bar sevens

  • Rip: Okay, that door should hold it for a bit.
  • Sara: The door?! The wall didn’t stop it!
  • Rip: Well, it’s gotta find us first! Come on, we’re not done yet! Assets, assets!
  • Sara: Well, I’ve got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves.
  • Rip: Window.
  • Sara: Barred, sheer drop outside. Seven stories.
  • Jax: And no other exits.
  • Sara: Well, the assets conversation went in a flash, didn’t it?
Smooth Criminal

Officer!Bucky Barnes x Drunk!Reader

Summary: Bucky’s a cop and got called to a crime scene to arrest a criminal but he realizes the criminal is the person he’s dating

Word Count:1,892

Warnings: Police!Au, Language, Drunk Shenanigans, Major Floof

A/N: Written for Manu’s writing challenge, couldn’t help but write cop!Bucky again. @jurassicbarnes thank you for the fun opportunity.

Originally posted by uncensoredsideblog

It had been a quiet night for Officer James Buchanan Barnes and his partner. So far, they had to deal with a fight between two drunk men, an exhibitionist and a few reckless drivers.

Bucky had started his shift at 10 p.m. the previous night and it was now just after 4 a.m. He kept repeating ‘only two more hours’ like a mantra and tried to imagine you all wrapped up and sound asleep in your bed. He really wanted to be with you.

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Cam!Couple Oneshot

“I’ve got an idea,” he paused as he watched Y/N’s eyes catch his, her eyebrows raised, “I mean, I used t’do it before we started datin’ I swear. Only before. But it got me a bit o’cash that I needed and it paid the bills for a bit, ’n I know you probably won’t like it but it did work f’me and I reckon it’d work better if we did it as a couple,”

“For god’s sake Harry, just spit it out,”

“Live sex, live porn, whatever y’wanna call it.”


Harry and Y/N are struggling UNI students and are looking for a better and easier way to make some money.

word count: 3.6k

rated: nsfw 

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Barrett & Kimberly


Drunk Headcanons- Gentlemen

“Alcohol does not change you, it just makes you lose control of your inhibitions. What those people did–it was inside them.” -Dan Howlter


  • Pre-cyborg? Definitely the sexual predator drunk. Can’t keep his hands off anyone, cat-calls, making offensive comments, and much more likely to make a move on you and wake up with you the next morning with no memory how he got there.
    • Liked all kinds of wild, new cocktails (Sakura martinis, Niagara Grapes, even Grasshoppers)
  • Even though he drank a lot back then, this pretty boy could never build up a proper tolerance. Two and a half cocktails in and he’s singing ebarassingly at the kareoke bar
  • Now, well, I’m not sure he can process alcohol in his new body
    • I mean, it hasn’t been explicitely said if he can eat and drink or not anymore, but I’m assuming not
    • This has actually been really bugging me, in one of his voice lines, he says “Ramen! *sigh* It’s just not the same anymore.”
    • Which raises the question if it’s just that he can’t eat or if things taste differently or don’t taste at all for him
      • Which then makes me wonder if he has a mouth, which I think he does uuugh, I’m so confused
    • And in the newest lines with him and Angela exchanging chocolates? Angela would know whether or not he can eat, so she either knows he can eat the chocolates or is just giving them to him as a kind gesture to show that even though he’s a cyborg, he still deserves the same courtesies given to regular humans
  • BUT for now, I’m going to assume he can’t drink anymore
    • Although he still has a brain, so that means his brain can still be intoxicated, so saying that he was somehow intoxicated through some other means…
  • He would be very unaccustomed to the feeling, after all, it’s been so long since he’s been tipsy or drunk
    • Gets very quiet and ponderous, examining himself curiously for any reasons why he feels buzzed (think Legolas after the drinking contest in Lord of the Rings)


  • As he says in the game, he prefers alcohol with more of a bite to it
    • So I’d say he prefers tequila, whisky, gin
    • Back in his Deadlock days, when he turned 16, the members probably gave him a little “initiation” involving a bottle of tequila, a lemon, Kosher salt, and a worm (look it up)
  • Drinking is a common part of Jesse’s life, and he almost always sipping on a glass of whisky in the evenings
    • Gets wasted at least once every two weeks
    • Not the most healthy lifestyle
  • But he’s pretty good at hiding that he’s drunk
    • Sure, he gets louder, sillier, maybe a little grope-y with his s/o, but when it comes to drunk tests, as long as there’s no breathalizers, he can walk a straight line like it’s nothing
    • Years of experience
  • He has a pretty high tolerance, he is a cowboy after all, and he can drink most anyone under the table
    • But after about 10 shots of tequila, he’s gonna get drunk


  • Back in his Overwatch days, probably went out drinking with Jack quite a bit
    • These two would usually have some cold beers, but on special nights, martinis or margaritas
    • I’d even headcanon that he used to make the martinis and margaritas for the two of them
    • Can probably still shake up a potent drink even now
  • Used to have drinking contests every now and then with Torbjorn, Jack, and Reinhardt. He had a friendly contest with Jack, but always resented Rein for winning 70% of the time
    • He came close to beating him once, but…
  • He has a pretty good alcohol tolerance even today, it’s just that he doesn’t drink much anymore (not sure if he even can in his ghostly form)
  • But even if he can drink as Reaper, he probably avoids drinking simply because it interferes with his work
    • Doesn’t want to look unprofessional
  • But before the fall of Overwatch, when he and Morrison were butting heads, he probably drank quite a bit to calm his nerves
    • And some nights he’d just drink, and drink, and drink…
  • A mix of the angry, emotional, and tired drunk
    • Starts off really pissed, maybe throwing things, complaining about how much he hates Overwatch
    • Then gets really emo and mopes. Back then it’d be about how he lost his friendship with Jack. Now it’d be about living as a literal ghost
    • Then just collapses and falls asleep

Soldier: 76

  • Back in his Overwatch days, probably went out drinking with Gabriel quite a bit 
    • These two would usually have some cold beers, but on special nights, martinis or margaritas
  • Used to have drinking contests every now and then with Torbjorn, Gabe, and Reinhardt
    • Almost always the first one out. Though, he has a decent tolerancy
  • Was probably still professional with his alcohol before the fall of Overwatch
    • He was the Strike Commander, after all
    • Only drank off-duty
  • Now, he’s a little less of gentleman and will drink beer and whisky whenever he feels like it
    • He’s a grizzly, war-worn old man, you think he cares?
  • He’s an angry and emotional drunk
    • He won’t start fights, but if someone says even remotely offensive about him or his friends, he’ll be up in their face!
    • But towards the end of the night, he’ll get really sad and will start to monologue about the “good ‘ol days”


  • Prefers sake or any smooth, sophisticated drink. Nothing with a “bite” to it like McCree likes
  • Has always been very responsible with his alcohol. He had an image to uphold after all, and that sense of duty has never left him
    • Slowly sips his sake, taking into account how much he’s had and when to stop
  • But he’s such a kill-joy when he drinks with friends or significant others
    • Always reminding them when they’ve gone over their limit, being dubious of whether or not they can handle certain drinks, and sometimes cutting them off entirely!
  • Very much like Symm when it comes to drinking. He’ll drink, but he doesn’t believe alcohol should be drank for the sake of getting drunk. It should be savored for its taste and history. Only drinks it to unwind
  • But he can still get drunk. Once he’s hit a nice buzz, his responsibility will begin to waver, and he’ll lose track of how much he’s had
    • Probably the emotional drunk, mumbling about how the Shimada empire was to be his, how horrible he was to kill Genji, blah blah blah…


  • Ooooh boy…Oh dear….
  • There is NOTHING this boy won’t drink (but it has to be confirmed alcohol. He will not drink turpentine or boot-shine just to get drunk)
  • But this boy won’t even shy away from moonshine!
  • For him, alcohol was MADE to get you drunk! Jamie doesn’t drink unless he is seriously aiming to get wasted!
    • But he’s not a total alcoholic. He never drinks when he’s on a heist because he knows it’ll affect his work
    • Only drinks when he knows he doesn’t have anywhere to be in the next 12 hours (this does not exclude day drinking)
  • Usually just drinks plain old amber fluid (Aussie slang for beer) since it’s the cheapest
  • Always makes sure his friends have something to drink along with him. Coldies for everyone!
    • But who said he was paying? Who said he didn’t steel the coldies?
  • Not sure what Jamison’s tolerancy is since he chugs his drinks too fast to keep track of. He wants to get on that high fast!
  • A loud, silly drunk who laugh maniacally and catches the bar on fire!


  • Despite his size, he can drink a lot.
  • In his drinking contests with Rein, Gabe, and Jack, he’d win occasionally
  • A very loud drunk who will do drunken jigs on the table


  • Good luck getting this man drunk. He’s drank some bars clean before
  • He’s seven feet tall, after all
  • Loves a good drinking contest since he knows he’ll usually win
    • But just like battle, he lives for that rush of competition as he swigs down another glass of beer, staring his opponent dead in the eyes
  • Prefers German beers with the occasional schnapps
  • IF somehow you got him drunk, I’m sorry
  • He’s loud and VERY unaware of his size and spatial relation
  • He’ll teeter around, knock things over, collapse into tables (breaking them), and knock people flat on their faces when he pats them on the back
  • And if he passes out, you’ll have to call a tow truck to haul him out of there


  • Doesn’t like to brag, but he has a tolerancy level to rival Reinhardt’s
  • Can often be caught day drinking on the couch with a coldie, even when he has somewhere to be that day (he can handle a few beers before then)
  • But usually doesn’t drink in front of people except Junkrat, since it requires him to lift up his mask or take it off entirely
    • If he were to brag about his drinking capabilities, then someone would try to get him to prove it, and he doesn’t want to take off his mask in public…
  • But then there’s Junkrat, bragging for him, “You wouldn’t believe how much my friend Roadie here can drink!”
    • “Mrrghh…” he grumble, “Shut. Up.”
  • The biggest, hungriest, sleepiest drunk. It’s hard to get him drunk, though
  • But once he is, he’ll suddenly start making drunk food decisions and ordering hugs amounts of food at once!
    • Then he’ll scarf it all down, let out a monstrous burp, and pass out…
  • You should have seen how much he ordered during Chinese New Year! Where do you think that highlight reel came from?


  • He likes a good drink as much as the average guy, but he’s always sure to be careful
  • An all-around wholesome guy who looks out for his friends too when they drink. Reminds them when it’s time to take a break, have a snack, or maybe stop all together
  • His favorite drinks are Jell-O shots and he loves drinking if it involves a drinking game
  • When he gets drunk, though, he’ll pull out his tunes and start playing them really loud!
    • Eventually he’ll dig up some irritating meme music and start blaring that, laughing hysterically to it
  • He’s been booted from a few clubs early in his career for playing annoying music. Now he knows when it’s time to be responsible.


  • Zenny can’t drink, but I’m sure there’s a way to screw with an omnics circuits and recreate a drunken feeling for them
  • And he’d be such a silly drunk! He is only 20 after all–sassy little college student…
  • The next morning he’d be so apologetic for anything he did. He’d say that he just wasn’t himself.
Eros - Bar AU Chapter 9



CH.1 PT.1 | CH. 1 PT. 2 | CH. 2 | CH. 3 | CH. 4 | CH. 5 |  Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10

Sometimes a man gets carried away, when he feels like he should be having his fun
much too blind to see the damage he’s done
Sometimes a man must awake to find that really, he has no one

So I’ll wait for you….. and I’ll burn
Will i ever see your sweet return
Oh will I ever learn

Oh lover, you should’ve come over
‘cause it’s not too late

Oh Lover You Should Have Come Over - Jeff Buckley

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Cam!Couple Harry one shot sneak peek

okay so this is my first published oneshot but this is the first 500 words of the one shot, the rest will be put up soon - hopefully tomorrow or the day after.

The intense rubbing of Y/N’s eyes caused her to see stars, it was almost a blissful departure from the reality that lay in front of her. Bills. Stacks of bills. That all required a certain amount of funds that her and Harry definitely did not have and definitely could not make by the end of the month. It was a struggle; being a young couple living on the outskirts of London, still studying at University while simultaneously living a fulfilling and fruitful life. It was difficult for them both, Harry and Y/N barely managing to hold onto two full time jobs and still having barely enough funds in their bank accounts to last their next fortnightly pay.  

Y/N’s eyes flittered over to the boy that she loved, who was slumped across the mattress they shared in their tiny apartment, after an exhausting night shift at the local bar. The cash he made from tips thrown on the table for her to count. 35 quid. Not even enough to pay off their gas and electricity bills for this month. Let alone rent, internet, weekly food, phone bills.

A loud groan and string of profanities from Y/N’s mouth had awoken Harry from his slumber, one eye open to eye his girl swearing profusely while reading over the horror letters they had seemed to put off and was now catching up on them. His groggy voice breaking her from her personal antics, “Love, don’ worry about it yeah, we’ll get through it, we always do, y’know we do. Just gotta keep on workin’, I’ll pick another shift up at the bar if we’re really desperate.” Her eyes fell to the floor, and her body became slumped and shook with silent cries.

“H… we can’t, it’s too hard, we need to study, we’re in our final year, we can’t keep putting off our education in order to work at a dingy fucking bar seven nights a week, we need to graduate. I can’t let you stop studying in order to pick up another shift, it’s not fair.” A silence fell between the two of them, neither one of them knowing what to say. She had a point, exams were quickly approaching and without the marks they needed to get, they wouldn’t be able to graduate and maintain a proper, good paying job that they so desperately wanted and that would enable the young couple to live a life that would be satisfying.

“I’ve got an idea,” he paused as he watched Y/N’s eyes catch his, her eyebrows raised, “I mean, I used t’do it before we started datin’ I swear. Only before. But it got me a bit o’cash that I needed and it paid the bills for a bit, ’n I know you probably won’t like it but it did work f’me and I reckon it’d work better ‘n we’d get more money if we did it as a couple,”

“For god’s sake Harry, just spit it out,”

“Live porn.”

other strange adult thing: did you know that when you live in your own place, you can take as many showers as you want in a day. there’s no limit. and you don’t have to take a regular shower every time you get in there either! you don’t gotta wash each time, you can just stand there. did you know you can sit down in there too? you can bring in your beer and just hang out for a while if you want. have a snack, who gives a fuck.  

fan-girl-queen  asked:

Hello you wonderful person💕 May I request how the RFA would reakt to a MC which has the habit to say out the context some really creepy random fakts. Like they where just casually eating and she start to rambling about really weird shit. Wtf MC how do you know this? ( Yea... I hope it make sense and I wish you an amazing day💞)

Awww you’re so sweet! This was fun to write. (There are links to the posts I got all the facts from)

-He was studying like a good little Yoosung so you were keeping to yourself so you wouldn’t distract him.
-You sat next to him, ready to answer any questions he might have.
-But you were getting kind of bored because he wasn’t in need of any help.
-And you were proud of him for it, but you were also getting bored.
-Your mind started wandering as he continued studying.
-”Did you know that ‘Ring-a-Round-the-Roses’ refers to the Black Plague?” you thought out loud. (x)
-Yoosung gave you the most confused face ever.
-”’Roses’ refers to the red marks that showed up on an infected person’s body. ‘Posies’ refers to the flowers people carried with them to protect themselves from the stench they thought caused the plague.” you explained further.
-”…Why are you telling me this?”
-”I thought it was neat.”
-There was a brief silence and an obvious mix of confusion and concern on Yoosung’s face.
-”…Okay,” he said before turning his attention back to his work.
-He was freaked out for a while, and the next day, you see him mention it to the chatroom.
-You might’ve ruined that nursery rhyme for him, but he still loves you.
-Just some of the things you say really freak him out.
-Poor thing.

-Zen was reading over some scripts, so you were trying not to bother him.
-It was kind of cute, seeing him mumble the lines to himself.
-You were next to him, reading over his shoulder.
-You’re not sure what it was, but something in his script reminded you of something.
-”Did you know that if you get decapitated, you can still be conscious for about 25 seconds after losing your head?” (x)
-Zen stopped and looked at you with a raised eyebrow.
-”It’s true.”
-”Okay…” and he went back to mumbling lines to himself.
-You scare him sometimes. He’s a bit worried about where and why you know this stuff.
-I guess it could be interesting though.
-He’s still worried for you.

-You were reorganizing around the cafe with Jaehee, which isn’t the most riveting thing in the world.
-You were paying attention, of course. You’d hate to mess something up and upset Jaehee.
-But your mind was wandering a bit.
-Jaehee had asked you to bring her the label maker from across the room when you suddenly asked “Did you know that there’s a fish called the Stone Fish that is the most poisonous fish in the world and if you step on one, you will die a very painful death within 20 minutes?” (x)
-She looks at you with so many questions.
-You shrugged. “I just thought it was interesting.”
-”…Yes, very interesting.”
-You then brought her the label maker.
-It was really random, but she was actually kind of impressed?
-So many random facts buzzing around that cute head of yours.
-She does wonder how you learned all these things though. She hopes you just found it on the internet, not from experience.

-You were sitting together in his penthouse, eating a very fancy dinner Jumin had prepared for the both of you.
-He was telling you about his day as you continued eating.
-You were paying attention to his story, you really were, but something he said reminded you of something.
-When he was done talking, he took a bite of food when you said “Did you know that scorpions can be frozen inside a block of ice for three weeks and still survive?” (x)
-He stops chewing for a second. When he finally swallows, he asks “How do you know that..?”
-”I don’t know, I just do.”
-He nods cautiously, confused.
-You act as if nothing happened and continued eating.
-It was really unexpected.
-Any time you mention another random fact, he just nods, or maybe asks a few questions to clarify.
-He would only ask that you keep the random (and creepy) facts to yourself when you have company or you’re in front of someone important. It might freak them out.
-He loves you though, weird facts and all.

-He was working. Very busy. Very dangerous.
-You weren’t allowed near him.
-But you were near him anyway.
-He was doing his best to just ignore you and hope you’d go away, but you were still there.
-”_____, please, I’m-”
-”Did you know that giraffes can lick their own ears?” (x)
-He looked at you like you were crazy.
-”Yeah, I know that. Why?”
-Of course he knows that. He’s a “super genius”.
-”I just randomly remembered it. It’s weird, isn’t it?”
-”Okay, okay, just let me work now, please.”
-It was secretly really endearing and cute.
-You were like a walking Fact of the Day website.
-Though some of the things you say he already knows, it’s cute hearing all these random factoids.
-You always have new facts too. You never say the same ones.
-fuck he’s in love shit shit shit

-You were relaxing together. V had been doing a lot of work for the RFA party and needed a break.
-You were sitting together in silence. He was on his phone, probably in the chatroom discussing the party.
-”Did you know the human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap?” you said out of nowhere.(x)
-His eyes become so wide.
-”I read that somewhere.”
-”Oh,” he smiles nervously.
-He goes back to his phone and looks it up for himself, and is disturbed.
-This boy loves you so much, but some of the things you say he could be perfectly happy without knowing.
-Despite that, he smiles to you everytime you say something new because he’s that good of a person.
-Even though it makes him uncomfortable at times, he deals with it for you.
-It eventually doesn’t bother him as much, as he comes to expect weird things to come out of your mouth.

-You two were talking and relaxing around the house. You were both relatively bored, so you were chatting.
-He was talking about his day,  Saeyoung’s latest annoying joke, something he saw on TV, that kind of thing.
-”Did you know that geckos don’t have any eyelids so they clean their eyes by licking them?” (x)
-He stopped.
-He’s actually so interested in all the random facts you have to share.
-He loves learning all these little details about things in the world that he will probably never need to know, but he’s glad that he does.
-I mean, he’s been sheltered his whole life. He likes actually knowing about things in the world.
-It doesn’t matter if they’re weird or creepy. They’re still interesting and welcome.
-Sometimes, he’ll surprise you with a new fact.
-And sometimes, you already know it, but you act like you don’t, because it’s nice to see him explain it in his own way.

Eros - Bar AU Chapter 1, part 2

Disclaimer: This piece is a Mystic Messenger AU.  It is heavily inspired by the American sitcom Cheers, a show centered around a Boston bar called Cheers and it’s regulars.  Even though I have tried to keep as much of canon personalities with all the Mystic Messenger characters just remember that it is an AU and a few things may be different than in game or your headcanons. This has been fun to plan and I hope you find a bit of joy reading it!  

PG13+ for swearin’ and boozin’.

Ch.1 Pt.1 | Ch. 1 Pt. 2 | Ch. 2 |

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  • Travis: Oh! Maybe he's doing that, like, age-old 7th grade science experiment where you have to like, uh, build a bridge to like save an egg, y'know what I mean? And like, you have to walk across it and see-
  • Griffin cutting him off: Travis, there was so much goddamn dumb stuff in that sentence you just said it would take us a week to tear it apart.
  • Justin: It was. It was the seven-layer bar of dumb shit.
  • Griffin: 'You know, an egg bridge.'
  • Travis: You know, egg bridge! I saw it on, uh, Mr. Wizard.
  • Justin: You literally just confused like five different science projects.
Working Hard

`by: mldrgrl
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Hanella attempts to spice things up a bit by playing a game.

Hank watched from the bed as Stella walked around the room collecting items for her suitcase.  Her blouse was open and her hair was still wet and coiled in a towel on her head.  Her breasts jiggled softly as she bent and struggled with the zipper of her make-up bag.  Her bra was slate-grey, satin, and he knew from personal experience, had a soft lining inside the cups.  Even half-dressed and packing a bag, she was ridiculously enticing.

“Have you ever had to work for it?” Hank asked.

“Work for what?” she asked.

“At seduction.”

One of her eyebrows arched higher as she began to button her blouse.  Hank pushed himself up from his reclining position and slid to the edge of the bed.  She moved closer to him and stood between his knees as she closed the last button.  He took her hand when she lowered her arm and turned her wrist up.  He closed the button on her right cuff and then her left.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome.”  He ran his thumb over the center of her palm and looked up at her.

“Have you ever had to work for it?” she asked.

“I’ve always been more of the pursued and not the pursuer.  Has anyone ever turned you down?”

“Of course.”


Stella moved away and unwound the towel from her head.  She shook her hair free and closed the door to the bathroom behind her.  A few moments later, Hank heard the hairdryer and he poked at the contents of Stella’s bag.  He took her perfume out of the make-up case and took the cap off.  The scent of it was too vague, so he sprayed a bit on her pillow and then leaned over, closing his eyes as he inhaled deeply.

It was almost terrifying how bewitched he felt sometimes.  He couldn’t imagine anyone ever saying no to Stella.  He’d wanted her from the moment she sat down across from him in that hotel and he’d never stopped.  Just the smell of her or the sway of her hips or the timbre of her voice at the end of a long day or the slash of bare skin in the slit of her skirt got him so hard.  God, he was a melancholy fuck when she was going out of town.

The whirr of the blowdryer went silent and a few minutes later, Stella came out of the bathroom.  The way she put herself together never failed to amaze him, but he found her just as beautiful with messy hair and no make-up.  She caught him watching her as she closed her suitcase and she stepped back between his legs.  His hands were to her hips and she rested her forearms on his shoulders.

“Men don’t require much persuasion,” she said, fingers dancing across his nape to slide into the hair on the back of his head.  “You certainly didn’t.”

“Well, I was a bit of a slut.”

“All it took was a suggestion and…”  She snapped her fingers behind his head.

“What if I’d turned you down?”

“I’d have walked away.”

“Just like that?”

“No means no, Hank.”

“So, what if I’d said maybe?”

“Depends on whether or not I found you worthy of the effort.”

“Then you have had to work for it before.”

Stella smoothed her hand back over Hank’s head, petting him like the loyal dog he was.  “I said that men don’t require much persuasion,” she said.  “Women like more than mere suggestion.”

“Do they?”  Hank slid his hands down from her hips to her backside.

“Some women like being seduced.”

“And some just take what they want,” he answered, squeezing her ass hard enough that she pulled on his hair.

“Don’t wrinkle me,” she said, rolling her hips slightly.  “The car will be here any minute.”

“Do I get to kiss you goodbye, or will I smudge you?”

“Hold still,” she answered, pulling his hair to tip his head back.  She swept her tongue across his mouth before brushing her lips against his in the lightest of kisses.

“Just two nights, right?” he asked.

“I’ll call.”


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United Arab Emirates women's player lives dream with Caps

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) – When Fatima Al Ali first started playing hockey in the United Arab Emirates, she skated with young children half her size.

“They were looking up at me like, ‘What is she doing here?”’ she said.

On Wednesday, she was halfway around the world skating with the NHL’s Washington Capitals, and they knew exactly what she was doing there. Capitals great Peter Bondra was impressed by Al Ali’s advanced stickhandling moves during a visit to Abu Dhabi, and the team flew her to the United States to meet her favorite player, Alex Ovechkin, during the league’s “Hockey is for Everyone” month.

The 27-year-old Al Ali only began playing hockey six years ago after falling in love with the sport as the official photographer for the men’s national team, and now she’s among the best players on the women’s team in the United Arab Emirates. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, the UAE has only 82 adult women’s players among its 802 skaters and just nine rinks in the country of almost 6 million where the average winter temperature is about 79 degrees.

“Hockey is getting more and more popular, and Fatima is one of the key factors to this success,” said Rasti Pavlikovsky, who runs the hockey camp where Bondra saw Al Ali in November. “She loves the sport, she is at the rink every day, not just skating and training, but also helping out to run the practices and games, she is also a great referee at international level.”

Al Ali recently got punched in the face while breaking up a fight as a referee but finished the game. She’s a hockey player, all right, with skills that could probably earn her a spot on women’s club team in North America.

She has had a busy week.

After visiting the National Mall and seeing sights around the nation’s capital Monday with her brother, Mohammed, Al Ali took in the Wizards’ overtime thriller against LeBron James and the NBA-champion Cleveland Cavaliers at night and visited the UAE embassy and met ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba on Tuesday. Overwhelmed by her first trip to Washington, she cried in the Capitals’ locker room Tuesday night as she met players after their game.

She found some comfort on the ice with them Wednesday. As cameras from about a dozen media outlets documented her every stride, Al Ali talked about herself, the sport in the Middle East and stick curves and different moves.

“I was so nervous going on the ice, but once we started talking it just calmed down,” she said. “We’re just talking about hockey, something we all share and something we all love.”

On Thursday, she did the ceremonial puck drop at the Capitals-Red Wings game.

Like her country, her hockey skills are still a work in progress, but Capitals coach Barry Trotz was impressed.

“You think a lady playing hockey in (the United Arab Emirates) it doesn’t sort of mix, but it’s great,” Capitals coach Barry Trotz said. “To see what she’s doing is fantastic. She’s going to be a real role model, and I think it’s a good symbol.”

Al Ali got a signed stick from Ovechkin to commemorate her visit. Ovechkin also hopes she takes home more motivation to play and spread the sport.

“It’s good for the game, it’s good for me, it’s good for hockey,” Ovechkin said. “I told her I hope she’s going to bring more interest in the game to her country and maybe it’s going to be a new league because she’s got to meet some people out here.”

Al Ali is not from one of the countries targeted by President Donald Trump’s executive order barring travelers from seven Muslim majority nations from entering the U.S. At the Capitals’ suburban Washington practice facility she skated around the rink wearing a hijab and enjoying what she called the best thing to happen to her in her life.

“I’m not here for politics,” Al Ali said. “I’m just here for sports and hockey.”

During his trip to Abu Dhabi, Bondra met with UAE hockey officials and coached an under-18 practice. He said hockey is on the way in a very nontraditional market.

“Doing a little hockey clinic, there was various stage of the level of game,” Bondra said. “There was some good skaters - you could tell that they’ve been skating for maybe two years more or there was some kids just starting. The hockey’s young there and it’s growing.”

Al Ali is at the forefront of that on the women’s side, and Pavlikovsky said nine or 10 more players from her team want to participate in their next camp run by former NHL and European players. That’s the impact she hopes to have.

“That’s my goal,” Al Ali said. “Everything I started doing in my life I hope it inspires other people to do something and break the barrier in their culture, whatever they’re doing.”

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The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments Tuesday evening over whether President Trump’s travel ban should remain on hold or go back into effect.

Trump’s executive order temporarily barred visa holders from seven majority-Muslim countries, as well as all refugees, from entering the country. It was signed on Jan. 27 and quickly challenged by an array of lawsuits.

One of those cases resulted in a temporary restraining order, blocking the ban — for now — from going into effect. It’s that restraining order, not the ban as a whole, that lawyers will be arguing over Tuesday.

The arguments before a three-judge panel will be held by telephone at 6 p.m. ET (3 p.m. PT), and you can listen live online. Here are a few things to know before the arguments get going:

States, DOJ Set To Argue Whether Trump’s Travel Ban Should Stay Suspended

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Ride With Me (Part 8)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: light swearing. 

*(Y/N)’s working double time to cover Wanda’s shift she is confronted with a handsome stranger who is as dangerous as his silver tongue   

 I did it, I bloody did it. A whole day spending time with my Aunt and Uncle and I was still able to write this chapter. I may suffer for it in the morning but who cares, I can sleep when I’m dead ahaha 

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“It’s been over a month (Y/N) and you didn’t call of course I was going to worry” You rolled your eyes as you shimmied into your jeans.

“I’m sorry Jess, I really am. Thing’s just got a little crazy” you trailed off trapping your phone between your shoulder and ear as you fiddled with the button of your jeans.

“This is my point, you left to get away from crazy. Now you’re six feet deep in Sheild and Red Skull shit,” You sighed knowing she was right.

“How are things on your end? How’s Trish” You asked tentatively.

“She’s ok, coping as best as anyone can. She still didn’t think you had to move away”

“It was the best thing for everyone if I left Jess, you know that” you pulled on a shirt as you did your best to sort out the bird’s ness that was your hair.

“I know, I know. It still sucks” Jess huffed, you could imagine her now. Stood on the sidewalk smoking glaring at any passerby.

“Do you really think Luke would have let me stay any longer than he already did? I left on semi good terms, it would have been a lot fucking worse if I stayed you know that.” You spun around looking frantically for some socks; you could have sworn you’d seen a pair not five minutes ago.

“Look at the end of the day you chose to leave and I can’t hate you for that, what I can hate you for is getting involved with this Bucky guy. The things they say about him in Chicago…. are you sure about him (Y/N)?” No matter how much of a truthful bitch Jess could be, she was your best friend since high school and she did have your best interest at heart.

“It’s different this time Jess, I know you and Trish are going to think I’m stupid and naive to get myself involved. But it’s different, it know it’s different”

“Like it was with Danny?” You froze in your search for your missing socks.

“That was low even for you Jess” you heard her swear under her breathe.

“I’m sorry, I know I’m a bitch.”  

“Yeah you are, look I have to go I’m late for work” you ripped the phone from your ear slamming your thumb on the end call button before Jess even had a chance to explain. Throwing you phone in your bag you gave up the search for the sock and went to your chest of draws. Grabbing the first pair you could find you hands hovered above them. Just underneath was Schmidt’s gun. You had managed to strategically place your socks and underwear to cover it, a month had passed since that night and Peitro’s accident and you had hardly seen Bucky at all. Sharon kept you inform as much as she could and Natasha would swing by Hawkeyes from time to time, but since you and Sharon has split Wanda’s roster between you so she could look after Pietro in the hospital you had been flat out working. You hadn’t seen much of the Red Skull gang and you didn’t know if you should feel relieved or worried, it was like they had dropped off the map since Pietro’s accident. Apparently Tony couldn’t find anything suspicious much to his persistence that it must have been someone or something behind it. Clasping the socks in your left hand you reach in for the gun with your right. Swallowing hard your brain was screaming two different things at you, like an angel and a demon whispering in your ear. Slipping on the socks you shoved your feet into your boots, grabbing your jacket from the back of the couch you were out the door in minutes. The gun safely back in your underwear draw.

“So I’m thinking Italian food, you can’t go wrong with Italian good. It’s real romantic too, little Italian restaurant. A bit of wine some pasta a bit of light flirting and she’ll be putting in my hands right?” you had to laugh at Louis as he explained his master-dating plan.

“Well I wouldn’t be able to say no to lasagna and wine” you chuckled as the two of you carried the clean glasses tray from the kitchen to the bar.

“Right! It’s fool proof, my roommates say’s I’m an idiot but what does he know. He sit’s on the couch most of the time eating Baskin Robbins if he’s not running from the law” Louis must have realised he said too much as his eyes widened at you.

“You didn’t hear that from me ok” you mimed zipping up your lips and throwing away the key.

“My lips are sealed, but you better get going if you’re going to pick your date up on time” you glanced at the clock on the wall.

“But Darcy isn’t here yet” Louis pointed out, Clint also had the day off but it was a Monday night. It had been a quite afternoon and there was no one in the bar even at seven thirty.

“She’ll be here in five minutes, I’m sure I can cope being by myself. Just go and remember no roses it’s too cliché get her a mixed bunch” Louis seamed to like this idea as he pointed a finger at you.

“You’re good girl, no wonder Barnes swooped in when he did”

You tongue felt heavy as Louis skipped out of the bar giving you a wave, you groaned into the empty space as you started putting the clean pint glasses away. You were frustrated to say the least; Bucky had said that he wanted to be with you. Maybe he’d had time to think and didn’t want that anymore, you had respected that he needed space so you didn’t push. You threw yourself into taking up shifts at Hawkeyes; Wanda’s presents at your apartment was almost non-existent had been few and far between so you didn’t really have anyone to talk to. When you broach the subject with Jess earlier she wasn’t exactly offering a shoulder to cry on, bring up past mistakes certainly wasn’t what you needed right now.  You let out a heavy sigh as you finished putting away the first tray, you were so preoccupied with your thoughts you almost didn’t seen the stranger walking into the bar. He was an older man, but still good-looking. His suit was defiantly tailor made, with hints of green detailing it. His dark hair was slicked back over his ears; his eyes scanned the bar with a less than impressed look on his face as he twirled his cane around.  His green eyes found yours for a moment before he smiled.

“Can I get you anything sir?” you asked as causally and friendly as you could, your whole body was in overdrive at the sight of this stranger. Something about him seamed familiar and unsettling.

“A pot of tea if you would be so kind” you nod at his unusual request, but you complied. Five minutes later you set down the old small silver pot of steaming tea and a cup and saucer in front of him, he thanked you as he sat down at the bar.

“Would you like milk?” you asked but the man waved you off.

“No thank you” you nod moving away slight to finish putting away the pint glasses.

“I bet your wondering why a man like myself would come to an establishment like this and order a pot of tea” the man’s lips had curled up into a half smile as he practically read your mind.

“It’s not like we get men like yourself coming in here often” you joked slightly.

“There are no men like me” you felt a shiver travel up your spine as he took a sip of his tea, his eyes never breaking from yours.

“I hear you’re quite familiar with my daughter Miss (Y/N)” you felt your stomach flip.

“You’re going to have to be a bit more specific Mr…”

“Loki. My daughter Helena had some choice words to say about you” you felt your blood run cold. Helena… Hela.

“I believe the phrase you used was ‘the next thing coming out your mouth will be your teeth’ that’s a very serious threat Miss (Y/N)” Loki eyed you, your mouth felt like sand as you tried to swallow.

“I’m not going to apologies to her if that’s what you came here for” you crossed your arms as your hearth thumped in your chest.

“Oh no on the contrary, knock as many of her teeth out as you like. I just came by to see what type of woman Bucky Barnes had moved on to. Helena can be quite possessive of things that are no longer her’s to play with” Loki’s comment almost took the wind out of you things that were no longer her to play with. What the hell did that mean? Loki must have seen your confusion.

“You didn’t know, Helena and Bucky use to be quite the item back in the day. It’s a father’s duty to keep tabs on their daughter’s suitors, not matter how questionable they may be. I’m surprised your friends did not tell you. Hmmm” Loki made a curious noise as he finished his cup of tea. Taking out a crisp five-dollar note he threw it onto the counter as he stood.

“You seam like the type of woman who can stand her ground, I’d hate for you to get involved in something you can’t control. My daughter may seam psychotic and unstable, but she is just as capable as you are. Don’t underestimate her or me for that matter” you felt a cold wash over you as Loki’s words turned dark and sinister.

“Oh good look whose here.” Tony’s sudden voice made you jump in surprise, he and Darcy were stood at the doorway glaring at Loki.

“If you’re trying to start something Loki I will taser you” Darcy threatened. Loki seamed un-affected by this simply straitening up and smiling.

“Just giving (Y/N) some friendly advice” Loki looked to you still smiling, a gesture that you were not willing to give back.

“Well then un-give it, I’d hate to have to tell Barton you were in his bar. Especially after what happened last time” Tony narrowed his eyes.

“It was hardly my fault my adopted brother becomes a blundering idiot when he is intoxicated”

“I’m sure Thor would love to hear that” Darcy snorted as she pushed past Loki.

“Seriously fuck off before I taser you, I’m not joking” your eyes almost bulged out of your head as Darcy barked at Loki and that Thor and the man before you were related… kind of? Loki didn’t seam fazed as he walked towards the door that Tony was blocking.

“Move, before I throw you out of the window” the two of them sized each other up for a moment before Tony moved away and you relaxed slightly. You watched as breeze through the door with out another word.

“Did he threaten you?” Darcy asked worry etched into her features.

“It seams to be a common occurrence in his family. I just need a minute, I’ll be back” you excused yourself before either of them could object. Fishing your phone out of your pocket you typed out your message.

Loki just called in to Hawkeyes for a visit. We need to talk.

You leaned against the kitchen wall; looking up at the ceiling you replayed Jess’s words to you earlier that day.

You’re six feet deep in Sheild and Red Skull shit.

You hated when she was right, she had tried talking you out of coming back to New York. Tried to convince you to travel down to New Orleans or even LA. But no you wanted New York; you thought coming back would somehow be easier. The two years you lived in Chicago were hell; Danny was the one thing you didn’t account for. But your relationship was doomed from the start, you needed a distraction from Jeremy and he got too involved. The sharp ping of the incoming message drew you out of your thought as you looked down at your phone.

I’ll be at yours when you finish your shift tonight doll.

Of course he knew when your shift was ending, you thought rolling your eyes. The message was brief; there were no mentions of missing you or wanting to see you too. You felt a sharp pang of hurt in your chest followed by a rumble of anger. Hela was his ex and he didn’t even tell you. What’s more so, you threaten his ex at gunpoint and he wasn’t even the slightly bit mad at you. Granted you didn’t know any of the details yet but even so, if someone pointed a gun at Danny you would still be pretty fucking pissed. Jess was right about another thing it seamed.

Did you really know Bucky Barnes at all?

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Eros - Bar AU Chapter 5



Ch.1 Pt.1 | Ch. 1 Pt. 2 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6

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‘Day Without Immigrants’ protests across the U.S.

Immigrants across the United States stayed home from school and work on Thursday to show how critical they are to the nation’s economy and way of life.

“A Day Without Immigrants” actions took place in a number of cities, including Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. The protest gained momentum on social media and by word of mouth.

It comes in response to the policies and proposals of President Trump, whose administration has pledged to increase the deportation of immigrants living in the country illegally. Trump campaigned on a vow to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and blamed high unemployment on illegal immigration. As president, he has sought to bar people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Organizers expect thousands of people to participate or show solidarity with workers during the day of protest. (AP)

(Photos: Steven Senne/AP, Todd McInturf /Detroit News via AP, Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters, Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images, Jim Bourg/Reuters)

See more images from #daywithoutimmigrants on Yahoo News.