulped.

“The Force,” he explained shortly, causing you to gasp and sit up.

“Are you a Jedi?”

The man laughed, throwing his head back. “No,” he chuckled. “No, I would never associate myself with the likes of the Jedi.”

His words clicked into place, and you scooted away from him marginally. “Y-you’re a Sith, then?” you asked, voice shaking slightly.

“Yes,” he confirmed. He leaned his hip against the table, crossing his arms over his chest. “That frightens you.” It wasn’t a question.

“Well, yes,” you said, furrowing your eyebrows. “The Sith use the dark side of the force.”

He chuckled once more, tilting his head to the side. “Do you know what that means?” he questioned. “People assume that the dark side of the force signifies evil, but truly it’s a matter of passion and determination, the desire to gain power and create order. Perhaps I am biased, but that isn’t evil in my eyes.”

You considered the man before you for a moment, pondering what he’d said. Perhaps he had a point. You took in his red eyes once more, moving along the markings on his face and the horns growing out of his skull. There was a certain dark beauty to him, and you found yourself intrigued.

“What is your name?” you asked cautiously.

“Maul,” he replied. “Darth Maul.” He bowed shortly, and you scooted closer to him, sticking your hand out.

“It’s nice to meet you,” you murmured. His lips twitched into a small smile as he grasped your hand in his gloved one, shaking it lightly before letting go of it. “Thank you for healing me.”

“It was my pleasure,” he said quietly. You considered each other for a moment before you stood up, tentatively resting your weight on your newly-healed ankle.

You chewed your lip for a second before speaking once more. “For all of your help,” you said, “let me give you a drink. On the house.”

He smiled softly and inclined his head towards you. “I’ll accept your kind offer,” he said. “If for nothing else, then for the company.”

You blushed and grinned shyly at him before heading back to the bar, a warm feeling spreading in your chest from the Sith’s unexpected kindness.


Chapter Two (Chapter 1)

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come tonight?” Anthony asked from my bedroom as I finished putting my eyelashes on.

Anthony wanted to come to the club with me tonight but for some reason, I felt the need to reject his offer. After my new powerful client caught me having relations with Anthony at my place of work, the last thing I’d want to do is have him awkwardly tag along.

“Baby, it’s fine. You’re probably jet lagged anyways. The last thing you’d want to do is come to a loud club,” I made my reasoning sound sincere all the while I was perfecting the make up that brought out my best features.

“But, I want to spend time with you,“ he whined in a childlike manner. Any other time I would have found it cute but now, it was a little nerve racking.

"We’ve spent time all day together,” I laughed as I took down my hair scarf that pushed my curls back while my face was being beat. Putting my hair back into place, I left the bathroom once my edges were laid perfectly. In nothing more than my underwear, I walked past my husband-to-be and into the closet to get the dress I have been saving for the perfect time.

Digging through the hundreds of garments that filled my bedroom sized closet, I found what I was looking for. I pulled on the snug black asymmetrical body constricting dress with little difficulty before turning around to look at my wall of shoes. Almost over a hundred shoes where organized neatly in the custom shelving I requested before moving in.

Settling on a simple yet expensive look, I chose a pair of black strappy five inch Louboutins with the iconic red bottom. Taking a seat on the little couch in my closet, I lotioned my legs then slipped on the shoes. Turning around and standing up to look at the final product, the image that reflected out of the full length mirror was breathtakingly sexy. Smiling at my work, I put my necessities into my small Versace black clutch. I looked at myself one more time before exited the closet to the bedroom. Once Anthony looked up and saw my appearance, his jaw nearly dropped.

“Where do you think you’re about to go looking like that?” he sat up on the bed and pulled me into him with a hand on my waist.

“I have to entertain tonight,” I giggled before tugging on a lock of my tight curls.

“Yeah, your tits and ass will surely be entertainment,” he stated after twirling me around so he could fully take in the sight of me. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you are trying to impress Bieber,” he hummed, playfulness glinted in his eyes.

“Shut up. I just wanted to dress up for myself. Definitely not for a spoiled asshole pop star,” I laughed as I straddled his legs. His hands gripped my hips as his eyes lingered on my chest that was directly in his face. “Besides, no pop star could ever compare to you,” I murmured as I pressed myself closer to him.

“Is that so?” he looked up at me with his dark brown eyes.

“I mean other than Trey Songz and Bryson Tiller- no,” I laughed before starting to move off of him so I could get going.

"Say something else like that and the only place you’ll be tonight is in this bed,” He gripped the back of my legs so I couldn’t go anywhere. He pulled me closer to him than I was before.

“Don’t tempt me,” I said sexily as I brushed my lips against his then conducted a surprise attack. I quickly tickled him to try to get out of his reach. He let about a bark of laughter and allowed me to get out of his lap.

“Baby get some rest. I’ll be quite alright on my own. I need to do a good job tonight and you’d be a distraction,” I spoke as I entwined our hands. Anthony rolled his eyes before finally letting me go but, not without a smack to my ass as I turned from him. He let out another ring of laugher as I held my middle finger up and I walked out. As soon as my footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs, I was bombarded by two large creatures.

“Mandy! Bronson! Not right now,” I groaned as my two excited dogs tried to hop on me and get all my attention. Mandy, my beautiful great dane, nudged me along the living room trying to steal away the attention I was giving to my pit bull, Bronson who was patiently waiting to be petted.  Once they calmed down, I gave them fresh water and one last pat before I cleaning myself of dog hair with a lint brush. They fuck up my clothes constantly but they are still my babies.

Grabbing my car keys and a bottle of water, I yelled out a goodbye before leaving the apartment. I quickly got into the elevator and went to the garage level where my white Mercedes convertible was parked beside my Range Rover and Anthony’s Porsche. After switching into my car shoes, I made the twenty minute drive to Vortex. Upon arrival, I already saw a long line starting to form along the entrance as one of my many security guards accepted a group’s entrance fees and let them in. My eyes lingered at the line as I drove along to the restricted area of the parking lot. I parked in my designated spot in the front of the club’s employee parking lot.

Even though it was only ten o'clock I could already hear the heavy bass of music. Although it seemed too early to be this energetic, the club as actually been open since four this afternoon. Once I realized how many clubs were open in the afternoon, I adjusted my hours to bring in more revenue. The earlier hours expanded my income by 32% and allowed me to hire more employees therefore, it was definitely a good investment.

Once I was inside, I greeted all the employees I passed on my way to the V.I.P. section. Upon arrival, I noticed that the section had a good amount of higher class men and women lounging therefore, my major clients have other people to interact with. Thankfully, Bieber wasn’t there yet because I still needed time to prepare the staff. Sure, we’ve had a fair amount of stars here but, they were mostly basketball players, C list celebrities, and obscure businessmen. Definitely no one as big as Justin Bieber.

“Lauren,” I called once I got to the bar that was occupied by clients that came often. My favorite bartender and manager quickly completed one of the men’s orders before engaging with me.

“How are you babes? You look hot tonight,” she complimented while she mixed a frozen drink.

“Thank you. Has Francis told you what is happening?”
“Of coarse! Only the newest celebrity fuck up is stopping by. Francis sent out an email to the managers so we already have it under control,” Lauren rolled her eyes.

“I need you to make sure Bieber and his friends are happy too. He’s easily influenced so if his friends aren’t impressed then, neither is he. If they want it, make sure they get it. I don’t care what it is. Make sure the waitresses are walking around with cocktails and shots at all times. Every hour or so bring Bieber’s crew some waters and appetizers and make sure-“

"Alexis, I’ve been doing this for twenty years. I have served a drink to Kanye West for fuck’s sake. I got this babe. I know what to do and I’ve already instructed the rest of the VIP employees on what to do. So, have a drink-” she sat a mini strawberry daiquiri in front of me, “and stop harassing us. We got this.” She winked before assisting the man a few stools down from me. I normally didn’t drink on the job but, my nerves were so bad that the mini daiquiri did help.

I got my shit together and acted as though tonight was any other night. As a precaution, I made my rounds making sure that everyone was situated. It turns that as much as I wanted to micromanage, my staff has the skills to perform their jobs at the highest level possible. I hired them for a reason and I needed to remember that. After warning the DJ, Ricky to not play any of Justin’s music, I resided in my office. Sitting at my desk, I paid bills as I watched Francis’ texts poured in.

10:53 They just got here. Justin looks so hot FYI

11:17 they’ve had a couple of drinks, two of them are dancing the rest are sitting around but they are having fun

11:24 they look impressed


Just at the last text came in, I finished all the tasks I planned to complete for the tonight. Smiling at Francis’ message, I left my office and locked my door after readjusting my appearance one last time. Justin Bieber requested my presence therefore, it was time for me to make an appearance in the VIP section.

In the hallway that lead upstairs, a long queue of people wanting to get into VIP, lined the wall. Obviously people knew Justin was here because on any other day, not many non VIP people with bother trying to get into the section that they obviously didn’t belong in. The people who probably have been waiting pointlessly for hours, glared at me as a strutted past all of them to the bouncer, Damien who let me in with a smile. Walking up the stairs with a cocky smile, I felt high with power. Spotting Justin’s crew wasn’t hard as they were all laughing loudly, sitting in a large booth in the center of the lounge area. I went to the bar and collected a tray full of Jell-O shots before walking up to the table with a sway in my hips.

“Look who finally showed up!” Alfredo exclaimed causing everyone’s attention to turn to me. I laughed as I set the tray down.

“Just wanted to make sure everything is going alright up here,” I stated genuinely.

“It’s perfect now that Justin will stop whining about you,” Ryan laughed before climbing out of the booth and going to the mini dance floor with Hailey and Fredo following behind.

“Bro, that girl has been staring at me all night,“ Za said confidently as he nodded to one of my frequent customers who is a well known lesbian.

"Shut the fuck up, Za. She’s been looking at me,” Kendall Jenner rolled her eyes.

“Please, Kenny. I can tell she’s into me. I’m going to go talk to her,” Za hyped himself up.

“And I’m going to go to the bar to watch you wipe out,” she rolled her eyes and pushed Za out the way so that she could leave the booth as well.

“And then there were two,” I stated awkwardly.

“You look really good tonight,” Justin nodded.

“Thank you. You look good as well. Have the waitresses been treating you right?” I asked, hoping for a review over my staff.

“Yes, your club definitely has good service,” he nodded again but his blatantly roamed my body.

“Thank you… so, I better get going I was just making sure y'all were good. Enjoy your night, and contact us soon if you decide you want to have your party here,” I handed him the business card  I grabbed from my office.

"Wait, not so fast! Come sit down,” He said quickly before chilling out.

“Yes, sir?” I asked mockingly as I slid in the booth beside him.

“Don’t call me sir unless it’s in a more intimate setting,” Justin stated with his normal playfulness drained out of his voice. Quickly, tension made its way into the air.

“Oh, please,“ I rolled my eyes, trying to disregard his words.

"Alexis, loosen up,” Justin broke his straight face and laughed as reached over for a Jell-O shot and placed in front of me. With his eyes gleaming, he watched as I slid the drink back his direction.

“No thank you, I don’t drink on the job,” I stated, matter of factly.

“You have an access to an unlimited bar and you don’t take advantage of it?” His voice hinted at genuine surprise. I nodded my head, confirming his statement. Suddenly, the DJ changed the song to Yeah and both dance floors screamed the lyrics making the club, twice as loud normal.

“I- part knee- cropping-” Justin said something that I couldn’t understand whatsoever.

“What!?” I asked leaning into him to hear him better. Making direct contact with me, he pushed locked of my hair behind my ear before cupping it and leaning in.

“I think I want my party here but, there’s just one thing that’s stopping me from making my decision,” He stated with his body closer to me than ever. From here, I can smell his intoxicating scent and take in all the physical features I never got a chance to notice. The bushiness of his eyebrows, the little scar on his cheek, and his slightly less than perfect skin made him even more attractive. Gulping, I leaned in the same way he had.

“And what’s that?”

“You.“ He didn’t even have to lean in for me to know what he was saying.

"What about me?” I asked, completely shocked.

“The fact that you’re no fun,” His eyes glinted. At this point, the crowds settled down, allowing us to hear each other without screaming.

“1. I am fun and 2. that opinion is irreverent anyway,” I leaned away from him and rolled my neck with every word I spoke.

“It makes all the difference. How am I supposed to plan my party with someone who doesn’t even party?” he questioned my abilities.

“Oh, I know how to party,” I rolled my eyes.

“Prove it then,” he slid the shot back to me.


“I kind of regret challenging you,” Justin said into my ear with a hand on my waist after I ordered another round of tequila shots. Two hours after coming up to VIP, the array of drinks in my system had me buzzing.

“Oh, so now you can’t handle me?“ I batted my eyes up him with a teasing smirk on my face.

"Princess, I can definitely handle you,” He murmured against my ear, his grip tightening on my waist. I hummed teasingly before leaning over to the tray of shots Lauren prepared for me. I wasted no time to turn with the drinks and my hand and laugh as Justin trailed after me like a puppy. Who would’ve thought that I, of all people, would have this pop star wrapped around my finger.

“Drink up!” I called to Justin’s friend when I got back to the table and took a seat again. Justin slid in beside me and gripped my thigh as I listened to some obnoxious story Za was telling. Clearly not paying attention to his friend Justin abruptly, turned to me with a smirk.

“You know, I knew you were fun all along,” he laughed.

“And how did you know that?” I giggled.

“I didn’t forget what I saw when I walked back in here earlier. It was really hot,” his grip tightened for a second and continued to linger on my thigh. Up until this point, since I was drinking with Justin, I completely forgot about my fiancé. At Justin’s words, I stiffened against him and leaned away. I was engaged yet, here I was way to close for comfort with Justin.

I was too far gone.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” I asked instead of responding to his statement.

“I’m Justin Bieber. I don’t have girlfriends,” he laughed. “But what’s up with you?”

“I’m engaged,” I spoke with a straight face, remembering the position I was in.

“What?” He leaned in again, obviously not hearing me over the music. Just as I was going to repeat what I had said, Hailey and Kendall squealed in unison as the opening beat to Wobble came on. With the distraction of one of my favorite dance songs, my fuzzing mind lost track as to what I was saying. Instead of finishing the conversation, I pushed Justin out the booth so I could join the girls on the dance floor.

Although the Wobble was a song that everyone could do, I went above and beyond to display my skills. Instead of merely going through the dance, I added my own style which included a lot of hair whips and booty pops. I seductively danced and as my eyes scanned the room, I noticed that most of the people in VIP were watching me.

My eyes didn’t linger anywhere long until I met eye contact with Justin who drank his liquor as I bent over sexily. Just as it looked like he was about to make his was over to me, one of the many woman waiting to make him her prey, approached him. As Justin was now getting sidetracked left and right by thirsty women, I continued to dance with the girls as songs radiated through the building.

It wasn’t until the heavy bass of the Weeknd pumped through me that I finally felt strong arms around me. I looked back to see Justin looking at me as though the only thing he wanted to do was take me to the bathroom and fuck me. I smirked, loving the attention given to me as I grinded my ass back against him. Women were throwing themselves at him left and right but right here, right now, he wanted me.

I placed my hands over his as I bent down and danced against him all while he kept the rhythm with me. A moment later he pulled me up and turned me around to face him. I locked eyes with his dilated ones as I continued to move with him to the sexual song. Just as I thought he was going lean down and kiss me, he instead began singing in my ear.

“Often, often. Girl, I do this often,” He murmured. My senses heightened at the melodic verse he sung as he reached behind me and gripped my ass. I moaned out as he pulled me in closer to him. “I want you so fucking bad,” He growled in my ear before swiftly nipping at my neck. Just as I was about to mindlessly beg him to take me, a pool of freezing cold liquid spilled all over the back of my dress and his hands.

I quickly pulled away from him in shock as Kendall apologized. She tried cleaning up the mess resulting in her spilling more of her champagne everywhere. “You’re fine. It’s fine just- um, excuse me,” I said quickly as I rushed off to the bathroom.

What the fuck? What the fuck. What. The. Fuck. I panicked eternally as I dried my dress off. Other drunk women babbled about nothing and adjusted their images in the mirror while I was close to a panic attack. If Kendall hadn’t have spilled her drink on me, I surely would have gone home with Justin.

I almost fucked Justin Bieber but, more importantly, I almost just cheated on my fiancé.