bar mckinnon

“Oh crap, this is bad.”

“You’re telling me.”

“Oh shit, he touched her hair!”

“Marls! Stop! Don’t kill him!”

“I’m so sorry. We’ll pay you back for the damage.”

Marlene McKinnon being hit on – and snapping.

Taken by Dorcas and Lily who were trying to stop her and Alice who was apologizing to the bar owner.

Prompt: ‘I need bailing out and I called the wrong number’ au prompt from struttinglikeapotter’s post here

my first real AU :)

 “I should be asleep right now,” Lily repeated for the sixteenth time to Marlene, who had long since ignored these particular words when strung together by her friend. They lied sprawled out along the large sofa in their flat, Marlene mindlessly clicking through the late-night infomercials. Feet away in the kitchen, their other flat-mate Mary was slamming cabinets open in search of her favorite late-night snack.

  “It is half past one in the morning,” Lily informed them. “I should be sleeping. We all should be sleeping! I—“

 Her mobile, which rested precariously upon her overlarge tee shirt, started buzzing, illuminating her features in the darkened room, and successfully silencing her complaints.

 “Who the hell is calling at this hour?”

 “I don’t recognize the number—“

 “Don’t answer, Lil—“

 But, “Hello?”

 “PADFOOT! PADFOOT YOU BASTARD!” an irate voice came through the line, causing Lily to pull the phone inches from her ear. Marlene clicked on the lamp nearest her as she sat up straighter.

  “Err—hello? What’s Padfoot—“


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If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember live at the Barfly 22/11/2014




Mr. Bungle - Dead Goon


you should listen to umlaut

Sirius couldn’t believe he’d nearly gotten McKinnon killed twice, and neither one involved their clothes being off. Bloody war. He didn’t have much of a choice but to owl her. It had been his fault she was there. And now he had to buy her a drink and find something sympathetic to say. Comforting birds was not his speciality at all. Sirius was not looking forward to this he told himself as he changed and thought about fixing his hair. Glaring at Wormtail’s misguided question about him going to pick up birds. He was not picking up any birds tonight, he always looked good it was curse not something he could control. The only reason he didn’t tell where he was going was because he didn’t want to embarrass McKinnon by having people know she was upset. Not because he didn’t want his mates to know where he was going. He left all that behind at the house as he went roaring off to the Leaky.

Pulling up before the blonde got there Sirius stayed on his bike and pulled out a cigarette. Not because he looked hot smoking but because he wanted one. Needed one if he was gonna have to be a shoulder to cry on. Merlin he hoped she didn’t actually cry. Sirius figured they’d either go inside and get a drink or he’d take her to a muggle bar. McKinnon would probably appreciate that and he liked going places where people didn’t know his family. Being looked at with suspicion because you were a stranger was a lot better then being looked at that way because of your last name. But the Leaky wasn’t too bad either. Had the added ease of being able to take about things without muggles hearing. Seeing her come he gave her a nod. “Hey. Drink here or you wanna go muggle?” Sirius skipped the pleasantries, he was never big on all that. They were here to get a drink no need for small talk.