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Remember the post about someone wishing for an "asexual bar," where people go there to have fun and chill out but not necessarily with the intent to "hook up." Everything about it sounded like just your average every day bar until they also tacked on bean bag chairs, non-alcoholic drinks, cake, and Dr. Who as mandatory requirements. Yes clearly the "childish" stereotype is unjust!

totally agree

10.22 was one of the episodes with a mirror structure (the beginning is inverted at the end). There’s a very obvious moment in which the inverted halves meet: there’s a shot of Dean with his head upside down, mirrored by Eli.

The most noticeable scenes to be mirrored are the scene of the cold open and the very last scene at the bunker.

The episode starts with the ringing of a bell. It ends in silence.

Cyrus Styne exists school. Castiel comes home.

The scene on the school yard has two+one living on-lookers. The scene in the bunker has two+one dead Stynes.

Douche-bag greets Cyrus, Dean doesn’t greet Castiel (as per usual).

Douche-bag tells Cyrus: “Hey, man. Hold up.” Dean tells Castiel to leave.

Cyrus asks, “Is this a joke?“ Castiel is dead serious. Cyrus has glasses but is very insightful. Castiel is literal and doesn’t want to see what he’s seeing.

Douche-bag asks, “I look like a comedian to you? Answer the question.“ Dean puns about nipples, doesn’t want to hear what Eldon has to say.

Then there’s Cyrus’s description of Douche-bag:

You look like the kind of dude who wants people to think he’s hood, but, no. See, the $100 haircut, the hybrid keys? I’d say you grew up in a white-bread wonderland. Your dad’s probably a dentist, your mom’s mostly Botox, and they both bang the pool boy. Oh, and you like rap, but you’re scared of black people, even Will Smith.

Everything here is a subversion of what Dean Winchester is. Not only in general, but in this episode in particular. Look at Eldon’s description of Dean:

So, this is what I know about Dean Winchester… He’s got crappy taste in music… …got a hot mom… And he loves flannel.

Dean doesn’t have a $100 hair-cut, he probably cuts his own hair. Dean actually comes from the underclass. Dean doesn’t drive a hybrid, he drives a classic gas-guzzler. Dean didn’t grow up in white-bread wonderland, he grew up on the road, in motels, diners, and hard-tack bars. His dad was a mechanic, his mom was hot, and they were in love enough that one sold her soul for the other and the other spent the rest of his life avenging the death of the other. They didn’t bang pool boys. Dean doesn’t like rap (he has a “crappy taste in music”), but he’s not scared of black people. He probably thinks Will Smith is hot, if we’re honest about it. But at the very least, Will Smith’s punning is right up Dean’s alley.

Douche-bag has a douchy tattoo on his right arm. Dean has a douchy tribal tattoo on his left arm. His tattoo causes death, Douche-bag’s tattoo has skulls on it. Douche-bag has a white t-shirt and black hoodie, Dean is in a black t-shirt and light over-shirt. Douche-bag thinks he’s cool, Dean thinks Dean is a dick.

Cyrus walks away and Douche-bag shoves him in the back, Cyrus falls on his stomach. Castiel tells Dean to stop (stay) and Dean throws Castiel flat on his back

Douche-bag says, “Hey, you got a mouth on you, little bitch! I’m gonna kick your ass.“ But he doesn’t. Castiel says things that are compassionate and true, but Dean kicks his ass.

This is what happened in the episode. A series of neat inversions. Dean Winchester is the anti-Douch-bag. Castiel is the mirror of Cyrus (= “the sun”) Styne. But what can we infer? Because there’s a piece of dialogue that is very obviously not inverted in the bunker:

Me and my boys, we got a bet. How much of a virgin are you? What? I mean, you ain’t never got laid before, obviously, but you seen a boob, right? I don’t mean on “Game of Thrones.” I’m talking about in the wild, you know.

This is something Dean has never told anyone. Dean knows Castiel is not a virgin. He knows Castiel has been laid before.

How is the rest of it to be inverted? He knows Castiel has seen a dick in real life? He wishes he hadn’t seen boobs in real life? And talking about in the wild = not talking about it in a civilized manner? There’s something here. Any further inversions you guys can think of?

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“Now, approximately how many beers do you think it’ll take to get you to dance with me?” April quirked a brow, propping her elbow on the bar’s surface and settling her chin on the palm of her hand. “We’re currently on beer number three, so I’m just wonderin’ how long it’s gonna take before you’ll willingly come out with me.” Lightly nudging his shoulder, completely ignoring every other soul in the bar, she tacked on, “You can even pretend to look miserable while we’re at it.”