Captured Japanese aircraft on board escort carrier USS Bogue, Yokosuka, December 1945. Nakajima G8N Renzan, Tachikawa Ki-74 and the experimental Tachikawa Ki-77.

The damaged battleship Nagato can be seen in the second picture.

Captain Nieves Fernandez shows an American soldier how she used her bolo knife to silently kill Japanese soldiers during occupation, 1944.

 Captain Nieves Fernandez, the only known Filipino female guerilla leader and formerly a school teacher, shows US Army Pvt. Andrew Lupiba how she used her long knife to silently kill Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation of Leyte Island. 

Image taken by Stanley Troutman, 7 November 1944, Mabuhay Las Piñas, Leyte Island, Philippines. Captain Nieves Fernandez was the only known Filipino female guerrilla leader. Working with guerrillas south of Tacloban, Miss Fernandez rounded up native men to resist the Japanese. She commanded 110 native who killed more than 200 Japanese with knifes and shotguns made from sections of gas pipe.

 The Japanese offered 10.000 pesos for her head. She was wounded once. There is a bullet scar on her right forearm.