I have been told that, as a Jew, I should be striving for Shalom Beit (house of peace), and as such it is against Jewish values to continue my political calls.

You know my response to that is?

There is no way there will ever be Shalom Beit when Nazis, white supremacists, and all other forms of bigots are present. There won’t. I AM fighting for Shalom Beit, and I have to punch someones lights out to get to that peace, I will.

There cannot be peace as long as oppression exists, along any axis.

I plant my proudly Jewish, queer, disabled, radical feet in the mud and shout no. I am Avraham beholding the palace engulfed in flame, I am Sarah who travels and carries the flame, I am Yitzchak walking away from my bindings and seeing the darkness in the world, I am Rivka who moves the rock atop the well, I am Yaakov struggling for the future by the side of the river, I am Moshe staring into Pharoh’s eyes with my call for liberation, I am Tziporah rushing to save the savior, I am Aaron standing at the foot of the alter in reverence and fear, I am Miriam bringing forth the wellspring so that my people do not die of thirst in the wastelands, I am Pinchas charging forward with my spear to protect my temple, I am Samson, equipped with nothing more than a donkey’s jawbone, I am Devorah, urging my comrades to march towards victory, I am David with my slingshot staring down the giant and his army, I am Jedidiah, leading charge and working to construct the temple, I am Esther, walking on eggshells to create safety and defense for my people,  I am Hillel, welcoming and fighting with compassion and open arms, I am Rambam, preserving my comrades and pushing the limits, I am Simon Bar Kokhba and Yehudah HaMaccabee, willing to give every last breath, every last drop of blood, and every last beat of my heart to ensure a secure future away from tyranny, I am Alfred Dreyfus bearing witness that Jews will never been safe at the hands of Goyim no matter what we do, I am Karl Marx writing to liberate all, I am Buber and Heschel seeking the truth and the covenant for all.

I am a Jew. One of the descendants of Yisrael, the one who wrestles with God, the one who NEVER gives up the fight. Some of my fellow Yiddim seem to have forgotten what it means to be a Jew, have forgotten our history, our spirituality, our cause and our heritage. I will not. I will never give in. I have close to 4000 years of resistance history, of revolutionary dialogue, of struggling to survive backing me up, and I’m not about to trade it in for a place on the couch of complacency. I will stand tall and fight for myself, my people, my comrades, and for all of humanity. Eat crumbs under the boot if you wish, but I intend punch up and carve out a slice for all.

2ne1isrocks  asked:

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay. I just came across your blog. You answered this person who actually supports Palestine. I thought your blog was supporting Palestine, but NO. It was against it. So, I looked at your reply.. It had a huge lie with saying how palestine was named. Umm. No. Palestine was Palestine before jews even existed, and it still is. Wherever you got your information was invalid.

Oh yes, it’s a huge lie.

We made it up. There were no Romans, there were no Jews either.

All the archeological evidence of Jewish battles with the Romans were all cleverly faked to support the lie. That’s why an Arab people have a name that starts with a letter (P) that doesn’t exist in Arabic.

You caught us.

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

In fact, the Jews have been in Israel thousands of years before Islam was even a religion. There’s thousands upon thousands of items of archeological proof (pottery, architecture, money, the Western Wall (remains of the Roman destruction of the temple), Masada (fort of a last stand against the Romans), etc.

You have some required reading:

Bar Kokhba Revolt:


Ancient Israel

Let me know if you need more information.


Electric Masada - Kisofim (Bar Kokhba / John Zorn ) composed by John Zorn, released 1998, Tzadik Records.   


Bar Kokhba - Kisofim