bar swag

VIXX as sweets/chocolate

(I am from England so they may be a bit biased)

N: Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons - a classic tasty chocolate that is loved by everyone.

Leo: Sherbet Lemons - sweet yet sour but still delicious.

Ken: Skittles - They are fun sweets in a load of colours, plus the advert is funny.

Ravi: Gold Bar - gold = swag. need I explain more?

Hongbin: either jelly beans (obvious joke in name) or Lindt chocolate - more expensive than other brands but are velvety smooth and melt in your mouth.

Hyuk: Kinder egg - sweet chocolate with a fun toy inside match him perfectly.

Remember when that adorable uniformed gay walked into a bar with her swag on, helped her unsuspecting love interest out of her shirt, tipped her hat, left her card, us, and Waverly smitten forever, and several episodes later they’re making out and getting hella handsy on the sheriff’s couch?

This is what dreams are made of.