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Rowdyright Boy Barron

Barron is the leader of the Rowdyright boys, he one day dreams of becoming a star just like his idol Ace from the Green Green Gang(the reversed of the Gang Green Gang). His obsession with Ace is quite apparent with the huge amount of posters he has around in his room.

Jomo Momo (reversed of Mojo Jojo), questions Barron’s purchases often everytime he cleans his room. Barron has a huge assortment of posters, merchandise and even make-up kits all under the GGG band. Not only that, Barron has a sweeeeet voice when he sings (imagine the dude that sings in Mystery Skulls).

P.S: Brick has probably lost all dignity because of his counterpart’s mannerisms and behaviour. The only thing that is making him proud of his counterpart is that Barron can step up to being a leader when he has to, that and that Barron has an awesome singing voice.


Rowdyright Boy Beacon

Beacon is the genius member of the team, though he keeps quiet about it. He can look at you and know all of your secrets (basically he’s like a detective), however because of this, Beacon has become somewhat of a mind player. Although he’s the most ruthless fighter out of he and his brothers, he is the person that creates the plans.

Barron however is often butting heads with Beacon, and usually it is because Beacon is so confident in his own plans, he forgets everyone else and is extremely stubborn to change it. This is not the only flaw with Beacon, he tends to stalk people and have cameras everywhere to keep an eye on everything. Even himself.

Also, Beacon’s quite the smooth talker while his brothers stumble and fail at flirtations. He also secretly admires Oppressor Plutonium’s achievments (coughBratcough).