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i wanted to do some of these prompts again before i go back to school, so here we go

Amethyst 8XB is clingy and highly emotional, and has a disliking for humans. When not being chastised by Holly Blue Agate, 8XB’s main duty at the Human Zoo is to keep all of its quartzes in peak fighting condition.

Rose Quartz 5RI is a high ranking Era 1 gem. Unlike many of her other quartz counterparts, 5RI was a medic that, contrary to my terrible weapon designing skills, didn’t use an oversized bar-code scanner, but a rifle that was equipped with healing shots (a la Ana’s biotic rifle).

In my personal theory, 8XB accidentally pops 5RI’s bubble, and they both escape to Earth, or something.


Power is Power.
For generations Sector 1 has ruled over the East Coast of Schisma with an iron fist, watching its inhabitants with a network of cameras and bar-code scanners that track their every movement. Its inhabitants trade their freedom for the facade of security, becoming a nameless, faceless horde working to keep the rulers of the land in the comfort that they have become accustomed to. Dissenters are dragged from their homes and readjusted from the system. The threat of punishment carried out by the heavy handed Police force looms over everyone.
No one dare disobey, until today….

If you like George Orwell’s 1984, Hunger Game, Mad Max style novels then you will enjoy Danger Days which is based loosely on the the My Chemical Romance album of the same name. 

Oh and did I mention its only $0.99 for a limited time?

Alright imagine going on a late night grocery trip with your boyfriend, Justin. You both want to make it a short trip so you decide to split the grocery list, and to make things interesting you decide to make it a competition to see who can get all the items they’re responsible for first. Justin grabs the list from your hand and tears it in half before running to grab a shopping cart. You speed walk shortly behind your 21 year old boyfriend who begins to hop on the front of his cart and glide away. You giggle and make your way over to the fruits and veggies that your half of the list made you responsible for. Once you’ve placed them into you’re cart, you read over the grocery list that sends you to the isle with the drinks. You spot the drink you need and as you bend over to grab them you feel a hard smack against your bum. You snap up and find your boyfriend disappearing into other isles with a cheeky smile on his face. Rolling your eyes, you grab the drinks and toss them into your cart and begin to check off the items you’ve already grabbed. Now you’re going from isle to isle until you finally find the condoms and coincidentally your boyfriend. You then get an idea. “Justin” you call out, hoping you didn’t blow his cover. “Yeah?” he replies, turning his cart around to face you. You curl your index finger for him to come over. Once he’s almost right next to you, you decide blurt out: “ok so i’m shopping for some condoms and i forgot are you a small or an extra small?” That leaves Justin embarrassed and you on the verge of laughing your ass off at the expression on his face. “Wow there’s extra small? i guess i wouldn’t know since i always get the extra large.” he says, emphasizing the words “extra large” and looking around to make sure others around could hear him. You roll your eyes for the second time and grab a box from the shelf next to. “How many items do you have left?” You heard Justin ask before you walked away. You held 2 fingers up without looking back at him. He yells “me too” and you disappear into the isle with the ice cream. You get your favorite ice cream and Justin’s favorite ice cream before checking both off. After, you go to the self check out machine and start swiping each item on the bar code scanner. You see no sign of Justin which means your probably going to win the small competition you proposed before entering the grocery store. You’re about to swipe the last item when a large hand snatches it from your grasp. You turn around, knowing it was Justin, and begin to jump up to try and grab it from him but it was no use. “You know i cant reach that” you whine. “Sounds like a personal problem” he replies and turns around to begin swiping his items. You are determined to win so you jump on his back causing to stumble backwards. “Give it to me!” you yell as you wrap your legs around his waist and try reaching for the item in his hand. “Never!” he yells back. (so at this point you both look like 2 idiots fighting over condoms) “Then you leave me no choice” you warned him as you hopped off and he swiped his last item. You brought your hand down his stomach to his zipper and began to palm him through his jeans until you felt an erection. “What are you doing?” he breathed out. “Winning,” you smirk and grab the condoms from his hand. You swipe, pay, and place all the bags into your cart. You started walking out and looking over the receipt before getting interrupted. “You can’t just leave me like this.” he says causing you to turn around and look at him. “And why not?” you ask with fake innocence in your tone. “Because i got a boner and it’s all your fault.” he whispered causing you to smirk once again and shrug. “Sounds like a personal problem.” you reply and send him a wink before walking away.

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percy hugs his cousin and talks to her and annabeth gets jelly?

a/n: Merry Christmas, Muffin! Hope this is okay! Enjoy grinchy Annabeth!

Jealousy and Bad Holiday Music


“Ten dollars and twenty-three cents is your total.”

The bottoms of her feet were aching and the headpiece on her ear felt heavy. After a six-hour day walking up and down aisles and pulling merchandise to the front of shelves for none other than aesthetic purposes, Annabeth was feeling anything but “jolly.”

Already, three customers had asked her where the bathrooms were, whether missing the huge green sign above her head that pointed out their destination or rather ignoring it, she didn’t know. But she could say she was about ready to climb behind the customer service desk and hide until the holiday shoppers were gone with no promise of return until the next winter season.

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As I’m an old lady, and already in bed, I will have to make this snappy, but I just wanted to pop in and say today was an awesome day.

I liked my outfit first and formost, although let it be known that that is a super flattering photo of me… As I am definitely loftier than that, but anywho, food and points, and points and food.

Weight Watchers works out a meal’s points based on: fat, carbs, protein and fiber. Note how it doesn’t take calories into consideration. This is good because lots of foods are then free (like fruits and veggies), but also annoying as the fat and carbs of healthy foods then sky rocket - an avocado is 8 points, and half a can of chick peas is 12.

To put that into perspective each day I get a total of 30 points, plus an extra 37 to use throughout the week. I go through them fast, so I’m thinking the key to this WW thing will be: dedication and planning ahead.

Oh! And today after work we had a “beer o'clock,” complete with delicious cheese and snacks up to my hoo-ha. Had I not been tracking what I ate I think I would have eaten 5,000 points, but because I added everything to my app before I ate it, I ate 5. Which I think was good.

Anywho, another day down, another day I can say I did my best. :)

Ps some of you have asked for a WW vs. MFP review. I’ll straight up say right now the MFP app is significantly better (and free!). I paid $150 for six months of online WW, and I find their food database is no where near as large as MFP’s, and their bar code scanner hardly ever works.

Pss Those food items are from the last few days, not today’s. Pretty much every single morning I have a coffee (2 points), and 1.5 cups of Special K with 1% milk (4 points).

my mother thinks i love you
believe me
i can tell

in her eyes:
in the way she looks you
up and down
looks us
up and down
like a bar code scanner
trying its best
to make sense
of the randomness in the lines
trying its best
to make sense
of nothing

in her voice:
i can hear it
under all the casualness of questions
everything she says sounds like a siren
her voice has permanently taken up the same tone
as emergency weather warnings
she’s making smoke signals with her breath
and im trying my best to fan them away
but it’s too late
she’s suffocating me

i can feel it:
when she’s whispering to me
about you
her hands
find my wrists
and they shake
like someones trying to wake her up
from a nightmare

i can taste it:
her worry has leaked into her soups
she’s substituted salt
for bitterness

i can smell it:
she’s always smelled like
but now
you’re around
she’s started smelling
less like vanilla
more like fire
against skin
less like home
more like cheap hotel rooms
with vodka bottles on the floor
and wine glass shards in the tub
and throw up in the sink
next to the loneliness
less like love
more like anxiety
the kind she got
when my dad left
when i broke my leg
when my brother was born
the kind
she never mastered the art of dealing with

my mother thinks i love you
believe me
i can tell
and i’m trying
so hard
to not let her disappointment
eat me alive

—  A.J.M // mothers intuition 

The Invention of the LASER

It is easy to forget that LASER is an acronym as they are so ubiquitous and downright commonplace these days.  But on May 16, 1960, Theodore Harold Maiman operated the first laser, utilizing a synthetic ruby crystal grown by his colleague Dr. Ralph L. Hutcheson.  A race had been underway in the scientific community for more than a decade to develop such a device, starting first with masers before moving on to lasers.

The word LASER is an acronym (the first acronym to appear on this blog) and stands for light amplification by stimulated emmission of radiation.  When the laser (and maser-microwave amplification by stimulated emmission of radiation) was first developed it was know as a solution looking for a problem.  Scientists and engineers saw incredible potential for such a device, and now lasers are ubiquitous and range in size from smaller than the head of a pin to the size of football fields.  Lasers can be found in cd and dvd players, fingerprint readers, bar-code scanners, in medicine as a replacement for scalpels, in printers, dermatology, welding and cutting and even rock concerts and kids shows.  Lasers are in every grocery store and gas station, they monitor speed on highways, they measure the movement of the earth and depth of the ocean.  They have really far surpassed their early theoretical promise.

Image of an early ruby laser Courtesy Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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Dear Customers, The email receipt is convenient! But if you need to return something please print that shit out! After I explain to you that it's gonna take a minute because I need to type out every number on the receipt bar code because our scanners can't read past the glare from your phone...What I DONT need is you sucking your teeth because you think I'm taking too long. Either get some patience or print it out

I propose a competency test and mandatory licensing before any shopper can use self checkout lanes.

This young man in lane 12 most certainly wasn’t qualified. We don’t let people do dangerous things like drive two-ton vehicles without a test and a license. Making me wait while you fuck around with a bar code scanner is nearly as dangerous to society.

The checkout counters are small. That’s a HUGE hint they’re not designed for full carts of groceries. True, there is no “10 item limit” posted but come on, the bagging area doesn’t have room for six bags of groceries.

Bar codes – they’re on the low side of each item. If you need to closely examine each box and can to find the code you really should leave scanning to a professional. They’re the people in lanes one through nine wearing name tags.

There is a horizontal reader and a vertical reader. Place the item next to those two scanners, do a little dance move with your wrist, then listen for the beep of successful scanning. If it takes you more than two seconds to get a beep you need training.

Pay with cash? NO NO NO NO! Of course the device accepts currency but the only people I’ve seen pay this way seem to have a lot of small crumpled bills in their pockets. It’s agonizing to watch a guy pull out what looks like a handful of garbage then start to try to straighten out a bunch of Washingtons and Lincolns. Of course he won’t pay with a few Jacksons.

Using a paper coupon at the scanner? When I rule the world that will be punishable by a 300% surcharge on the item. Every time someone uses a paper coupon an employee ends up coming over to enter some code or reset something. You want to save $0.25 on that can of Pringles? No problem – you just saved a quarter but the price is now $4.77 per can. Enjoy your expensive potato- and wheat-based stackable snack chips, dude.

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"So... what exactly is illegal in this town?" (criminal-kevin-vagina)

Sebastian turned around to see the no-eyed man with a sharp tooth grin standing in front of him. The man was beautifully dressed. “ clean..” Sebastian whispered to himself in awe before quickly shaking head to snap out of his amazed state. “Umm…well wheat and wheat byproducts, writing utensils, margarita glasses, bar code scanners, pocket calculators, also thesauruses and public descriptions of the moon unless it is poetry week.” He listed, counting on his gloved fingers.