The reason Hoseok was happy with the cake the girl bought him even if it wasn’t his birthday and the fact he was eating the chocolate bar during Wings short film Mama was because his mom left him something sweet to eat before she abandoned him. It was a sign that she still cared about him, so he kept enjoying sweets as a way to recall her. 

little things

requested: can you make an imagine where Tom cheats on his gf and he wants to get back together but he randomly meets the reader (y/n) who is willing to help him get his gf back but he ends up falling for the reader instead

summaryTom is down on his luck with his relationships, the last one blowing up in his face right in the middle of your coffee shop. He turns to an unlikely stranger for help–you. However, after you agree to help him, he finds himself falling for the unlikely stranger instead.  

word count: 2k

pairings: tom holland x reader

warnings: none

a/n: depending on how popular this one gets, i might turn it into another series. we’ll see!! i couldn’t write tom cheating on someone because i dont have the heart to so i tweaked it a tiny bit i hope thats okay  // not my gif // i also tried to make the reader as gender neutral as possible

Each time you woke up in the morning, you knew it was going to be a good day–simply because you refused to have a bad one. You sang in the shower, danced while you got dressed, whistled while you put up your hair. It was like you always had happy music playing in your mind, you radiated positivity. And what better job for someone who radiated such happiness? A humble cafe owner in New York City.

You waved to the usuals who were in your shop nearly every day–the familiar faces causing your heart to bloom open like a flower in spring. You donned your apron with a beautiful smile, greeting your employees and began taking orders.

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Imagine you tried to rob a wizard's tower

The cold stone walls close in on you. There’s fresh, clean straw under you and an empty bucket in one corner. A torch burns resolutely in the hallway. You knew this was a stupid idea. One of the boys in your village convinced you that the wizard is a fraud, that his potions are sugar water and his magical talismans are useless bits of junk. The boy dared you to sneak into the wizard’s tower, steal something, and bring it back. You agreed, but mostly to shut him up. You’re not afraid of the wizard or his alleged power. There’s no such thing as magic, after all.

The wizard’s tower was just outside of the village, at the edge of the forest. If it had any kind of guards or defenders, you’d never seen them. You snuck in through a crack in the wall and looked through shelves of bones and crystals and things you couldn’t even identify, searching for something small enough to slip into your pocket. You were startled by a noise behind you, and even more startled when you turned to look at the source. A little humanlike figure, about the size of a pigeon, sat perched on a shelf and grinned at you. It spread out its batlike wings and said something in a language you’d never heard, a few syllables that echoed strangely in the small room. Everything went black, and when you woke up, you were in a cell.

So here you are, imprisoned. There’s a man looking at you through the barred door. He’s a short and slight, with a neatly trimmed beard. You’ve seen him before, hawking the wizard’s wares in the village market, all smiles and lofty promises as he peddled healing potions and fertility charms. He is not smiling now.

“Why did you invade my tower?” he asks. “Go on, let’s hear it.”

You’ve always assumed that he was actually the wizard’s assistant, or just a hireling. He looks nothing like you’ve always pictured wizards. He’s wearing a look of extreme annoyance and the kind of tunic and trousers that wouldn’t look out of place on the village innkeeper. You don’t know what you expected. Elaborate robes and a long gray beard. For some unknowable reason, you’re unwise enough to say so.

“The robes are only for ceremonial use,” he says. “They are dreadfully uncomfortable. I can’t be bothered to wear them all the time. You break into my home, and now you expect me to walk around draped in all that nonsense just to meet your expectations?”

Lost for words, you can only shake your head.

“And what about you?” he asks, crossing his arms. “Why are you here? I warn you, I won’t take pity on you no matter how heartrending your story is. Your mother’s dying from some horrible disease the healers have never seen before? Is it your sister? Are your crops failing? I rather liked the thief who said he needed a lucky charm so he could win enough gold to pay off his gambling debts. I can imagine how he got into trouble in the first place.”

“A boy in the village dared me,” you admit, and your voice comes out as little more than a whisper. It sounds pathetic even to you. Your heart is pounding and if you weren’t still on the ground, you’d probably collapse anyway. “I only said yes so he’d shut up. I didn’t even take anything. I swear, I’ll never come here again-” You trail off as the words die in your throat.

The wizard closes his eyes and sighs deeply. “Those charms I sell in the market? Those are mere trinkets,” he says. “Little things to keep the villagers happy. You have no idea what I can really do. If you ran off with something really dangerous, you could unleash horrors you can’t even imagine. I mean hellfire raining from the skies, cattle transforming into ravenous beasts. And that would be the least of it. You could end the world.”

“I’m sorry,” you try to say, but it just comes out as a squeaking noise.

He’s still glaring at you, but something in his expression actually seems to soften a little. “Still, you’re honest,” he says. “That’s a rare trait.”

“Are you going to let me go?” you ask.

The little winged creature is sitting on his shoulder. It chitters at you and draws one slender finger across its throat.

The wizard smiles coldly. “Eventually,” he says. “I can’t let intruders just run off on their merry way. You might decide to pay me a return visit. Or tell someone that I’m soft on thievery.” He pulls a bottle out of his pocket and holds it up to the bars. It’s clear glass, with a cork trapping some clear reddish liquid inside. “Here’s the deal. Drink this, endure what’s going to happen to you, and then you can go. Don’t drink it, and you’ll stay locked in this cell forever or until I find another use for you and all those delightful organs of yours. You would not believe what you can do with a human spleen.”

You hesitate. “Endure” is a very scary word, considering your current situation. But he did promise to let you go, and whatever that potion does can’t be worse than staying locked up forever. At least, you hope not.

The potion bottle clinks against cold iron as you pull it through the bars.. It’s heavier than it looks. “What is it?” you ask, studying the contents. “What’s going to happen to me if I drink this?”

“And ruin the surprise? It will hurt,” he says. “It won’t kill you. If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have bothered with the cell or dangling the thought of freedom out in front of you. I’m not that sadistic. Well, I am. But only sometimes.”

It’s still not very reassuring, but what he’s saying makes sense. He hasn’t hurt you so far, besides locking you up. And to be honest, taking his offer is the best option you have available. “Okay,” you say. “I’ll drink it. And then do you swear by the Light that you’ll let me go?”

The wizard is quiet for a moment. “The Light and I are not on particularly good terms,” he says. “But if it puts you more at ease, I swear by the Light that I’ll release you alive and unharmed.”

Somehow, it doesn’t put you at ease at all. But you believe him.

You try to open the potion bottle. The cork’s wedged in tightly and your hands are shaking too hard to pull it out. The little winged creature flutters off the wizard’s shoulder, flies right through the door, and lands beside you. Its agile fingers work the cork out easily, and the creature holds the bottle out to you expectantly. The potion smells like herbs and something you can’t quite identify.

“My familiar will have to stay here to keep you company,” says the wizard. “I can see through its eyes, and it is rather stronger than it appears. I’d advise against trying anything. Now, drink that so I can get back to work.”

Closing your eyes, you swallow the bottle’s contents. It tastes overly sweet and your throat tingles afterwards. You’re tingling all over, actually, and you can feel something shifting deep inside of you. There’s a twinge of pain deep in your belly. “What did I just drink?” you ask, trying to fight off a feeling of impending doom. “What’s happening to me?”

The wizard’s already setting off down the hallway. “You’ll see,” is all he says.


The familiar can’t seem to sit still. It paces up and down the length of your cell, occasionally flying out through the walls and back again. Whenever you try the walls they’re solid rock; the familiar must be able to pass through them magically. Once, you get up to try the door but the familiar just chitters at you menacingly. You sit back down and try to ignore the growing ache in your belly.

It started out as a mild annoyance, so slight you thought you were imagining it. Now it feels like someone’s punched you in the belly; not hard, but it hurts enough to be distracting. It feels like hours have passed but aside from the stomachache, nothing else seems to be happening to you. Maybe the potion really was sugar water after all. Or maybe it just didn’t work. You hope it didn’t work. Then the wizard’ll have to let you go just like he promised, right?

Your clothes are getting tighter around your middle. That’s odd. As you reach down to put a hand on your stomach, an icy rush of panic fills you. Your belly’s growing. It’s slow at first, but it soon starts growing faster. Eventually you have to strip out of your clothes just to make room for your new bulk. Once, a woman in the village gave birth to twins, and you’re bigger now than she ever was. You sit with your back against the cold stone wall and watch as you grow bigger and bigger, pinned beneath your own growing belly. Whatever’s inside you, it’s so heavy that you’re not sure you could stand up if you tried to. You run your hands over your belly, oddly fascinated by the feeling of it under your fingers. Your curiosity almost overcomes the fear.

Something slick is running out of you and down your legs to pool in the straw bedding. You wonder what’s inside you, and if it’s close to being born. Some kind of creature? You’ve heard that pregnant women can feel their babies moving, but you don’t feel anything besides a steadily growing weight. So maybe it’s not a creature.

That’s almost comforting. You’ve been imagining all kinds of horrible scenarios. Now you don’t need to worry that there’s some sort of demon beast about to claw its way out of you. Well, you weren’t worried about that before. You’re a little worried now.

All at once you feel a rush of fluid and some immense weight slipping into your passage. All your other thoughts vanish. There’s something inside you and you need to get it out, that’s all you know. You push, but you feel like the thing inside you is barely moving at all. You whimper in pain as you push harder, and you think you can feel it just barely inching its way down your passage.

You can feel your skin bulge outwards as the thing moves downwards one agonizing push at a time. The wizard said it would hurt, but this is so much worse than you feared. You feel tears streaming down your face as you try to force the thing out. You can feel it straining for release at your entrance. It’s barely half out and it’s already stretching you impossibly wide. By the Light, it feels like you’re going to split open. But you don’t, and you watch dumbfounded as an egg slides out of you.

An egg. You’re being held prisoner by a sadistic wizard, and he’s forcing you to lay eggs. It would be almost funny if you weren’t in so much pain right now. You let out a groan as another one enters your passage, begging you to squeeze it out. Again, you start to push, and again, you feel like the egg is barely moving at all. You scream, but it dissolves into helpless sobbing.

This is impossible. That first egg felt bigger than anything you could possibly squeeze out, and who knows how many more you have inside you? The wizard said he’d release you “eventually”. What does that even mean? How long does he expect to keep you here? Hours? Days? Weeks?

The familiar picks up your egg and flies out of the cell with it, apparently having no trouble carrying an object bigger than itself. You wonder where they’re going, what the wizard intends for these eggs. But then you need to push again and the effort drives everything else out of your mind.

The second doesn’t come much easier, but after another exhausting ordeal an egg drops out of you and onto the straw below. And, again, the familiar scoops it up and flies off with it to who knows where. You feel a third egg enter your passage. Then a fourth, a fifth. You’re losing count. All you can do is keep laying eggs and pray that there’s an end in sight.

They start coming faster and faster. After you birth each egg you barely have time to catch your breath before the next one starts working its way out. You barely noticed it through the haze of pain but now you realize that your belly hasn’t been shrinking. In fact, it’s growing. New eggs are forming inside you faster than you can push them out.

A horrible thought occurs to you.

“When I lay them all, that’s it?” you ask the familiar, between gasps. “He’ll let me go?”

The familiar nods excitedly.

“But-” You thought you were out of tears but now you can feel more welling up. You just keep growing more. You’ve been tricked. The wizard lied. He’s never going to let you go. You’ll just stay here in this cell forever, spewing out eggs until you die, wondering when the tide will finally stop. Your throat’s already hoarse, but you scream as another egg starts to slide down your passage.


You cry in relief when you notice that your belly is finally shrinking. By the end, the eggs just slide out of you with no resistance; you couldn’t stop them even if you wanted to. Your hole is stretched beyond recognition and every part of you hurts. You lie there in the straw, too spent to move. “Please, let it be over,” you whisper. You’ll never steal anything ever again. You’ll go to the Chapel of the Light every Sun’s Day and pray for forgiveness. You’ll kill the bastard who dared you to come here in the first place.

The wizard steps into view in the hallway as his familiar carries the last egg away. “Normally I give my guests a second or third dose of the ovigenesis potion,” he says, by way of greeting. “But, well, you were honest with me. If you like, you can have this instead.”

The potion in his hands now is one you recognize. It’s one of the milky-pink healing potions he sells in the marketplace. He offers it to you and you drink it down without an argument. It takes effect almost instantly. Your pain fades and you can feel your poor, abused muscles repairing themselves. In a few minutes you feel almost as good as new. Almost.

You were too exhausted to realize that you’re still naked. Naked in front of a strange man who has you locked in a cell. Reflexively, you cover yourself.

The wizard chuckles a little. “I can see through my familiar’s eyes, remember? I’ve seen all you have to offer and I have no prurient interest in your body. To me, you’re just a source of raw materials.”

You really don’t like the way he says that. Your hands stay where they are and you look over at your discarded clothing. Your discarded, wet clothing. Ugh.

“I can clean the…assorted fluids out of your clothes. You know, with magic.” He mutters something and waves his hands. The familiar neatly folds your clothes and lays them on a dry patch of straw. “There we go. Do you have any other pressing needs? A glass of water, perhaps?”

You answer no. Actually, you’d love a cold drink of water right now but besides the healing potion, you’re not sure you’d feel safe drinking anything he might offer you.

The wizard shrugs. “As I promised, you’re alive and unharmed. Mostly unharmed, at least. My healing potion will take care of that. I’m sure you can feel it working already. When you’ve recovered, you can leave.” He turns and walks off into the darkened hallways.

Strength returns to your body and your poor, abused hole even starts to close up. When you feel confident that you can stand without falling over, you dress yourself and follow the chittering familiar out through the wizard’s dungeons. You head out through the tower’s front doors and into the night. Outside, the breeze smells sweeter than the finest perfume. You stagger home and collapse into your bed, sleeping soundly until well into the afternoon.


You never go near the tower again. The village boy shows up at your house the next day and asks what happened. You’re tempted to punch him, but you don’t have the strength. Instead, you tell him to fuck off as viciously as you can manage. He doesn’t bother you again.

But it doesn’t quite end there. You try to avoid the wizard’s stall on market days but somehow he’s always right in your path, and he always greets you with a wide smile and a cheerful “Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer!” Sometimes, he tries to offer you a very familiar red potion. Your heart stops when you see it, but then he gives you a wink and slips the bottle back into some hidden pocket.

Lately he’s been selling “dragon’s egg” potions and carved amulets. Whenever you see them set out and glinting in the sunlight, you ache somewhere deep inside. You’re sure those eggs didn’t come out of any dragon, but you can never work up the nerve to ask.

You develop a profound sense of appreciation for chickens and egg-laying creatures of all kinds. You can never look at an omelette the same way again.

And it turns out that the potion never truly wore off. Once every few months, you’re awakened in the middle of the night by a sharp pain in your abdomen. The wizard’s familiar swoops in as you push a giant egg out of yourself, cackling to itself as it watches you strain. Laying the egg is always worse than you remember; every push feels useless, like the egg’s trying to cling to your insides out of sheer spite. Eventually it crowns and then slides out, leaving a void where your insides were stretched around it.

Every time, you wonder if this egg will really be the last one. Every time, you ask the familiar to tell the wizard you’re sorry, you never meant any harm, and can he fix what the potion did to you?

The familiar just grins at you and flies off into the night, holding your newborn egg in its arms.

(Hi! I’m deepoceanblue and when I sat down at my computer, this happened. Thanks for reading <3)

A-Z NSFW: Xiumin

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A = Aftercare 
Xiu’s a very neat guy, he has a freaking tiny vacuum for his bed, c’mon. He doesn’t like mess, so he’s pretty keen on quickly wiping you down with a warm rag or dragging you to the shower and stripping the bed sheets. He works out like crazy, so he knows the importance of taking care of yourself, so he takes great care with making sure you’re not hurt, hydrated, clean, and even is pretty into giving you a tiny massage with sweet smelling lotion. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Obviously Xiu’s pretty proud of his abs and muscles, they really come in handy when he’s in the mood and you don’t really have a surface to do it on…On the flip side, he gets really sappy, he loves your eyes. He may have the muscles in the relationship, but you have the power to render him a mush of compliance with just a glance at him, use your power well.

C = Cum 
Again, Xiumin’s pretty clean, especially his bed, he doesn’t like making a mess so I imagine he almost always cums on like your tummy or thighs, somewhere that’s easy to clean up and isn’t going to make a mess on his bed.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
He hasn’t brought it up yet, and honestly he’s surprised you haven’t noticed. but he lowhighkey likes his hair pulled. He’s been thinking of a way to bring that to light…

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He’s the oldest, and I don’t buy into his whole cute and innocent act when he turns around and gets on stage and does that shit. Xiumin certainly knows what to do, there’s no doubt about that.

F = Favorite position
He gives me the ‘from behind’ kind of vibe. He can easily reach any part of your body, curl his fingers in your hair, hold you still or pull you back to meet his thrusts easily. Plus wall sex is 10x easier from behind, no one needs to accidentally be dropped.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Xiu’s like a secret goof. He puts on this act, then Baekhyun tries to touch him and it all falls apart lmao. I can see it starting out serious, and then someone can’t get their sock off and it all falling apart and you’re a mess of giggles.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
That boys titties are always out, so thankfully I get a good shot of his tummy. I think he grooms occasionally. He’s, again, a clean dude, and sometimes there’s a happy trail and sometimes not, so I don’t think he keeps up with trimming day to day, but he does keep it neat.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
I think Xiumin would be one of the best boyfriends from EXO, I think he’s really into taking care of you and showing as well as telling how much he cares for you, so I’m positive it travels into the bedroom. I think the showy part of his romance is more for your non-sexual relationship, and the talking is for the sexual part of your relationship. He’s a talker in the bedroom, he’s got his face hidden in your neck, and panting sweet nothings against your skin all the way through sex.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Once again, he’s a really clean guy. I don’t think he jerks off much, because of the mess. The only place Xiu does it, is in the bathroom, in the shower. That way there’s not mess to clean up and he can just relax afterwards.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He really likes hearing you. Xiumin loves hearing you breathless, whining for his tongue, his fingers, his cock, anything, he’ll give you, you just need to say it and he’ll comply. He’s more on the dominant side of actions in the bedroom, but he loves you whimpering for him and telling him what you want him to do to you.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Bathtub is a prime location, nice lock, warm bath, some bath bombs, and no clean up. Plus you’re all soft and smooth and smell good afterwards too. Just the bed is a close second, but Xiu really likes the bath.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Back to the Kink, he loves you begging for him. Even if it’s just you and the boys out for dinner, and you start tugging on his arm and whining that you’re tired and want to go back to the dorm, he’s already scheming his way to make sure the boys stay gone long enough he can have you a tired mushy mess in bed again. Something about your voice whining for him, just really gets him going.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Xiu’s kind of shy and a bit insecure(although I think he’s a lot more confident in himself now yay), he can’t even fathom the idea of someone trying to take you away from him, threesomes or some voyeur stuff is 100% off the table.  

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Xiumin? Aka the king of singing? And rapping? And basically anything a human can possibly do? He may not talk much, but that’s cuz his tongue is busy doing something else….69 is more his speed though, he likes pleasure between you two to be matched.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Xiumin’s normally a mix, he’s kind of on the slower side, not really slow but he’s not quick, not particularly rough, but hard.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
A few times quickies happen, they’re usually in the morning when you’ve woken up and Xiu has like a half hour to get his ass moving and dressed and to his schedule. Quickies are just morning sex, to be honest. He’s not against them, plus he knows when he gets home later at night you’ll have more proper sex.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He’s the oldest, so I don’t really think he cares about getting caught doing anything in the dorm. Outside the dorm is off limits, public sex isn’t a go. But as for anything you can do inside the house, he’s open to discussing and trying if it sounds fun or actually pleasurable. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He’s pretty big on foreplay to make up for how ‘normal’ sex is with him? Like sex with his is pretty average, the sex itself spans about 10 minutes, and two rounds in a row is a stretch for him. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Xiumin is tip toeing on the line of being a full blown dom, and the boys know better than to touch Xiumin’s stuff so he’s not worried about anyone seeing his secret stash. He’s got various handcuffs and silk clothes to tie your hands together or to the bed, and a few vibrators for foreplay.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
I feel like Xiumin is more impatient than the others, so teasing you is more like teasing him, and he’s not here for it. He’s big on foreplay, but full blown teasing, he normally passes on that stepped.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Xiumin’s pretty quiet, but that’s just because he’s sort of shy. In the bedroom, with you, he’s in his element. He doesn’t hold back, and the mofo is a goddamn gifted singer and rapper, he’s got a voice. He’s pretty loud, to be honest, groan and moans and he’s very vocal, I feel bad for any members that are near, no one needs to hear that.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Shower sex isn’t safe, kids, you and Xiu learned that the hard way. One day of work for you, and an intense schedule for Xiu, you were both in the mood but no one had the strength to go through stripping the bed afterwards, so shower sex was proposed. Long story short, a bar of soap was knocked off the shelf, someone slipped, and a trip to the ER was needed. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana’s bias lmaoNana…this was a 20 minute convo for her to just give me an answer…According to my ‘dick master’ grandma, Xiumin’s dick is a bit on the shorter side, but he’s ‘thick like a one of those good big German sausages’. I hate my grandma 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Xiumin’s climbing in the years, so I think his hormones have certainly settled down, so he’s not just a horny teenage boy anymore. I think his sex drive is pretty stable, few times a week you two have sex, or if he knows he’s going away for a while he tries to squeeze in a few extra rounds to make up for the time you’ll lose. But besides that, he’s a pretty average sex drive man.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
After the work he puts in with you, Xiu’s exhausted and ready for a tap out nap. I don’t think he falls asleep quickly, but he’s flopped down, demanding cuddles, and settling down for sleep.

Unfaithful: Unlucky Number Seven (Bill Skarsgård)


It had been exactly a month since Bill had broke the news to her. One month since she had bid him a good morning, slept in the same bed as him and lived in the same apartment. Was this month her finest? No, of course not. But she could not have asked for more supportive friends during such a hard time than the ones she had. Yet this on day, one month ago, her life altered so quickly before her, that she now dreaded even hearing that number out loud. Perhaps her friends knew this, which is why they chose tonight to go out to the bar.

“I don’t know, Victoria.” She said nervously, leaning deeper into her friends sofa.

Victoria shook her head, tossing her long black locks over her shoulder before sitting up straight so she could fold her legs into a cross-legged position.

“Why not?” Asked her dark haired friend.

She gave Victoria a knowing look to which her friend waved off.

“We have been out plenty of times after Bill. What is different about tonight?” She pressed.

It was true, they had gone out numerous times to clubs, bars and movies after she had split from Bill. Every time she was out she forgot all about him and focussed on having a blast with her friends, taking a few photos and uploading them to her Instagram without even contemplating what he might think of the images.

She sighed and sat up to be at eye level with her friend.

“Today just feels like a day to mourn, you know? This same time a month ago, I had just gotten home from work, planned a relaxing night for myself and then…” She looked down at the couch.

Victoria placed a hand on her shoulder, motivating her to continue. She finally met her friends dark brown eyes and thought about what to say next.

“Guess what one of the films I watched that night was called.” She asked her friend rhetorically.

Victoria shrugged, waiting for the answer.

She placed a hand over her lips, stifling the sad laughs that fell from her mouth, before saying:

“Unfaithful. You know that sort of terrible movie with Diane Lane about her affair?”

Victoria nodded a yes.

“Out of all of the movies in the world, that one just so happened to be on television. It drives me mental.” She complained.

Only that instead of the female being cheated on, she drove the affair with another man. Regardless, it felt like a sign; like it was destined for their relationship to fail.

Victoria could see that this was a difficult day for her friend, and she was not going to let her spend it alone. She settled her hands on her friends shoulders and leaned forward, a stern expression on her face.

“Screw Bill. He is a proper bastard who does not deserve your thoughts. We are going to go out and have a great night drinking and dancing with Mel, Maddie and Tyler. Okay?” She asked, hard eyes never once leaving her friend’s somber ones.

A smile ultimately spread across her lips; she truly did have a wonderful best friend.

Victoria grinned at her response and finally let go of her shoulders. She grabbed her friend’s hand and pulled her off the couch.

“Stick it to the man.” Victoria cheered.

She decided that no longer was she going to let the seventh, a supposedly lucky number, become her undoing. The seventh day of the month was going to be just like any other average day, and she was going to spend it getting drunk with her friends.

She smiled before echoing:

“Stick it to the man.”

She mentally thanked Victoria what seemed to be one hundred times, in her head over the course of the evening. Tonight was definitely what she needed. The fact that she had been to this club multiple times before, all of which were with Bill, did not even faze her.

She took a swing of her whiskey, draining the contents of the glass entirely, then set it down on the wooden table.

“Do you want to do one more round before we dance?” She asked the group surrounding the table.

There was a collective agreement among the friends.

She was glad for this, as she was more than content with getting fairly drunk. The shots could keep rolling in the whole night for all she cared.

“Do you need help carrying them?” Tyler asked.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Sure. Thanks.”

They both slid out of the black leather seating at their booth, made their way down the steps and out of the seating area to the middle of the club. If you headed deeper into the complex, you would reach the dance floor and if you moved towards the front, you would find the large bar that connects itself in the shape of a square.

They turned towards the entrance and strolled to the bar.

She slipped onto one of the black, cushioned bar stools and tugged at the hem of her tight red dress while Tyler stood behind her shoulder, one hand placed on the bar counter casually.

A short, thicker man greeted the pair with a broad smile from behind the counter.

“What can I get for you tonight?” He wondered.

She tilted her head back to look at Tyler.

“Snake Bites?” He whispered, meeting her eyes.

She nodded and turned back to the bartender, “Five Snake Bites.”

He nodded and reached for five shot glasses. She watched his movements almost in awe as he began to ready their drinks; he moved so fast.

Her interest faltered when she looked across the bar and was met with the sight of a tall, blonde Swede. It was Bill’s older brother Alexander.

Her hands subconsciously gripped the counter in front of her. He could be here.

‘Maybe he’s here with a friend. It’s about a one in twenty chance of it being Bill.’ She thought, desperate to soothe her spinning thoughts.

Yet any possible reassurance she could have given herself vanished when she spotted Bill’s leather bomber jacket in the seat beside Alex. Her heart fell.

'He must be in the washroom.’ Crossed her mind.

That speculation filled her with disgust even though they had broken up. The thought of him in the a dingy club washroom with some random woman, getting oral or the living daylights fucked out of him, made her upset even though she knew it shouldn’t have. All she could hear was Victoria repeating 'Stick it to the man’ over and over in her head. Yet she couldn’t help but feel that he was showing her up by moving onto to other women.

“You okay?” Tyler asked, slight concern filling his brown eyes at the sight of her body tensing.

Her head whipped back at the sound of his voice; she had forgotten he was even there in the first place.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.” She replied, spreading her lips into a fake smile to try and diminish his worries.

The questioning look he gave her did not change. Instead it grew more concerned, knowing she was hiding something from him.

“Five Snake Bites. Enjoy.” The bartender said, placing all five shots before the pair.

She could not have been more relieved to hear his voice telling her their drinks were made. She planned on leaving the club before Bill could catch a glimpse of her. Subconsciously, she wanted to leave so she did not have to look at him either.

“Thanks.” Tyler smiled at the man before picking up three of the glasses.

She slid off the bar stool and picked up the remaining drinks, casting a look over to Alex; he had still not seen her. Tyler began down the steps  to the main floor which led back to the seating area. She strode after him, walking much faster than usual.

They made it to their table without issue.

“Here you go Mel… Maddie… Victoria.” Tyler announced, handing each of the girls their shot glass before sitting back down in his spot.

She placed Tyler’s glass on the table in front of him then downed her own in one fluid motion. She was going to need that for later.

Victoria quirked a brow when watched her friend pick up her beige trench coat.

“I have to go. I’m feeling a bit unwell.” She spoke hastily, wanting nothing more than to leave the building as soon as she could.

Victoria saw through her lie instantly.

“No, you feel fine. What’s wrong?” She asked, tone softening as she asked her friend the question.

She buttoned up her coat and tied it at the waist before sighing. She supposed telling her friends the truth would get her out of there faster than repeatedly lying.

“Bill’s here.” She said simply.

All of her friends faces turned sour at the mention of him; they hated him now.

“Hey. Stick it to the man, remember?” Victoria tried.

She shook her head at her friend’s attempt.

“I can’t deal with him now.” Was all she could manage to say. The only thing she wanted was to leave the club unseen by Bill. It had been a month since she had seen him last and she hoped to keep it that way.

Tyler grabbed her hand and squeezed it, “If this is what you want, I won’t stop you. Just let me come home with you.”

She smiled at his gesture, but she did not want to ruin their night.

“No. Thanks though, Tyler. I only live three blocks away; I’ll manage.” She assured them, a small smile forming on her face.

They nodded collectively.

“You owe us a date then! How about lunch on Saturday?” Maddie asked.

“Of course.” She replied, giving her friend a smile.

Letting go of Tyler’s hand, she reached for her purse then waved to her friends as she walked to the entrance of the club.

She was just about to pass the bar.

She couldn’t help herself, she had to take a look over her shoulder. She just had to see him.

There he was, looking the exact same as always. But what had she truly expected? A new hair colour, style or posture? No, it was seeing him look the same as he had before that broke her heart. He was living a new life without her as she was doing without him. For a split second, she missed him dearly.

Then, as fate should have it, he looked past Alexander and right into her eyes.

It seemed as though time had froze for them both. His pale eyes grew wide and his jaw slackened; there she was, stunning as always in her favourite coat, hair beautifully styled. A pink streak covered her face as the spotlight hit her, he could not stop staring at her. The last memory he had of her was the tears and hatred marking her face, all because of him.

Her whole body stiffened and she felt as if she could not move. She only reacted when he stood and strode past his brother to the stairs, long legs covering a lot of area quickly, and headed directly towards her.

She turned on her heel and walked as fast as she could out of the building.

Raining. It was pouring rain outside.

The sky was a depressing shade of blue. Water droplets came down hard and fast, the same speed she swore had pounded on her window exactly one month ago. It felt just like the same night, and if she walked out the door her old self would be able to see her from that window.

Despite the weather, she crossed her arms into her chest as she stepped out of the club and onto the sidewalk. The rain instantly fell in sheets over her body.

All she wanted was to get away from him. She could not bear to hear his voice, see his face up close, or listen his excuses. She had only realized how much she loved him when everything went south.

“Y/N! Wait!” He called from a ways behind her.

She did not slow her pace, desperate to make it to her apartment without contact.

She heard the pounding of his footsteps on the wet cement and her heart began to beat even faster, knowing there was no way she could get away from him, not with his long legs and her high heels.

His large hand wrapped around her upper arm, pulling her back to him. She fought it, wrenching her arm out of his grasp, only for him to grab it again.

Suddenly she froze, knowing there was no point in fighting him; he was not going to let her go. Still, she refused to look at him, opting for the darkening sidewalk instead.

“Y/N.” He breathed, taking in her form. The rain was beginning to soak them both; her hair was drenched and coat a much darker shade of brown, but he still thought she looked beautiful.

Hearing him say her name sounded foreign, yet like she was back home. She had not heard his lips utter her name in a month and she could not decide whether she missed it or not. The sound of his voice made her feel the dozens of feelings that she had tried to store away.

“What do you want?” She asked, voice devoid of all emotion.

It broke his heart, hearing her voice sound so monotone, so unlike her own. He wished she would look at him so badly, so he could see the eyes he had missed so much. He wanted to see into her.

He placed his hand on her cheek, moving her head back so her eyes finally met his.

A single tear slipped from her eye at the sight of him, so handsome, beautiful and stylish. So Bill. She thought they had great plans for the future, to marry one day, possibly start a family… until he ruined it all.

She stepped back, out of his reach.

“Don’t touch me.” She warned, voice shaking.

The way that he towered over her once made her heart pound with desire, now it only made her feel much smaller.

“I’m so sorry. I was drunk and I know that isn’t an excuse but… I’m sorry.” He pleaded.

Immediately she reached into her jacket pocket and fished out a cigarette. She placed the roll-up between her lips and went back down to grab her lighter.

He advanced on her at once and ripped the cigarette from her lips, throwing it on the wet ground beside her.

Her eyes widened.

“Y-You stopped.” He reminded her, voice quavering.

She crossed her arms across her chest again, feeling cold as the rain soaked her to the bone.

“I started again.” She whispered.

His eyes went glassy, for he had done this to her. He had not only ruined his life, but hers as well. Images of her smoking on the leather couch, looking out the window and while preparing food in the kitchen flashed through his mind, making it harder to not break down entirely.

“I love you. I love you so fucking much and I miss you. I wish I had never slept with someone else.” He confessed.

She looked up at him and shook her head.

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t have slept with someone else.” She said simply.


She shrugged her shoulders and started off, only to be grabbed and pressed against the cool, brick wall of a printing firm.

“No. I love you, please.” He all but whined.

“Let me go. You’re drunk Bill.” She stated, trying to shake his hands off her lower arms.

His grip was firm, not letting her escape as he held onto her, just above her wrists.

“I can’t live with out you. I can’t. Please… Can we try again?” He asked, taking one hand off her arm to card it through her hair. God, it felt so good to touch her smooth locks again.

“You’re drunk Bill, and we both know you make mistakes when you’re drunk.” She declared, eyes hardening at the sight of him. “Now let me go.”

He did, and she exhaled sharply, back against the cold brick as she looked up at him fearfully.

“Please. Another time… Can we talk?” He asked quietly, pale green orbs barely able to look into hers.

She took a few small steps back, still facing him, and nodded.

“Sure. If you can even remember.” She quipped.

And with that final statement, she turned around fully and hurried off to her apartment, leaving Bill standing in the pouring rain.

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Using a short bar 20-50 lbs at the most, try this hamstring & gluteal burn out! Perfect way to shape and tone your lower body 🏋🏾
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yozoraarashi  asked:

65. with EraserMight for the numbered prompt list if you don't mind that pairing and if you are inspired. Thanks for sharing your writing with us! I love your writing so much that you got me into the BnHA fandom when you started writing for it.

65: “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”


After the media circus that is All Might’s reveal comes to a semi-final close, Shouta finds his fellow teacher in the break room, looking more exhausted than both of them combined. Even coffee, when presented, barely puts a dent in it. Shouta’s tempted, for the first time in his life, to bundle All Might up and shove him in a closet for a few hours of good, uninterrupted rest. He’d even be willing to let the man use his (incredibly comfortable) sleeping bag, if that helped.

“Don’t even think about it,” Midnight murmurs to him as he passes her on the way in. “I already offered to put him to sleep for a couple of hours, and he refused. I doubt you’ll get anywhere with a man that stubborn. Mic tried, too. Had him about halfway unconscious until Blood King came in.”

Ah, that explains the glaring Mic is doing, which looks more like it belongs on his own face than the cheery radio host. “I’ll handle it,” he tells her, which earns him a snort.

“Good luck with that,” she says, and leaves the room. 

Shouta approaches All Might’s stubborn refusal to rest the same way he’d approach a student’s stubborn refusal to rest. Which is to say, with all the tact and subtlety afforded to someone of his rank and station.

“You’re being incredibly stupid.”

All Might stares at him. Mic stares at him, and then cackles and ducks behind his computer when Toshinori turns to stare at him in mute betrayal. 

“I’m fine, honestly. I don’t know what Midnight told you–”

“She told me you were being incredibly stupid by refusing her help, and then when Mic got you halfway to sleep, refused to go back to sleep. What exactly are you waiting on? A sign from above? Does God himself need to come down here and tell you to take a nap already, you’ve done enough?”

Toshinori grits his teeth. “It’s not enough. Sensei is still out there, the villains are becoming unruly, and my student–”

“Is currently in class with Midnight, and will be in class for the next four hours, at least. After that, he and the rest that decided to pull the dunderheaded stunt of attempting to rescue Bakugou will be in remedial training with me, so add another three hours to that. In short, you have more than enough time to take to get some decent rest, you’re just refusing to do so out of stubborn idiocy.”

“You’re being quite the villain right now, you know.”

“Oh yes, you’ve caught on to my evil scheme quite effectively, All Might. Here I am, the Ultimate Evil in disguise as a school teacher, and my evil plan is ensuring you get at least eight hours of decent, uninterrupted sleep. Yes, me and my mildly inconvenient plot will defeat you. You might even go so far as to call it dastardly,” Aizawa says, dry as dust. “Quick, someone call the heroes, you might actually need backup with this one.”

Mic’s cry-laughing in the corner, and doing his best to be quiet about it. It’s not working because he’s wheezing like he’s dying, but at least he isn’t roaring. 

 Toshinori’s cheeks have flared a dark red in embarrassment. “They might need me for something.”

“Then they can find anyone else to help them. And if the press come whining at our doors, we’ll turn them out as we always do. You have no excuse to push yourself this hard. You passed on the torch - we all witnessed it.”

And hadn’t that been a shock. On live TV no less, watching his colleague point to the camera, and tell Izuku Midoriya in front of a crowd of millions, “You’re next.”

It at least explained the somber attitude Izuku had when he’d returned to school that morning. He’d been spaced out for a good portion of the class, something that normally would have gotten him in quite a bit of trouble, but today was one of those days Shouta was feeling generous about people’s feelings, so he let the kid have a day to gather his thoughts. 

“That doesn’t mean they don’t need me.”

Shouta resists the urge to slap the man. Barely. “The only thing that needs you right now is this sleeping bag and this pillow, and that janitor closet two classrooms down. Here, let me show you where true evil lurks. If we go together we just might have a chance of beating it with the power of Nyquil and sleep exhaustion.”

“You’re teasing me,” All Might mutters, but at last he stands. “Somehow our positions have become reversed. I’m not entirely sure I like this.”

“Yes well, I wouldn’t have to do this if you’d stop treating yourself like nothing.” 

“That’s pretty much all I am at this point.”

Shouta barely resists the urge to snap out I wish you could see yourself like I see you. Because All Might is not nothing, especially not how. And maybe if he saw himself as Shouta and the rest of the school saw him, he might stop with the self-flagellation long enough to actually try to do better.

But that’s an argument for another day. Instead, he opens the closet door, shoves Might inside, and follows him in, shutting it behind him. 

“You’re staying?” Might asks, apparently not realizing that until just now. 

“If I leave chances are you’ll just sneak right back out. So this is the only way, short of barring the door, I can make sure you get the sleep you deserve. There’s a cot over there. Get to it.”

Toshinori slowly lowers himself down, looking at Aizawa like he’s a wild animal fixing to rip his face off. Shouta rolls his eyes, nestles down in a corner, and shuts his eyes. He listens to the sound of his sleeping bag opening and closing again, the creak of old worn hinges as the cot shifts beneath Toshinori’s body, and finally the thump of a head hitting the pillow. 

“…good night,” Toshinori mumbles quietly, clearly thinking Aizawa is already asleep. Honestly, he’s just like the kids sometimes. Too gullible and naive for his own good. Still, he’s got a good heart.

When Aizawa opens his eyes two minutes later, Toshinori is dead to the world, snoring softly into the pillow. He smirks, and nestles further back in the corner.

“Sleep well, idiot.”


I’ve Always Known How Badly I Wanted That

Richie crying, Eddie comforting him

• What The Fuck Was That?

Reddie’s first kiss

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• Reddie Soul Mate au hc

Whatever your soul mate is eating, you can taste their food in your mouth

• The Losers At A Karaoke Bar hc

• Tall!Eddie, Short!Richie hc

• An Encounter

An au of the first time Eddie and Richie meet, featuring barista!Eddie and waiter!Richie

• Friday, I’m In Love

A 5 part story based on the song Friday, I’m In Love by The Cure

One | Two | Three (coming soon)

• “Why Are We At Derry High?”

Richie “goes missing” and Eddie rushes around town to find him, only to have a cute surprise waiting for him

• By The Bleachers

Eddie and Richie sneak off at lunch to make out, but one boy is much clumsier than the other

• “Shut Up!” “Make Me.”

Just your basic Reddie fluff and mush

Nice hot pants, Hot Pants!

Eddie tries to get Richie’s attention by wearing a pair of bright red, sequinned hot pants, and Richie does the same by getting rid of his dorky glasses

 Favourite Worst Nightmare

Richie has a nightmare about IT, and Eddie, being the sweetheart boyfriend he is, comforts him

Girl Crush

Greaser!Richie and square!Eddie in the 50′s… Don’t think this needs much more of a description

Australian Christmas hc

The losers head down under for Christmas after graduation

Broken Trust

Request: @brettalbotsbetas

“Just wanted to say your imagines are amazing. You really have a great talent :) Could you write an imagine with Harry where he embarrasses you in front of his famous friends? Maybe he tells them a secret about yourself that only you and Harry knew about. You lose your trust with him but by the end are willing to repair that trust :)”

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! I hope you like it xxx


The air was oddly humid in New York that night, my dress feeling almost sticky against my skin. Harry and I were on our way to the bar he and I were meeting some of his friends at for some casual drinks before he and I flew back to England.

“You look beautiful tonight, love.” Harry whispered in my ear, his breath fanning across my cheek as they became heated at his compliment.

“You’ve already said that like a billion times, but thank you.” I replied with a smile, trying to play off my flustered state.

We arrived at the bar within a short amount of time, Harry being able to get a park surprisingly close to our destination, yet somehow the walk still had made me feel sweaty and clammy. Maybe it was just the heat, or maybe (and more probably) it was the fact that I was completely and utterly nervous about seeing Harry’s famous friends. 

Sure, I had met a couple of them countless times before but I was never really a people person. I hated situations where I had to interact with other people and feel like I needed to live up to a label. That label in this case being ‘Harry Styles’ girlfriend’. Because these instances made me so nervous I often found myself hanging closer to Harry than I normally might in public, in fear of being targeted for conversation if I didn’t leave his side. The only issue with this being that I hated feeling like I was being clingy.

“Hey!” Harry greeted his friends as I followed with a small ‘hello’ and offered them a smile as they all welcomed us. We sat at a large table round table, Jeff to the right of Harry with his girlfriend Glenne beside him, a couple of people next to them that I didn’t recognise but was quickly introduced to, and Fionn - the only other person I knew - sitting to the left of me. 

The night went okay, I managed to get by with just saying a couple word answers and having a few short conversations with Fionn and Glenne. I felt insecure, I didn’t fit in. How could I? I was so plain compared to everyone else here, actors, singers, models, you name it. But I wasn’t anything like them. I excused myself from the table to use the restroom and that’s when things really kicked off. 

My ears were filled with the familiar melody of Harry’s laugh as I made my way back to the group, the sound mingling with the laughs of everyone else. They had not been laughing quite that hard before I left and it made me wonder what had happened. I stopped abruptly when I heard my name slip passed Harry’s lips.

“Y/n’s worried about sayin’ or doin’ the wrong thing. Somethin’ about not havin’ many friends when she was younger ‘cause she was too shy. God, she’s so scared she doesn’t fit in.” 

My blood began to boil and my eyes stung. How could he just reveal that to his friends like it was nothing?! I was so embarrassed by the fact that I was extremely quiet around new people. I didn’t ask to be like this! He knew that.

I felt my eyes burn and tears well-up in my eyes, watching as everyone at the table laughed along with Harry. Laughing at my expense. Fionn was the first to notice me as I turned and walked out of the bar, fresh tears flowing freely down my cheeks, I could taste the salt on my lips.

“Y/n!” That familiar voice, it chilled me to the core yet made my blood radiate heat of anger all at once. “Y/n!”

I was harshly tugged around by Harry’s warm and slightly sweaty hand wrapping around my arm. Looking him in the eyes I could see his confusion.

“Why’d you walk out like that?” Is he fucking serious?!

“Oh so you don’t think I heard?” I questioned, my voice oddly calm with hints of hostility laced through it. I knew it scared Harry, the fact that I didn’t yell or scream, that’s when he knew he really fucked up.

“What do you-  Y/n I didn’t mean- I’m sorry.”

“I trusted you with that secret. You know how things were for me when I was younger. And you know how embarrassed I am about it.” I knew my expression was blank, the only anger you could see being within my eyes. I could feel the rage burning bright behind them. Yet, no matter how angry I felt, the main feeling was of outright embarrassment. I could never bare to look those people in the eyes again.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I-”

“No. I don’t even want to hear it. Give me the keys.”


“Give. Me. The. Keys.” Harry sighed as his hand shuffled around in the pocket of his trousers before pulling out the keys and placing the cool metal in my outstretched hand.

I got back to where we were staying in no time and quickly kicked of my shoes before sitting on the floor, my back to the bedroom door as I let everything out. I cried. I cried like I hadn’t in years. I knew I shouldn’t be getting so worked up over something so seemingly little but Harry knew how hard it was for me to admit things. After the childhood  - if you could even call it that - I had it was hard for me to trust anyone with anything, let alone things I classified as deep secrets of great insecurity. I rarely cried with actual sobs, but I felt betrayed and the pain was weighing heavily on my chest.

Harry’s POV

I rushed up to the hotel room, twisting the knob of the door to find it open. I was sure she’d have locked me out. I quickly made my way in but stopped at what I heard.

It broke my heart. Completely shattered it, to hear her crying like that. I’d rarely heard it ever so… pained. And all I could think of was that I did this. I betrayed her. I broke her trust. I caused her pain.

My feet carried me down the hall without me even processing the act to run. I tried to open the door but it was locked. The crying immediately stopped.

“Fuck off, Harry.” She sounded so broken.

“Y/n. Please, I’m so sorry. Let me apologise to you properly, Baby. Please.” I got nothing in response. “Y/n, I will break down this damn door if I have to.” Again. nothing.

I took a step back and ran at the door, the sound of wood splitting as I forced it open. I glanced around the room and the site of Y/n sitting curled in the corner brought me to my knees.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” I started but she just turned away from me. “Y/n.”

“I don’t want to hear it, Harry. You know how hard it is for me to trust people in general let alone with secrets. You know that and you promised that you would always respect me and keep those secrets. You promised to never break my trust. But you did. Are you ashamed of me?”

“What?! No, Angel. Not in the slightest am I ashamed of you. I don’t have an explanation as to why I told them, they asked why you were so quiet and that’s what I told them. I know I shouldn’t have and I know I fucked up. Big time. I’m so sorry I betrayed your trust. I’m sorry I hurt you so bad.” It was only now that I noticed the cool wet streaming down my face, my eyes feeling puffy, like I had been crying this entire time. I probably had been.

“I don’t want t lose you. Please, Y/n, I’m sorry.” That’s when I realised how terrified I was of losing her. The only thing that kept me sane. I blew it and I was petrified. “I’m so sorry, Y/n.Let me make it up to you. Let me show you how sorry I am. I will never, ever give you another reason to not trust me ever again. Please.”

“Just- Just hold me.” My head snapped up at this. After everything I had done, she wanted me to hold her. I didn’t hesitate moving closer to her, but made sure to slow when I went to put my arms around her, in case she changed her mind. Soothingly I lifted her up unto my lap and wrapped my arms tightly around her, so she knew I was never going to let go.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you. Or that I trust you, not yet. But I can’t live without you, Harry.” I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Thank God.

I knew it was hard to gain her trust, I had had to do it once before. It was going to take awhile but I would do everything in my power and wait as long as I had to as long as she trusted me again.


Here it is ! Our Annecy openning short Au Lapin Agile, co-directed with Fabien Corre, Sixtine Dano, Thibault Leclercq, Katie Sung Lee, Andrei Sitari and myself !

This Questionnaire From Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Is Very Disturbing

From 1985 until his death in 2013, serial killer Richard Ramirez (aka The Night Stalker), was in prison. During this time, Ramirez managed to earn himself quite the devoted fan club. Behind bars, he was never short on letters to read and respond back to. At one point, someone sent Ramirez a friendship questionnaire, not unlike something you would send to a new pen pal.

Between April 1984 and August 1985, Ramirez killed 13 people in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

The serial killer was known for his savage violence after breaking into people’s homes in the dead of night. Often, his targets were chosen completely at random.

Because he had so much time on his hands in prison, when he received the friend questionnaire, Ramirez actually took the time to fill it out and mail it back. To say some of his answers are a little politically incorrect would be an understatement.

Here is the full transcription of the form:

Full Name: Richard Ramirez

Date of Birth: 2-28-60

Height, Weight, Shoe Size: 6'1’ 180 - 12

Hometown: Texas

Marital Status: Single

Family: 5

Wheels: Lamborghini in the SQ parking lot ha

Brothers: 4

Sisters: 1

Most Treasured Honor: My dick

Perfect Woman or Man: Me

Childhood Hero(s): Jack The Ripper

Favorite Tv Shows: The Munsters

Favorite Movies: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead

Favorite Songs/Singers/Musicians: Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy, AC/DC, Billy Idol

Hobbies: Slicing + Dicing + Spicing up Rump Roast

Favorite Meals: Women’s feet

Why You Wrote Me: Cause your up on the times. Or so it seems. And your fine.

Recommended Reading: All murder books. True Crime magazines

Last Book Read: Marquis DeSade - Julliette + Justine

Ideal Evening: Full moon, sex + drugs all night

Every January 1st, I Resolve: Can’t say here. ha

Nobody Knows I’m: ??

My Biggest Regret: Not carrying a gun at all times

If I Were President, I’d: rule w/an iron heart and a rock hard dick

What I Don’t Like About People: Everything. 99% of the people suck. I like most women though.

My Biggest Fear: Nothing. The Supernatural maybe.

Pet Peeves: ?

Superstitions: ?

Friends Like Me Because: I aint got friends. Associates only

Behind My Back They Say: ??

If I Were An Animal, I’d Be: A Tyrannosaurus

Personal Goals In Life: ??

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Number: 666

Political Views: None, all politicians can eat shit

Thoughts On Crime: It’s a wheel. Your either the driver or the one who gets crushed by it. Try and avoid altoge?

Thoughts On Drugs: Great. They should be legalized

Thoughts On Sex: Great. Everything goes.

Sexual Likes/Dislikes: Great. Everything is good. Except Fags. Women Lesbians are ok.

Describe First Sexual Encounter: Prostitute. I was 12 yrs old

What I Expect From Friendships: Nothing

Religious Thinking: Satanic evil motherfucker

What You Are Thinking Now: Can I suck yr toes

(via Reddit)

Despite being condemned to death at his trial, Ramirez’s sentence was never carried out. He died an unrepentant killer in prison from B-cell lymphoma in 2013.

Let me love you  Part 2

Part 1

A/N: I never planned on writing a part 2 for this imagine but it was requested. It is short but I still hope you like it!

Requests:  “Hey it’s the anon that asked for the fp smut 🙋 I don’t know if anyone’s told you this but you’re so FUCKING good at writing smut! I’m so damn impressed with what you can do! I feel bad for leaving it so long to tell you you’re amazing, truly! If it’s not too much to ask can you maybe do a part 2 to it with smut? Like y/n walks in the bar wearing a short black dress and starts teasing fp from far away maybe? That would hot 😍”

“Hey I’m the person that asked for the ‘part 2’ of the fp smut? I’m sure I’ve replied I don’t know if it went through?! But the smut I previously requested was the one where you’re seeing fp behind all your friends back and I asked for a quick part 2!!”

“Heyyy it’s the anon who has requested for a part 2 on the fp smut!!! I’m talking about the one where y/n is seeing fp behind everyone’s back and it’s a secret! I hope this is any help to you 💖💖💖”

It was Friday night and FP said he had some club business to take care of. Everyone else was doing their own thing so I decided to play a little dirty tonight. 

It had been exactly one month since I lost my virginity to FP and we have been going at it like rabbits ever since. 

I slipped on a skin tight black dress, that exposed a little more cleavage than I would normally show. I matched it with a black leather jacket and black pumps. I put on some deep red lipstick to pull the whole look together. I glanced at myself one more time in the mirror before giving myself a wink and a smile as I walked out the door. 

I arrived outside the Whyte Wyrm just as my nerves hit. I immediately wanted to turn around and head back but I stuck to my game. Wolf whistles and catcalls came from the mouths of the different Serpents I passed. I gave them a small smile or a nod before continuing to make my way to the bar.

Once, I reached the bar, I ordered myself a beer. I took a seat on a bar stool as I began to look for FP. I found him right away, sitting on one of the old leather couches talking to other Serpents. 

Our eyes locked instantly, my plan coming into play. 

I winked at him as his eyes traveled up and down my body with a mouth watering look. I began uncrossing and recrossing my legs to tease him. FP’s eyes never leaving my body. I began to lick the rim of the beer bottle in a teasing motion, while FP shifted in his seat. I knew his pants had started to become tight. 

Giggling to myself, I stood up before making a motioning gesture to him. FP followed me like a lost puppy to his dorm. Forgetting all about his club business and his Serpent brothers. 

Walking into his dorm room, I pushed it shut before making my way over to my Serpent. 

“Baby girl, do you know the things you’re doing to me while standing in this dress?” FP questioned putting his hands onto my hips. I looked up at him through my lashes before taking his hands and putting them back to his sides. 

“Tonight.” I began while pushing FP backward. “I’m in charge.” I pushed FP back onto the bed before climbing on top of him. I could feel FP become harder by the moment. 

“Fuck baby, where is this coming from?” I just shrugged my shoulders before reaching down and pulling FP’s flannel open as buttons flew across the room. FP growled before leaning up and pushing his lips to mine. 

Our lips connected in anger and just plain sexual frustration. I pushed FP’s jacket off along with his flannel. FP reached up and pushed off my jacket. I began to rub myself onto his bulge. Groans left his lips, we pulled away from the kiss. Our lips red and puffy from our roughness. 

“You can be on top baby, hell you can be the dominant one. I don’t care! The only thing I care about is that my cock is in that pussy in less than ten seconds.” I giggled before pretending to think for a moment.

“Hmm, I think I can make that happen.” FP smiled as I reached to remove my dress. FP stopped me before I could take it off. 

“No baby, leave it on,” I smirked before nodding my head, I reached down, unbuttoning his jeans and belt. I pulled his jeans and boxers half way down to his thighs. 

I went to put his cock inside of me when he stopped me. 

“Baby, we need a condom,” I smirked again before speaking up.

“I got on the pill a few days ago and I know you’re clean. I’m obviously clean because I only slept with you.” FP’s eyes filled with lust and excitement as I put him inside of me. 

I began bouncing up and down on his cock. FP gripped my hips in pleasure, lifting me up and down he slammed his hips into mine with so much force and pleasure I began to see stars. 

I clawed at his shoulders while repeatedly moaning his name.

“Fuck FP! I’m so fucking close!” I screamed out as thrust faster, if that was even possible. He reached between our body’s before pulling my dress down, exposing my breasts. FP took one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth. He began sucking on my breast, bringing me closer to my release.

“OH FUCK FP! I’M C-C-COMING!” I screamed out in pure bliss. My pussy tightened around his cock bringing him closer to his release. FP’s thrusts began to become sloppy before he slammed into my once more. Releasing his hot cum inside of me. He slowly slid out of me as I fell to his side.

“God, baby. I love you.” I looked up to FP before pressing my lips to his. 

“And I love you,” I said as we pulled away. 

Even though, my friends didn’t know the truth. I still loved the fact that FP Jones was my dirty little secret.

Elementary School Headcanons


  • definitely that one kid who was always running around
  • was in trouble 9 times out of 10
  • got glasses in 3rd grade
  • told everyone who made fun of him for wearing glasses to fuck off
  • bandaids?? everywhere.
  • “where did that bruise come from???”
  • scars from picking at mosquito bites when everyone told him not to
  • ready 2 fite
  • mix-matched everything
  • the Best on monkey bars


  • short shorts always
  • that one kid who already knew how to multiply
  • cried when he moved his card to yellow
  • clung to the teacher for Dear Life on the 1st day
  • “why is everybody so loud?????”
  • “diagnosed” with asthma in 2nd grade
  • used the fanny pack to carry a calculator and pencils
  • color-coordinated outfits from mom
  • hide-n-seek champ
  • always called a time-out so he wouldn’t get tagged

maryannlores  asked:

Can we have a sequel of that drabble where Gabriel was flirting with the chubby reader? Like, they go out on a date but s/o starts to feel self-conscious when she overhear a bunch of douchebags and Gabe is just mad as hell (ノ∀`♥)

Ahhh in glad so many people enjoyed that fic!! I’ll gladly keep it going so here’s a sequel!!

This was your third date with Gabriel Reyes and you still were nervous as hell. He was a lot more kind than you had expected him to be, super sweet and ber romantic.

Instead of something fancy like the last two times he took you to a bar/dinner. He claimed they had the best damn burgers and shakes.

So as he went up to place your order you day alone at the bar. You wore some shorts and a cute top, feeling a little more confident than usual. Besides it was hot as hell today.

“Jesus, didn’t know they allowed whales to est here.” You heard a man a few seats down say.

You shifted and bit you lip, knowing they were talking about you. His buddies laughed and made even more comments. Soon tears were pooling in your eyes as you moved to leave.

Gabriel stopped you at the door, face softening when he saw that you were crying,“Cariño… What’s wrong?”

You shook your head, not wanting to cause any trouble. But as he gently hugged you and pressed a kiss to your head you broke.

“S-some guys were, were making fun of my… My weight.” You admitted meakly, watching his face go from caring to one of rage. He pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Stay here cariño.” He said before marching over to the guys. He didn’t even let the man finish his sentence before punch him square inthe jaw. He then proceeded to punch the other two and yelled at them angrily in Spanish and English.

Eventually he got the guys to walk over to you, making you want to hide. They men lined up in front of you, heads bowed as they apologized before running out of the place.

The bar was silent before going back to its normal chatter as Gabe pulled you close,“Are you alright?”

“I- yes!! Thank you. You, you didn’t need to do that…”

His face softened again as he brushed your hair gently,“Yes I did. You’re beautiful. They had no fucking right to say any of those thing.”

Flushing you smiled shyly before peeking around at the bar,“Do- Should we leave…?” You asked soffly, worried you two cause trouble.

He simply gave to a smirk,“No. In a regular and the owners know me well enough that they’d know I would cause trouble for no good reason. No come on, our food and shakes should be done. ”


   no big, just a guy coming to meet his girl so they can walk home together, hand-in-hand, to the little house they’ve saved up for, where damon will be making his specialty (breakfast for dinner) - and plans to propose to elena by writing “marry me?” with whipped cream on an enormous pancake, and after elena changes out of her scrubs she comes into the kitchen and steals a piece of bacon off the griddle. and he smacks her hand away and tells her to have some manners and she grins and goes for the can of whipped cream instead, but he’s still got quick reflexes and takes the can back, so instead elena dips a finger through the lettering on his proposal pancake without reading it, and damon doesn’t notice because he’s busy at the oven. and then they go to the breakfast nook and elena sees smiley flowers and an already-set table with a candle flickering on it, and she looks at damon and she’s all, “what are you up to mr. salvatore?” and he’s all, “why ms. gilbert,, you’re awfully suspicious, maybe i just want to serve my girlfriend some atmosphere along with her dinner thanks very much.” so she raises an eyebrow but her eyes are dancing and she waits for him to pull out her chair with a flourish, and she’s got this indulgent smile on her face like, okay let’s let him enjoy his moment because he’s being awfully sweet.
   and then he tells her to wait while he serves her, and his beating heart is fluttering a little with nerves as he puts the plate with the whipped cream message on the table in front of her. and she shoots him a grin and says, “you know, i really love you,” and his flutters fade away - until he looks at her pancake and sees that she ate a swipe through his proposal and now it reads ‘mar y  e” and he just starts laughing. she’s confused, then looks down at the plate and instantly understands. and then he’s down on a knee, with a dish towel flung over one shoulder and an apron over his black v-neck, and her eyes are wide and bright and now her heart is fluttering, and she’s wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the logo for damon’s bar over boxer shorts and for a moment thinks, i should be dressed up for this - and then thinks, no, no this is just exactly right.
     so he’s kneeling beside her, and she innocently glances at him and asks who “mary e” is, and damon lets out this little frustrated noise, so focused on doing it right that he doesn’t see the mischief on her face. so he gets up to grab the whipped cream. and as he’s fixing the lettering, she grabs the cannister from his hand and sprays him with whipped cream and she’s laughing so hard but he can still make out her words as she tells him “of course of course of course!” and then she’s launching herself at him and they’re falling together all tangled up to the floor, and he’s got the whipped cream again and he’s shooting it at her and she’s giggling and licking it off her arm and his eyes darken and he says, “let me do that for you,” and then they’re going for each other’s clothes, and they’re sticky with whipped cream and high on the joy of their engagement and damon is pulling the sweatshirt over her head and to his delight she isn’t wearing anything under it and he’s tangling his tongue around the sweetness of her whipped cream kiss, and he’s losing his shirt to her eager hands, and when she’s slender and smooth and naked beneath him he suddenly pulls back, tells her to hold on just a sec. she makes a sound of protest but he’s back in moments, having retrieved the little velvet box from his apron pocket.
   and he ranges himself over her again, and propping himself up on one elbow he uses his other hand to flip open the box. and now her eyes are huge, it’s so real, it’s happening, he has a ring - it’s so magical, and his brilliant blue eyes turn serious when he says the words. “marry me, elena. tell me you’ll marry me, and wear my ring…” and his eyes get that wicked look as he adds, “just my ring.” her eyes fill with tears, but she’s smiling a huge smile, the one she uses only on him, and she says, “only you, damon salvatore, could make that sound so damn romantic. i will absolutely marry you, so put that on my finger and let’s celebrate.”
   and they lived happily ever after.