Yes you will pt 2

Word count: 1518

“Its 3 am guys, the bar closes now, i’m very sorry,” the bartender spoke, as we all laughing got up from out seats heading for the elevators. As people were standing and waiting for the elevator to come down i exclaimed “i really need to go to the toilet, just leave, ill knock on the door,” as i turned around and headed to the bathrooms. 

As i closed the bathroom door after me and walked into the hallway heading for the elevators i saw a figure leaning against the wall. I shook my head, “what kept you here kid,”  i spoke as shawn looked at me. “Thought i would leave you alone, huh” i laughed and grabbed his arm gently before pushing the button for the elevator. 

“Will you sleep with me tonight” he spoke, “I already did that once tonight love,” i laughed as the doors closed, “yeah i know, i mean like in my room with me,” he sounded so gentle at once. “What about the boys?” I spoke, “James is going home, and the others are crashing Geoff to hang out,” i looked at him “and you dont want to join them?” He smiled “i see them every day, and i see you such little, no i want to spend it with you,” i smiled and gently pushed him against the wall of the elevator. “Of course,”

He grabbed my arms and forced me to the other side as his lips crashed hungrily on mine. I breathed out. And joined in for the kiss again, his hands pinning up my arms above my head. His wet lips tracing mine all of a sudden as gently as never before. He breathed out and opened his eyes slightly. The familiar ding was heard, as the doors were about to open. He let go of my hands and slowly pulled me by the arm towards the door.

He fumbled with the key cards as he tried to open the door. I laughed at his fast motions, “in a hurry huh” i joked as he opened the door fast and pulled me inside. “yeah a little” he laughed as he closed the door harshly. He turned me around by surprise and knocked me against the door. His hands holding onto my hipbones strongly as he pressed his body on mine. I looked up at his hazel eyes and lifted my eyebrows, “now what, Mendes,” i whispered as i trailed my lips down his clenched jaw, and down to his neck. He breathed out, as i plastered small, wet and tender kisses to his neck vein. Gently sucking on his exposed neck. His breathing hitched as i pressed my tongue against his burning skin. “Fuck,” he mumbled as he placed one hand in my hear and pulled on it slightly. 

Looking at the formed bruise i had created i looked up at him, his eyes ten colors deeper than before. His hands found the hem of my shirt fast and stripped me off it for the second time tonight. The cool air hitting my exposed chest. He sighed in a response as i pressed him harder towards the wall while taking off his shirt. For just a second standing and admiring this beautiful human in front of me, and he took the situation into his own hands. His arms lifting my legs around his small waist as his muscles flexed. Turning us around so my back was pressing against the wall. 

His lips moved from my ear to my collarbone, sucking harshly. I closed my eyes and moaned out loud as his tongue played on my tender skin. Trailing his lips down to my exposed chest. I sucked in air as his lips connected to my hardened nipple. “Fuck shawn,” i moaned as he pressed his crotch towards my core. “I need you” i breathed trying to hold in my moans “so, much” i added. My back left the wall as he carried me through the small corridor. Slamming me against the big wardrobe standing in the room. I moaned out in pain, “im sorry,” he whispered as his hands trailed down my shoulders, “don’t be, do what you want,” i whispered back as he moved on to the bed standing in the middle of the room.

His lips tracing mine as he laid on top of me. Closing his eyes gently while his hand scratched my thigh. His fingernails digging into my flesh. I wrapped my legs around him and turned us over, “You remember what i said about getting my pay back?” his eyes opened as he stared up at me. My hands resting on his stomach which was flexing in anticipation. Kissing his strong chest. Making my way down to his boxers. The bulge being more than just visible. 

Pulling down the waistband of the boxers looking up at him in all of his glory. He looked down at me biting his lip. Bringing my lips down to his swollen pink tip, slightly blowing some air on it. He sucked in a breath as i painfully slow wrapped my lips around his tip. His eyes connecting with mine. “Fuck,” he whispered as my tunge ran over his shaft following his veins. 

He bucked his hips up to meet my mouth. I giggled as i looked up at him, “come on y/n” the spoke impatiently. “Oh shawn, be patient,” as i slowly took him in my mouth, sucking slightly and looking up at him again. He moaned out loudly which made me drip from my own core even more. Hollowing my cheeks and working my way up and down on him. Swirling my tongue around his pulsing tip. “Babe, if you dont stop i will cum right now,” i looked up at him, my eyes burning into his. and slowly realising his penis with a pop, liking the tip once more. As i crawled over him again. My legs on each side of his body. 

His hands grabbed my thighs as he flipped us over. My back hitting the mattress hard. “You drive me crazy,” he whispered as he kissed me hardly. His hand rubbing circles on my clit, as i could feel his tip running up and down my heat. “Shawn please just fuck me,” i whispered. “Your wish is my command” he smiled as he slowly pushed the tip inside of me. I moaned out from the sudden fullness i was feeling. My clit was hurting from coming already two times in the last 4 hours. And as his lower stomach hit mine with every thrust it made me hurt. But hurt in the only best way possible.

He grabbed my leg and but it over his shoulder as i moaned at the new pleasure, “You like this, huh?” he spoke panting, ramming his member into me hard and slowly. “Yes” i breathed out, almost not audible. His hand found my nipple as he squeezed it hard. “Fuck!” I screamed as my hands scratched his bag eagerly, never wanting it to stop. But knowing i was so close to already releasing. He turned me over in one fast motion so my ass was in the air, my stomach pressed against the mattress. 

“You are so beautiful from this angle,” he spoke “and every other angle you could ever be in” my heart sunk in my chest. Even while fucking he was too precious. His hips slamming against me, the sound of his moans filling the room and over skin slapping together. I moaned as i could feel myself stretch out. “Babe, im gonna cum,” he spoke as i could already feel him collapsing on top of me. Our breathing slowed down as his body fell on top of mine. Painfully slowly pulling out of me, making me feel empty. 

After going to the bathroom, as i laid next to him. “Did you cum,” he spoke slowly, i shook my head as i looked at him, he looked dissapointed, “dont look like that, you have already made me cum three times today, you have done more than amazing.” He looked at me and pulled me closer, draping the covers over our bodies. “And dont you dare think about you won’t please me,” i added: “no one has ever pleased me in this way before.” He smiled. “Just kiss me,” i asked as he pulled me close to him, his lips slowly getting closer to mine. 

His lips where warm and soft moving against mine with such a pleasure as never before. He pulled me closer to him. Nudging a leg between my legs. Against my bare core i could feel his pulsing blood against my heat. I moved my hips against him, as i moaned into the kiss. He pulled me closer to him, his tongue battling with mine. His winning the fight, as his tongue ran over mine, leaving me in pure ecstasy as all of a sudden his leg pressed against my clit and without a warning i came. “That would make it four,” he whispered gently. Laughing and kissing me hard on the mouth. 

A guy walks into a bar in Mexico, and sees a sign that says "If you can make this donkey laugh we will give you $100."

So the guy goes to the donkey and whispers something in his ear and the donkey starts laughing uncontrollably. Then the guy walks straight to the bartender and collects the $100.

A week later the guy goes back to the bar and now the sign says “If you can make this donkey stop laughing we will give you $100.” The bartender told the guy that the donkey hasn’t stopped laughing since the last time he was in the bar. So the guy walks back to the donkey and it stops laughing immediately!

The guys goes back to the bartender and collects another $100. The bartender was in complete disbelief and asked the guy “how did you do it?”

The guy replied, “The first time I told the donkey my dick was bigger than his and now this time I showed him.”

(Sorry if you’ve heard this joke before, but an old friend just passed away and this was his favorite joke.)



Confetti Canon Accident + Limb Loss = Seattle’s First Gay Bar

At the Seattle Bastille day parade of 1970, Shelly Bauman suffered a terrible accident. There was a float that featured an antique canon that people reportedly had poured drinks into, congealing the confetti into a solid ball. So when Shelly fired the cannon and it started swinging controllably it finally at hit her abdomen and ultimately took a part of her pelvis, small intestine, and leg. 

After nine months of recovery, she pursued a lawsuit against both the cannon owner and parade organizers (the City of Seattle). Three years of legal battle amounted to a $330,000 out-of-court settlement.

Shelly then purchased, renovated, and decorated a hotel in order to transform it to Seattle’s first bar/disco for the LGBTQ community along with two gay men, Joe McGonagle and Pat Nesser. And by December 1973, the doors finally opened to the public and it became an instant hit. 

Finding a name was especially difficult. But in the end as Joe stated “This was the era of recreational pharmaceuticals.” One night their friends came up with name, which would immortalize how they got the money: Shelly’s leg.

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